Life Interrupted

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Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller, Canada, 2005, 41 min.

Synopsis Recap: On the Recap it shows Shawn and Danny arguing about Nikki and their fight. It shows Diana's adoption of Maia and her predicting Jordan Collier's death from The 4400: As Fate Would Have It (#2.5) with the quick scene of when Jordan's body disappeared. Then showed when Tom first brought Shawn home from Quarantine. Also shows Shawn telling Tom that it is just missing Mom. Then showed where Kyle tells Tom that he forgot to pay his tuition so he did not have a first day of college. Then it recaps Tom and Kyle's argument about Kyle's first blackout where he went to the party and was drinking. Then quickly shows Kyle freaking out in front of the mirror, then cuts to him disposing of the sniper rifle that, apparently, was used to kill Jordan Collier.Teaser: Tom comes into the Kitchen and Kyle and him talk about the upcoming day and his attire for school. Kyle tells him he was thinking about him and good luck for his day. Tom looks at Kyle perplexed as Kyle leaves for School.Tom walks into NTAC to a standing ovation and is confused as to what is going on. Everyone is welcoming him back and Diana tells him that she is "So glad to see you." She talks about an upcoming mission to take down someone named Doherty. Tom does not know who Doherty is and asks for an explanation as to if it has something to do with Collier's murder. Diana asks Tom if he means Governor Collier. Diana tells Tom that the Doctor's gave him a clean bill of Health and he can not do this to her. Tom is confused and asks more about what is going on so Diana tells him to stay there and she will talk to him when she gets back.Tom is following Diana outside and asks her if Doherty is a 4400 and she has no idea what a 4400 is. He explains very quickly what the 4400 are and asks her if any of it sounds familiar. She walks away nervously and he follows after her and she apologizes for what he has gone through in the past few months and lets him know that everyone is pulling for his recovery, but tells him that she has never heard of the 4400 and that he is being delusional. Tom stands there bewildered and then gets into the truck.Act I: Cut to Tom and Diana driving to go after Doherty and Tom is questioning Diana about what they have been doing for the last year. Diana explains to Tom that it is his case about Dirty Bombs and how he went undercover into a Terrorist Cell. She lets him know that his cover was compromised and he was held for 3 weeks by the terrorists and tortured but he escaped before they could kill him. She explains that the Terrorists have been sneaking Radioactive material into the US through Museum pouches and Doherty is the curator and has been helping them all along. Diana explains that Doherty was the one that sold Tom out to the Terrorists and that Tom has been out on medical leave for the last 2 months recovering, but, obviously, it should have been 3.They arrive at the Jordan Collier Museum of Modern Art. Diana asks Tom if she remembers this place and Tom tells her he does but everything is different (it is the building where the 4400 Center should be). They go in and Tom is confused at all the changes that have gone on and they get to where Collier was shot in The 4400: As Fate Would Have It (#2.5). Diana tells him to not let anyone else here him say that. Tom looks around confused and Diana calls him on to go after Doherty.They proceed down a hallway and Tom gets hit by Doherty opening a door and slamming it into him. Then Doherty takes off running into a room that has a Black Metal Door with a window on it. Tom looks through and sees a weird room with , what appears to be 3 levels and people standing inside. Diana calls for him and he turns his head and when he looks back it is just a normal wooden door. Diana asks him if Doherty is behind the door. Tom, confused, says that he thinks so. They go through the door and arrest Doherty.Back at NTAC Tom tells Diana that someone has been messing with his computer, because all of his 4400 case files are gone. Diana tells him that maybe because that none of it ever happened. Tom tells her that something has changed and that it is not the same world that it was before but he is still Tom Baldwin and she is still Diana Skouris. He concludes that if that it never happened then the people that "They" took still exist. He says that they just worked with Gary Navarro who could read thoughts, from The 4400: Voices Carry (#2.2). Diana is confused, while Tom looks Gary up on his computer and shows Gary as a "Baseball Hero of the 1970s" with a lifetime 317 average and that he played for Cincinnati. Tom looks up Richard Tyler and finds that he died in the Korean War in 1951 and that his plane had been shot down. Tom looks Maia up and lets Diana know that she adopted her. Diana tells Tom that he knows that she does not have a daughter. He finds a Seattle address for Maia.Tom knocks on a door and Maia answers the door. Tom is ecstatic to see her and tries to see if she knows him but she tells him she does not know him. Maia lets him know that her name is Ella and that Maia is her grandmother. The old Maia comes to the door and asks Tom if she can help him. Tom leaves.Tom comes home to see Kyle getting a six pack out of the fridge. Tom runs to him and hugs him and asks him to tell him that he was in a coma for 4 years. Kyle looks at him confused and tells him that if he has one more of the beers he could end up in a coma then, he tells Tom to follow him he wants to show him something. He pulls him into another room where there is a surprise party of Danny, Shawn, and Nikki waiting for him. Shawn tells Tom that the "Band" got delayed in Berlin and they don't start recording until Tuesday. Danny tells Tom that he and Nikki are getting married. Tom walks away with it dawning on him that it can not be a joke because there are too many people in on it. Kyle helps Tom sit down. Tom concludes that either he is cracking up or the whole world is. Kyle tells Tom that the doctors said that he was okay to come home. Tom lets Kyle know that he sort of recognizes "this place" but everything has been tweaked. Kyle tells Tom that he isn't making any sense while Shawn, Danny, and Nikki look on scared. Susan Farrell (Tom's Sister, Shawn & Danny's Mother) comes in and asked how his first day back went, Kyle lets her know that he doesn't think it went so good. Susan tells Tom that she was just telling his wife that it should have gone well. Tom looks up startled and asks if his is still married to Linda. Susan tells him she was talking to his wife, not his ex-wife. Tom's new wife Alana comes in and Tom says that he has never seen her before. Kyle tells Tom that Alana is his wife and he has been married to her for 2 years. Tom leaves.Tom goes back to the Museum, to the door and goes through it. End Act IAct II: A Light turns on to show Tom asleep on the floor. Diana walks in and she tells Tom that "the guys downstairs" told her that he had been there for the past 4 hours. Tom tells Diana that it is sad that the only place he feels normal is in the storage closet. He also says that, this must be what it is like to be insane. Diana tells him he is not insane, he just needs rest. Tom thinks that the Terrorists that everyone is telling him he encountered might have broke his mind. Diana tells Tom that he is sane that it will just take some time and that she is going to help him. Then she takes and injector gun and injects him with something that makes him pass out. Before he passes out at he looks at her stunned.We are now in a room where Tom is strapped to a bed and a psychologist is talking to him. Tom is being interviewed about the 4400 and when he thinks that a "ball of light" came to Earth. Diana comes into the room and Tom screams to get her out of there. Diana tells the psychologist and Tom that Tom's wife is there and wants to see him. Tom lays his head back saying he doesn't want to see her and that he has no wife.Tom enters a room where Alana is waiting for him. Tom tells her he doesn't care why she is there or what she has to say. Alana tells him that she needs him to "play along" because she needs to get him out of there so they can figure out what is going on. Tom asks her what she is talking about. Alana tells him that none of this is real and that she knows they are not married and she never saw him before yesterday. Alana tells him that she is a 4400.It is now 72 hours later and Tom is sitting on his bed explaining that he knows his behavior was totally out of line and he wants to apologize. He was focused too much on getting back to work and the strain got to him. Nina Jarvis (Tom & Diana's boss) tells him that they are extending his medical leave another 6 weeks. Tom is told that he is allowed to leave NTAC. Diana apologizes and Tom tells her that he forgives her. Tom leaves the facility. Outside NTAC Alana is waiting for him and he introduces himself to her and she introduces herself as Alana Mareva. They leave together to figure out what is going on.At Tom's house they are discussing what could have happened. Tom speculates that they could be in an alternate dimension. He thinks that is insane. Alana thinks that is impossible. Tom lets her know that what is impossible has changed slightly due to recent events. Tom also points out that she is a 4400 and could be responsible for this without realizing it. Alana doesn't think it is possible because she has never met him before and questions why she would put herself in the middle of his life. Alana explains that her entire life has been erased. Tom confused asks for an explanation.They are outside of an Art Gallery and Alana explains she used to own the place and that she bought it 4 years ago a few months before she was abducted. She says that none of this, inside, looks familiar, she used to buy mainly sculptures but the place is full of paintings. Tom asks an employee if the owner is in and she says no. Tom asks how long the place has been in business and she says a long time, 15-20 years maybe. Alana lets him know that it only gets worse. They go to a park where there is a bench that she dedicated to her deceased husband and son but it has been replaced with a bench dedicated to someone else. She explains that they died in a car accident shortly before she was abducted.Back at the house Tom & Alana are getting ready for bed and lets her know that if she needs anything he will be right down the hall. Alana asks him if he is sleeping in the guest room, to which Tom says that he is, and Alana tells him she doesn't think that is a good idea because they are supposed to be happily married and she doesn't want Kyle asking questions. Tom reluctantly agrees to sleep on the floor. Alana asks him if he would be more comfortable in the bathtub. Tom looks baffled and Alana explains that it is a big bed and they can keep to their own sectors.Later that night Alana is laying on her side and asks Tom if he thinks they are the only ones. Tom says that if there are they will find them. They will take out newspaper adds in all the Major cities asking if they remember the 4400's to call them. Tom asks Alana to tell him something about herself. She tells him about her husband and son. She tells Tom she met her husband, Paul, in Tahiti, where she is from, and that 2 years after they were married they had their son, Billy. Tom tells Alana that Linda and him thought about honeymooning in Tahiti but they choose Haiti instead.Two weeks later Kyle is showing Alana a letter telling him that he got into medical school. He tells her that it was the exact school he wanted to get into because the interview was hot. Tom comes in and Kyle shows him the letter saying he was accepted to Stanford. Kyle runs upstairs excited, Tom tells Alana that the real Kyle used to talk about going to medical school before he went into a coma. Alana tells Tom that Kyle may not be the Kyle that he remembers but he is the real Kyle. Tom shows Alana a response from an add they put in the Post from a Philip Kendrick who wants to meet them.They go to meet Philip at the Collier Museum. Philip explains that the 4400 was the best model of car that he ever had and that his was parked outside. Tom tells him that his is in the shop and that he will send him a picture. Tom walks away mad and Philip calls after him. Alana tells Tom that the trip was productive (sarcastically). Alana asks Tom if they want to check out the Blake exhibit while they are at the museum. Tom tells her to go ahead and that he will catch up in a minute. Tom goes back down the hallway and the Black Door with the Window is back. He looks in it and there is a table with, what appears to be a body on it covered in a sheet and a beam of light coming down on it. Tom opens the door and goes inside. Inside there are bunch of "stations" with people standing around and the Door closes. Tom walks over to the table and goes to life the sheet and a screeching fills the air and the ceiling explodes and someone it calling his name. It jumps back to Alana shaking Tom and calling his name. Tom and Alana are standing in the storage closet and Tom is looking around for the Black Door. He tells her that the Door must be the key because it doesn't fit with this reality. He lets her know that he could go inside it this time. Alana tells him that he was just standing there like a statue. Tom tells her that he has to get back there and walks off. She looks after him.A month later Diana walks up to Tom and says "Hey Partner." Tom is sitting down on the floor of the Hallway of the museum. Diana says that the guards have told her that he has been spending hours and hours there. Diana tells him that the door is just a door, not that amazing, but it would be if it were made of Black Obsidian. She explains that she read his psych profile. Diana tells him that the other reality, if he can get back to it, does not sound that good because there he is divorced and here he has a beautiful wife; Kyle was in a coma for 4 years and here Kyle is about to spend 4 in medical school; his sister's family is dysfunctional with his nephew being in a cult and the future of the world is in Jeopardy. Tom tells her that it is not so bad, it is just life. Diana tells him that this is life and he needs to accept what he has because if he doesn't then he will spend the rest of his life just sitting in that hallway.Back at Tom's house Alana is looking at pictures of Tom and her doing things and she is frustrated about not having the memories to go with them. Alana is questioning if they will ever make it out. Alana asked Tom what happens if the Door never comes back to which Tom responded "Then we're trapped." Tom promises Alana that if they are trapped they will make new memories better than the ones in the pictures, better even. Alana tells Tom that she believes him. Tom tells Alana that he likes it when she calls him Thomas. Alana and Tom share their first kiss and night together as a real husband & wife. End Act IAct III: Eight Years later Tom is standing in front of a mirror trying to tie a tie and doing a bad job. Kyle helps Tom and gives him instructions on how to tie a tie. Kyle is now an intern at a Hospital in Surgery. We find out that Tom & Alana are renewing their vows for their 10th anniversary. Tom tells Kyle that the first time just seem like a time in pictures but this time is for them. Tom asks Alana how she feels as Mrs. Baldwin. She tells him that she has felt like Mrs. Baldwin for a long time. They discuss how they feel when they remember their old life.At NTAC Nina Jarvis is letting Tom know that she is resigning because she has been there for 11 years and Dennis Ryland has offered her a partner position in his consulting firm. She tells Tom that she leaves in 3 weeks and that D.C. has asked for her recommendations as to who will replace her and she says that she is only giving them a recommendation and that it is him. Tom lets her know that she probably will be turned down because he was once recommended for a straight jacket. Nina tells him that it was due to injuries received in the line of duty and that his service in that case was heroic and that he could talk his way around the fallout. She asks him if he really does want the job and Tom tells her that it he really does want it. Tom goes to tell Diane the news and she tells Tom that she knew that it was going to happen. Alana calls Tom and tells him that she was just asked to join the board of directors at the Collier Museum. Tom tells her that she has got to take it and about his promotion.At a benefit that the Museum is throwing Tom and Alana are there mingling. Alana goes to introduce herself to someone and Tom goes back to the Door. It is there again and he looks through at the people walking inside. Alana interrupts him and he asks her if she can see it and when the camera pans back it is a normal door and she says no. He apparently can still see it and questions why the door is back now after 8 years. He tells Alana that it is the way out and she questions what will happen to them if he goes through it. Alana tells him that she wants their life together. Tom tells her that it is like the door wants him to walk through it and she asks him if he wants to walk through it. He admits that he does not want to walk through it and they leave and the camera pans back and it is a normal door.Tom is walking down the street at night and gets passed by several police cars speeding very quickly to a spot just down the road. Tom runs afterwards and there are lots of police cars and they have Kyle in handcuffs and his face is bleeding and they shove him in the back of one of the squad cars. Tom tries to get to him but the car drives off. Tom wakes up from the dream covered in sweat. Tom goes back to the door and goes inside. The door closes and he walks over to the body on the table. Tom looks around and then he uncovers the body to find Alana laying there. Alana congratulates him for making it in there. Tom asks her where they are and Alana tells him that they are where "They" altered the 4400. Alana admits that they gave her the ability to create the world they have been living in for the last 8 years. Alana says they have been living in her mind and that the instructions for the reality came from "Them". "They" created a sanctuary world for him an easier, less complicated, world. She lets him know that only moments in his real life has passed but they have spent years together building a bond that will help him with the coming crisis that his life is about to plunge into. She tells him that his mission will be threatened and "They" can not allow this to happen. She tells him that "They" gave him their relationship as a source of strength to sustain him in the trials that lay ahead. Tom tries to get what the crisis is out of her. Alana tells him that it has already begun but now he will not have to face it alone. Tom tells her that she needs to let him get back to the real world. She tells him that only his wife can get him back to the real world. Tom tells her that she is his wife. Alana tells him that she is just part of the program and that he needs to go back and get her to will the world out of existence, because whether she realizes it or not, she is willing the fake world into existence. Tom asks what if she does not want to will it out and Alana tells him that it will be the first test of their relationship. Tom says that they created an almost perfect world for him and what if he doesn't want to leave. She tells him "Then the future picked the wrong man." The room goes dark.Tom and Alana are back home and arguing about going back to the real world. Alana says that Kyle has spent the last 8 years becoming a doctor. Tom says that it isn't something that he wants to do, it is something that has to be done. Alana asks what will happen when they go back because she is just a stranger to all the people she has spent 8 years building relationships and wants to know what will happen with her and Tom's relationship. Tom explains that her and his memories will carry over. She explains that it won't and can't be the same. Tom says that it doesn't matter because whatever they have will be real. Tom brings a chair over from a desk and tells her to make it go away. He explains that she just has to believe that it is not there. Alana makes the chair disappear. The next day Alana and Tom have gathered everyone together in the living room to say that they are leaving and taking a vacation. Diana asks how long it will be because he just got a huge promotion. Tom tells her it will have to wait. Diana tells them they got them all together to tell them all how much they love them. Tom explains that they are going on a trip that they have been looking forward to for a long time. They give a toast to the people that they love. Person by person they disappear and then they walk outside of the house and stuff is slowly dissolving around them. Tom tells her to not look back.Diana is calling for Tom who is resting his head on his hands. Diana throws a pen at him and asks for the Mareva file. Tom asks if it is Alana Mareva? Diana says yes and that Alana was just in there getting her medical evaluation. Tom gets confirmation from Diana that the 4400 really happened and kisses her forehead. Tom rushes out the door to find Alana. Tom chases Alana outside and she turns around and remembers him and they kiss and walk off together. Roll Credits

Directed by Michael W. Watkins  

Starring Joel Gretsch, Jacqueline McKenzie, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Laura Allen, Patrick Flueger, more...

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