Trust Me

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 50 min.

Synopsis Previously on 'The Americans': Elizabeth opened up to Phillip about how stunted her emotional growth was and how their relationship never "really happened" for them. Meanwhile, Agent Stan Beeman turned a Russian worker in the Rezidentura, Nina, into an informant by threatening to reveal her black-market dealings. She got her boss to reveal information to her by giving him oral sex, and told Beeman that he "told" her to. He insists she misunderstood. Phillip's FBI counterintelligence source told him "they were in the secure vault all day," but she didn't know what was happening there. The Russian spies got the FBI's communication encryption codes, but they were changed immediately, which led Claudia to believe there is a mole.'Trust Me': Phillip and Elizabeth are concerned about the mole, wondering how it could happen. Elizabeth gives Phillip a big kiss before leaving to take the kids to the mall.Phillip calls his FBI source and flirts with her and tells her he'd like to see her some time, socially. She says she has to work. It's a Sunday. He insists she can be a half hour late."Great," he says. As soon as he hangs up the phone, four men sneak up behind the phone booth he's in and put a hood over his head before tossing him into the back of a van. The van takes off.Phillip is in a chair in a big, empty warehouse space. A man approaches and tells him all the vital facts of his own life. Phillip seems to realize the jig is up. The man says the details of Phillip's life before 1963 "seem to be a little bit hazy.""We know who you are and what you are, Mr. Jennings," he says, leaning into Phillip's face now.Meanwhile, Nina is putting her clothes on while Vasili is still in bed. He urges her to come back and lay with him, telling her she's his "medicine." She says he's been under a lot of stress lately and he says "it's a dark time" and adds that the Rezidentura has been penetrated. She gets up and and asks if he's sure. She lays down again, not facing him as he tells her that it's his fault and she tries to convince him otherwise. He says they'll "find this traitor and put a bullet in his head. It's only a matter of time."At the FBI, Agent Gaad calls Beeman in on Sunday and asks for his take on something. Gaad hands Beeman a file. It's the file on Dorwin's killing  about two miles from where the FBI was following Vasili. Gaad tells Beeman about the missile defense program  he doesn't have more details  but Dorwin was project manager for Viziotech, which was working on the missile technology. A month ago, some top-secret blueprints disappeared. Beeman realizes Dorwin was shot at the exact same time the FBI was tracking the Rezident (Vasili).Elizabeth is at home, cutting onions, when she thinks she hears something and starts to walk around the house suspiciously  with the knife in her hand. She's in her bedroom when a man about three times her size sneaks up from behind and grabs her. Elizabeth works some serious close-combat skills and frees herself by slamming him against the wall, now in the hallway near the stairs. She then busts out some serious punches, elbows and kicks to knock him out. She turns, takes one breath and next sees the bottom of a lamp or vase striking her in the face before everything goes black.Paige and Henry are waiting for Elizabeth to pick them up. She's an hour late. Paige calls home and there's no answer. They start walking and Paige hitchhikes. Henry says they aren't supposed to hitchhike.Nina meets with Beeman in his car and tells him she's done because they're looking for a mole and are going to kill her. He tells her to trust him.Phillip is getting beaten with a phone book and the man questioning him wants a list of every KGB agent he knows. Then he wants to know all the dead-drop sites and KGB communication protocols."It's up to you how long we do this," the man says.Phillip insists he's not a spy. The man goes to a tape player and plays a recording of Phillip talking to his FBI source. The man shows Phillip the many different passports Phillip has, and start to talk about the kids, who are technically American citizens. He suggests that maybe the kids will become wards of the United States government. The man turns and says, "Bring her in!" Elizabeth is pulled into the room.A guy stops and offers Paige and Henry a ride. Henry first shakes his head, but Paige eventually coaxes Henry into the car. The young man introduces himself as Nick. Henry doesn't want to shake the guy's hand.Elizabeth is thrown into a small room that has pictures of Henry and Paige taped to all the walls.Gaad tells Beeman that the "dead guy" (Dorwin) has high-security access. Gaad wants to know what Beeman's friend (Nina) has said about Dorwin. Beeman tells Gaad that Nina is in trouble. Gaad reminds Beeman that these are dangerous operations. Beeman asks for access to some of the jewels seized in a recent bust.Nick, the driver, says he wants to make a quick stop. He hands Paige a bag of bread. Nick says it's "for the ducks"  he always feeds them on his way to work.Phillip is being dunked into a tank of water now, but refuses to talk. The man questioning him leaves to get Elizabeth. She refuses to get up, so two other men carry her out of the room.Nick stops to feed the ducks, but Paige says they need to get home. Nick grabs a six pack of beer and they walk to the edge of a pond. Nick hands Paige a beer and she takes a sip, not liking it. Nick then hands Henry the bag of bread so he can feed the ducks. Nick tells Paige she's "definitely going to be a knockout in a couple of years." He tells the kids it's dangerous to hitchhike and they're lucky they ran into him "and not some lunatic." They start to leave and Nick shouts at them to stay. They stop. Nick tells Henry to grab him another beer. Henry goes to get one and Nick starts talking about how he wished he had someone to keep him on the straight and narrow, and begins to talk about God. Henry notices a knife in Nick's waistband and smashes the beer bottle over Nick's head. Henry and Paige run away.Beeman and Nina meet and he hands her a camera, asking her to photograph documents at the Rezidentura  it doesn't matter what they are, as long as they're classified. He tells her this is the plan, but she thinks it's suicide. He tells her he's been where she is, knows the fear she's experiencing. He says he can get her out, but she has to stay with him. He convinces her she won't be caught. She says that even if she can take the pictures, she won't be able to sneak them out because of tight security. He says she won't have to.Elizabeth is brought to a chair where she's now sitting across from Phillip. The man questioning him says Phillip can help Elizabeth and "save her a lot of pain.""What do you think you're going to get from us?" Phillip asks.The man, suddenly interested in Phillip speaking, asks Phillip what his answer to that question would be. Phillip says, "Nothing." He says they'll get nothing and that both he and Elizabeth are trained for this."We'll die before we talk," Elizabeth says."And we know how to do that," Phillip says.Suddenly, Claudia's voice calls out, "That's enough."She walks into the room and orders the men to untie them both. She says, "I'm sorry. We had to know if you were the mole, if we could trust you."Phillip is angry. He tells Claudia they should be the last people who should be suspected. Claudia says they had to know. Elizabeth asks if Claudia had permission for this, if Zhukov knew about it."This decision was made far above Zhukov's head," Claudia says.Elizabeth elbows Claudia in the stomach. Phillip quickly grabs his questioner's gun and pushes him to the ground while Elizabeth dunks Claudia's head into the water. Phillip shouts, "That's enough!"Elizabeth throws Claudia to the ground and starts punching her face repeatedly, leaving it severely swollen and bruised, and yelling that she's going to kill her. She shouts at Claudia, "Tell whoever approved this that your face is a present from me to them!"Phillip pulls Elizabeth off and demands his car from the guy who was questioning him  still pointing the man's own gun at him. He tells the man to sit down and gives Elizabeth some rope. She ties the man to the chair.Phillip and Elizabeth leave the warehouse, wondering "how could they do that to us." Phillip asks what they did to her and she says it was just psychological pressure, "pictures of the kids.""They stopped?" Phillip asks, suggesting that Elizabeth told the interrogators that he was considering defecting. She insists she didn't. He thinks she's lying. She stammers a bit and finally says, "I told them that you liked it here too much."Phillip walks away, but Elizabeth yells at him, telling him not to act like she made it up. He yells back that he "fit in, like I was supposed to." He says he liked, "so what?" He says he was supposed to be able to trust her and he did, and he shouldn't have. She says that's not true. He walks away.Paige and Henry get home to a dark, empty house. Henry is down and wonders, "What if he wasn't going to do anything bad to us?" Paige says Nick was a creep and what Henry did took courage. Henry says he was scared, and Paige says what happened has to be their secret. Henry still looks worries and sheepish, and admits he "had an accident," looking down at his pants.Nina is inside the embassy when she goes to a file cabinet to get some classified files. She tucks them into her jacket and goes into the restroom to snap pictures. She brings the file back and a man sneaks up behind her and asks if she's alright. She says yes and he walks away.Phillip and Elizabeth drive home in silence. Phillip puts on his seat belt, veers off the road on purpose and smashes into a tree. He and Elizabeth both get out of the car without saying anything and stare at the damage.Vasili buys some tea and the cashier seems to accidentally drop his change on the floor. Vasili bends down to pick up the coins while the man apologizes. While Vasili isn't looking, the cashier drops something extra into Vasili's bag and says, "Enjoy!" as Vasili leaves. After Vasili walks out, the cashier calls Beeman and says, "It's done."Beeman calls the embassy which his call routed through a phone booth and asks for Vasili. When the man who answers  the same man who'd snuck up on Nina  asks to take a message, Beeman says to tell Vasili there is a tea shop in Picadilly Circus "that I know he'll enjoy when he's not under the gun." Beeman says to tell him the message is from Theo and says, "He'll know," when asked about Theo's last name.Nina goes and knocks on Vasili's door, and he lets her in.Phillip and Elizabeth get home and, to explain their scrapes and bruises, tell them they were in a car accident. Henry tells them their friend Shelley's mom drove them home. Phillip gets the kids off to bed.Phillip tells Elizabeth he's going to go see Martha, his FBI contact, and wants to make up for missing the date. He asks her if she has any jewelry he can give her. Elizabeth goes to her dresser and retrieves something in a box. Based on their silent exchange, it was obviously something that was supposed to have been meaningful between them."I'm sure she'll love it," Elizabeth says. Phillip scoffs and leaves.Beeman calls the Soviet embassy again and asks for Vasili again, saying it's urgent. Vasili, meanwhile, is having sex with Nina. The man who answers says that he can't help unless "Theo" gives him more information.Elizabeth meets up with Gregory and asks him to watch her children and Phillip. He asks her what's going on and she explains that there's a mole and she needs to know if she's being watched. He says he'll be her eyes.Vasili meets with Arkady and they discuss the odd messages from "Theo," which came from three different locations, including a phone booth outside FBI headquarters. Vasili insists he didn't understand any of them. Arkady says they'll need to "do a light search," and Vasili says he understands and would do the same. Arkady calls in a man to help with the search. He asks Vasili to empty his pockets, which he does. Arkady sees the tea bag on Vasili's desk and the other man opens it and pours the tea onto the desk. Hidden in the tea are jewels. Vasili says he doesn't know where they came from.A deeper search ensues and Vasili defends his spotless record. Arkady says all will be fine if the search turns up nothing. Then, one of the men searching the place discovers a clock with a camera hidden in the back. It's the same camera Nina was using. Arkady holds up the camera and says, "Diamonds for information." Vasili smiles and says he's been set up."Remarkably well, wouldn't you say?" Arkady says, and Vasili's face turns cold.Nina heads up the stairs and sees Vasili being escorted out by two guards. She says nothing.Gaad calls Beeman at home that night and says the Rezident "jumped ship" and is headed back to Russia."Just him?" Beeman asks."Just him," Gaad confirms. Beeman says he appreciates the call and Gaad says, "I thought you might."Beeman's wife asks if everything is OK, and Beeman says everything is good. She starts to ask him if there's anything he can share with her about his work, even about his boss getting on his nerves or his partner thinking he's funny.Beeman tells her that sometimes what he does gets scary  not for him  but he has to worry about people, "and today it got pretty scary, but it worked out." He say sit was a tough day, but it was a good day. She says she's glad. They kiss and Beeman turns out the light. His wife nestles her head on his chest while he stares off, thinking about Nina.Phillip tells Martha about his car accident. She kisses him. She asks him if there's someone else who can work with her so that they can be together. He says that's not possible, but he wants to give her something so she'll know how he feels. He pulls out the box and we see its a necklace with a diamond heart pendant, which he places around her neck.Phillip gets home and tells Elizabeth that Martha "got over it." She asks what he wants from her and he says "it doesn't matter you already did it, there's no undoing it." She tells him he's not the only one who got hurt that day. She was ripped from her house and attacked "by the people I believed in - the people I trusted most my whole life.""Yeah, I think that says it all," Phillip says, slamming the bedroom door shut as he goes to sleep on the couch.

Directed by Daniel Sackheim  

Starring Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Maximiliano Hernández, Holly Taylor, Keidrich Sellati, more...

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