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Action/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 1997, 118 min.

AKAs Going West / Going West in America

Tagline The hunter is tracking the killer. But the killer is setting the trap.

Synopsis An FBI agent from the East tracks a brilliant but nameless serial killer who has kidnaped his son, the latest move in a vicious game of cat and mouse. From a death-filled room in Amarillo, Texas to a snow-choked train pass through the Rockies, he follows a former railway man and a mysterious young hitchhiker, one of whom may hold the secret of his search. Meanwhile, a local sheriff must chose between winning re-election or helping the agent stay on the trail of the killer.

Directed by Jeb Stuart  

Starring Claudia Stedelin, Dennis Quaid, Ian Nelson, Brent Hinkley, R. Lee Ermey, more...

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