That's Right - You're Wrong

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Comedy, USA, 1939, 94 min.

Tagline 'STUDENTS! Gather 'round for romance, rhythm and the laugh-swing sensation of the century!

Synopsis When a big Hollywood studio begins to see their box office revenues slipping, studio head J. D. Forbes demands some down-to-earth yarns to fill the studio's coffers. For his campaign, Forbes recruits popular radio personality Kay Kyser and his band to come out to Hollywood. At first reluctant, Kay capitulates to the wishes of the band and accepts the studio's offer. Shepherded by manager Chuck Deems, the band arrives on the Coast, where they are greeted by producer Stacey Delmore. Problems arise, however, as the members "go Hollywood" and Kay's homespun image clashes with the romantic leading man role that screenwriters Tom Village and Dwight Cook have written for him. After the writers become deadlocked, Stacey decides to trick Kay into breaking his contract by replacing band singer Ginny Simms with leading lady Sandra Sands. Taking the advice of Village and Cook, Kay calls Stacey's bluff and accepts the role of Sandra's Latin lover. At a press party, he appears in flamboyant Chinese pajamas and announces that he is eager to play the role of the handsome Venetian gondolier who passionately loves Sandra. Kay's preposterous casting makes Stacey the laughing stock of the industry, prompting the producer to cancel the picture and pay off Kay's contract. Meanwhile, the band, convinced that Kay has lost his mind, has him kidnapped and returned home to their radio station in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, where they all agree they belong.

Directed by David Butler  

Starring Kay Kyser, Adolphe Menjou, May Robson, Lucille Ball, Dennis O'Keefe, more...

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