Terror at Black Falls

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Western, USA, 1962, 70 min.

Tagline A Town Ravished By A Revenge Maddened Killer...Whose Only Law Was KILL OR BE KILLED!

Synopsis A Mexican youth is about to be hanged by a lynch mob for cattle rustling when his father, blundering an attempt to save his son, accidentally causes the hanging. This event is witnessed by a sheriff who, unknown to the father, had also come to rescue the youth. In the ensuing gunfight, the Mexican is wounded in his right hand. He serves 4 years in prison, and his hand is amputated; upon his release he seeks revenge on the sheriff who sent him to prison. He takes eight villagers as hostages and threatens to kill one every 10 minutes as long as the sheriff refuses to talk with him. After the Mexican has killed three of the eight hostages, the sheriff arrives. The Mexican tries to draw his gun with his right hand and in consequence is killed.

Directed by Richard C. Sarafian  

Starring Peter Mamakos, House Peters Jr., Gary Gray, Sandra Knight, John A. Alonzo, more...

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