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Directed by
Jonathan Liebesman

Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird
Evan Daugherty
André Nemec
Josh Appelbaum

Produced by
Jason Reed
Eric J. Crown
Michael Bay
Galen Walker
Napoleon Smith III
Scott Mednick
Andrew Form
Ian Bryce
Bradley Fuller
Denis L. Stewart

Original Music by
Brian Tyler

Lula Carvalho

Megan Fox April O'Neil
Will Arnett Vernon Fenwick
William Fichtner The Shredder
Alan Ritchson Raphael
Noel Fisher Michelangelo
Pete Ploszek Leonardo
Johnny Knoxville Leonardo
Jeremy Howard Donatello
Danny Woodburn Splinter
Tony Shalhoub Splinter
Tohoru Masamune Shredder
Whoopi Goldberg Bernadette Thompson
Minae Noji Karai
Abby Elliott Taylor
Madison Mason Mayor
Taran Killam McNaughton
K. Todd Freeman Dr. Baxter Stockman
Paul Fitzgerald Dr. O'Neil
Malina Weissman Young April
Venida Evans Sassy Old Lady
Mikal Vega Sacks Bodyguard
Harley Pasternak Himself
Chris Wylde Cummings
Chance Kelly Mr. Rivetti
Rick Chambers News Anchor
Leyna Nguyen News Anchor
Derek Mears Dojo Ninja
Matthew Andrews Yoga Guy
Reginald Barnes Times Square Tourist
Stacey Bender News Reporter
Richard Bird Banquet Guest
Rick Bolander Foot Soldier
Chris Brewster Foot Soldier
Cathy Cavadini Additional Voices
Richard R. Corapi Driver
Chris Cullen Times Square Patron
Sue Dahlman Woman in Press Conference / Party Goer
Joseph Dimartino Fireman
Greg Duncan Foot Soldier
Robert Ian Evans Times Square Upscale Tourist
Alison Fernandez Rosa Mendez
Richard Foley Foot Soldier / Police Officer
Stephon Fuller Skinny African American Man
Pete Gardner Morning Show Co-Host
Jason Humble Party Goer
Matthew Gooley Foot Lab Technician
Michelle Guo Mr. Chang Translator
Vin Hamilton Times Square Tourist
David Hill Banquet Guest
Sam Ibram Foot Soldier
Canden Jackson Eating Competition Girl
Alexander Jameson Child in Times Square
Alexandra Jordyn Tourist
Brandon Keener Newscaster
Joseph Paul Kennedy Young Boy
Diane Kimbrell Hostage
Ronnie Kokas Time square tourist
Mack Kuhr Foot Soldier
Staci Lawrence Snickering Woman
Carlos C-LOs Lopez Foot Soldier
Jean Christophe Loustau Foot Soldier
Keith Mackler Tourist
Mike Malvagno College Student
Brian Matthews Foot Soldier
Doris McCarthy Event guest
Tobin Mitnick Jersey Shore Reject
Darren Andrew Nash Foot Soldier
Paul A Nielsen Construction Worker
Thelma O'Leary Times Square Tourist
Philip Odango Times Square Tourist
Toshiko Onizawa Hostage
Rich Petrillo Times Square Tourist
Tyler Peyton Foot Soldier
William Popp Foot Soldier
Michael Prather FDNY EMT
Ardeshir Radpour M.C. Food Contest
Diezel Ramos Tourist
Tony Repinski Foot Soldier
Gene Richards Times Square Tourist
Casey Roberts Child in Times Square
Tyler Evan Rowe Foot Soldier
Stephen Sapienza Foot Soldier
Rakesh Shah Scared Hostage
Ami Sheth Female Newscaster
Jon Komp Shin FDNY EMT / Paramedic
John Stepanian Times Square Upscale Tourist
Tory N. Thompson Man Snickering at Ch. 6
Paul Thornton Pedestrian
Lee Vang College Student
Vincent Veloso Foot Soldier
Tom Walker Hara-Kiri Soldier
Andre Ware Security Guard
Steven Weisz Newscaster
Kelli Wilcoxen Event Patron

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