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Adventure/Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi, USA, 2011

Synopsis We open in 2149, where the sky is yellow and Lucas is scheming Weaver about raiding Terra Nova. "We'll get in," Lucas says. "We have the best army money can buy." CUT to hordes of armed and uniformed men marching in unison. Uh oh.Meanwhile, in the past, Taylor readies his men for battle. One advantage: the soldiers know that Lucas and his army will arrive through the portal. Later, Josh asks his dad if he too can fight. "It's too dangerous," Jim says. "I need you here looking after your sisters." Do Jim and Elisabeth, who will tend to the wounded, head to the front. Soon enough, the portal begins to flicker and glow. Something is coming through. Out steps a regular-looking man with a backpack ... followed by a woman and their child. More people from the 11th pilgrimage come through. One of them is Josh's girlfriend. Jim takes her aside.Then a man comes through and opens his coat to reveal a bomb. He EXPLODES. Later, a wounded Jim awakens in the infirmary. His ears ring loudly. Jim wanders outside to find that Terra Nova has been all but destroyed. Enemy soldiers patrol the camp. Mira and Lucas, meanwhile, have taken Taylor's place at camp headquarters. Elisabeth appears and pulls Taylor away from the guards. She explains that he has been asleep for three days. The kids are safe, but 26 others were killed when the enemy stormed the camp. Taylor, meanwhile, is missing. Jim returns home to find Josh crying. His girlfriend, Kara, died in the blast. Josh blames himself and then hugs his dad.Jim then heads to Tom's bar, where enemy soldiers drink and carouse. Washington sits at a table by herself. She explains that the soldiers make up a private army called the Phoenix Group. Washington laments not being able to defend the camp. "They came here to strip mine the place, but how are they going to ship anything back to 2149 when they blew up the terminus?' Jim asks. Washington explains that the Phoenix Group has a special transport device that was broken with a run-in with a Carno. Malcolm is fixing it. So Jim heads to the infirmary and finds that Malcolm is reluctantly cooperating. The good doctor agrees to fix the device as slowly as possible so as to buy Jim time.Mira and Lucas, meanwhile, arrive at the infirmary to interrogate Jim, who pretends to be deaf and disoriented from the blast. Malcolm sells the ruse and Jim is soon dismissed. Later, Skye is brought before Lucas, who begins to creepily flirt with the teen. "Don't betray me again," he finally warns. "Next time I won't be so forgiving." Elisabeth then summons Jim to the infirmary. She has removed many bullets from Phoenix Group soldiers and discovered numbers hand-etched on the slugs. Jim grins, explaining that they are map coordinates. Taylor etched the numbers to identify a rendezvous point.Later, Malcolm creates a diversion, arguing with a Phoenix soldier so that Jim can slip undetected into the back of a truck leaving Terra Nova in a caravan. When the caravan stops, Jim ducks out into the nearby jungle. He overhears as Lucas and the men discuss how they plan to firebomb the jungle to remove any wildlife. For fun, Weaver grabs a gun and kills a harmless brontosaurus. Jim then heads to the rendezvous point and finds Reynolds and Taylor waiting with a small group of soldiers. One of the soldiers, Riley, volunteers to trace the blast signal and defuse the bomb. Weaver, looking through binoculars from a faraway ridge, spots the rebels. Just as Weaver is about to detonate the bomb, Riley manages to disarm it. Lucas is FURIOUS. Score one for the elder Taylor.Jim then returns to camp, hiding a transmitter given to him by Taylor. "That was too close," he grimly tells his family. The next day, Taylor attaches the transmitter to Lucas's rover. Cue a MONTAGE of Taylor intercepting various patrol caravans, taking out men with booby traps and ambushes. "Someone's helping my father," Lucas seethes. CUT to the bar, where Josh angrily serves a drink to Lucas. He is shocked when Skye is escorted to Lucas's table. Lucas begins stroking Skye's face. "Stop it," cries Skye. Josh then cracks a metal tray over Lucas's head. Skye flees the bar and runs to Jim.Jim enters the bar to find that his son has been severely beaten by the guards. "I'm going to have to make an example of you," Lucas tells a bleeding Josh. Suddenly, Jim leaps at Lucas, BASHING him in the head with a metal bar. A furious bar fight ensues as Jim takes on multiple Phoenix soldiers. It all ends when the thugs draw their weapons. Jim is then forced to empty his pockets, revealing the transmitter. Lucas DEMANDS to know where to find Taylor. Jim doesn't answer, so Lucas has Jim and Josh taken to the brig.Later, Lucas arrives to continue the interrogation. He releases Josh at Skye's request -- and then threatens Jim with torture until he reveals Taylor's location. Meanwhile, Elisabeth treats Weaver for bug bite -- and then reveals that she has injected the man from the future with a deadly parasite. "Lucas Taylor is detaining my husband and you are going to help me get him out in exchange for the cure," Elisabeth explains. "Do we have a deal?" We do. And it couldn't come at a better time because Lucas is busy SHOCKING Jim with a cattle prod. The torture is only interrupted when Lucas stops to tell the story of how Taylor was fighting in Somalia when rebels captured Lucas and his mother. Taylor was forced to only choose one person to save--either Lucas or his mother. Taylor chose Lucas and Lucas watched as his mother was murdered. Obviously, the boy has never forgiven his old man.Just then, Weaver enters, telling Lucas that he is needed elsewhere. Weaver then sneaks Jim into the infirmary and demands the cure from Elisabeth, who admits she was bluffing. She quickly injects Weaver with a sedative. The brontosaurus killer keels over and the Shannon family makes a run for it. They are joined by Washington, who has swiped from a drunken guard a device that will turn off a section of the fence. She volunteers to distract the guards so the family can make it all the way to the tree line. "There's no other way," she says. "Save your family." Washington then leaves, setting off an explosion before being corralled by Phoenix soldiers. She is brought before Lucas.

Directed by Jon Cassar  

Starring Jason O'Mara, Shelley Conn, Christine Adams, Allison Miller, Landon Liboiron, more...

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