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Drama, USA, 2008

Synopsis "Swingtown" - "Heatwave" - July 17, 2008Previously On: Bruce took note of hot, new, young, female runner Melinda; Melinda told Susan she thinks Bruce is "one of the good ones" at the benefit; Laurie made out with Teach; Roger lost his job; Trina worried about Tom alone in Tokyo and had a menage a trois with her high school flame Luke and Tom;The blond stewardess, Bobbie, and Tom are partying with the flight crew in Tokyo, smoking grass, and, um, making out. Tom goes to get ice for the party. The phone rings and it's Trina, who is not psyched that Bobbie answers the phone in his room. Back at home Trina is looking at pictures she's taken of Tom and herself over the years.At the Miller house there's trouble with the AC in the bedroom and Bruce is banging on it. There's a heatwave, apparently, hence, the title. Bruce is not psyched about his sweatiness and bumping up against other sweaty guys on the trading floor. Susan is worried about Melinda in this environment and hopes Bruce has been keeping an eye out for her. Bruce has. He's been meeting Melinda each morning to try and teach her how to work the market. He says she's smart and tough. Susan points out that she's pretty too. Bruce says he's just trying to help. She tells him about her 'one of the good ones' comment at the benefit.Heading into town Susan drops off Bruce at the train and then is off to pick up wallpaper, which she wants to put up herself. Bruce thinks that's crazy. The Thompsons arrive. Janet wants to get shirts for Roger for his "promotion." Susan and Roger exchange a look. Roger and Bruce get on the train. Janet thinks things are looking up and soon they'll be neighbors again. Susan says she'd like nothing more.CreditsIn the city Bruce is telling Melinda about the market over breakfast. He says stock in Melinda, Inc. is on a steady rise. Melinda asks him his story. He tells her that he got married young and got a job pumping gas but he had a regular at the station who hired him as a runner on the exchange. He learned the valuable lesson that "it's all about relationships." In work and in life. Melinda is impressed.At the Miller house Laurie comes in -- in a bikini top and cut-off shorts -- as Susan is trying to put up wallpaper. Laurie wishes her luck. Susan congratulates Laurie on the fact that she got all A's in summer school. She says she must've impressed her philosophy teacher. Laurie's off to a softball game. Susan wonders with who, if not Logan, someone special? Laurie says yes, maybe. She doesn't want to jinx it by telling Susan who it is. Susan tells her to have fun with whoever it is, since she earned the enjoyment of the rest of her summer.Trina comes home and snaps a photo of Tom's luggage sitting in the foyer. Tom comes from the pool and gives her a kiss wondering where she was. She was at the lake taking pictures. He notices that she's dusted off her old Nikon. She said she needed something to occupy herself while he was away. As she spies the party going on at the pool, which includes Bobbie, she adds, "A problem you and I don't seem to share." Tom is confused. Trina says they're both sliding into old patterns. Tom says he invited the crew over because of the heatwave. Trina wished that he had checked in first and wonders why they don't do that anymore. Trina tells him she called his room, Bobbie answered, and "now she's in my house in a bikini." Tom admits slipping and sleeping with her. In his defense he says Bobbie was on "the list" and hard to resist. He reminds her of a previous, joint "layover." She say that was five years ago and they were all on the same crew and that this is what she was worried about. Tom can't believe Trina is jealous of Bobbie. She says he doesn't get to tell her how she feels. Tom apologizes and offers to ask her to leave. Trina says, "No, don't. You wanna have a pool party? Let's have a pool party." Tom is confused.Laurie arrives at the softball game just as Teach hits a single. Through the fence she says that in order to impress her he needs to hit a home run or a double. He thinks he can manage it. And then slides into second.At the Thompson residence Janet answers the phone, and it's Marshall Fields informing her that her check didn't clear. She calls the bank. She's confused that Roger didn't make a deposit on Friday, same as always. Nope. She calls Roger.At the Miller house Susan is deep into wallpaper application when the doorbell rings. It's Roger, who says they need to talk.At the Decker pool, the party is in full swing as Linda Ronstadt sings "Heatwave" and Trina takes pictures of co-pilot Rex who says he's an amateur shutterbug thanks to his mom, who freelanced for National Geographic and ignited his interest in flying by taking him all over the world on her shoots. Bobbie goes to Tom at the bar for a tall, cool drink as they watch Trina and Rex. She notices Tom's furrowed brow as he watches Trina and Rex and wonders if there's trouble in paradise. He says she knows the answer to that. She feels bad for not telling him Trina called. He assures her it's not her fault. She says she doesn't understand the rules of the relationship. He admits that he doesn't either.Roger helps Susan with wallpaper and talks about how since he's interviewing for a new job he didn't tell Janet yet. (It's been five days). He thought if he could get another job it would soften the blow. But it turns out it's a worse job with worse pay and he wants to try something new. Susan thinks he should tell Janet that he's looking for something more satisfying and that she would get that. He's not so sure, saying since the Millers moved away Janet has become obsessed with keeping up with the Jones'. Susan dismisses the notion and he responds that it's easy for her to say that since she is the Jones'. Susan says Janet ain't so fragile and she might surprise him with how she takes it. He goes to call Janet. No answer. He says while he's coming clean he says there's another reason he walked over in this heat. He could've sworn they had an air conditioner. He offers to take a look at her broken AC.Laurie and Teach chat at the game. She's a little concerned about how long it is. A female friend, Liz, comes up and offers Teach a beer and then to take care of his "girlfriend." She appraises Laurie as the "new girl" and says when it comes to his love life Doug's not much of a talker. Liz assumes Teach met Laurie at school -- since he likes "smart" girls -- and asks if she's grad or undergrad? Julie answers "under." (Way under). They grab a seat.At Roger's office Janet waits for the boss. She tells his secretary she'll wait until she can see him. The secretary says she can't. She asks what happened. The secretary says the boss was forced to cut back half the staff. Janet wonders why Roger didn't tell her. The secretary says to ask him. But nicely. She wishes Janet luck.Back in the city, Bruce tells Melinda, as they enter a bar, to always close a good day with a smooth single malt. A bad one, she asks? Several, he answers. They talk trader talk. She's impressed with him, and he with her, and their work on the floor. They talk about some hotshot traders at a nearby table and a deal they're keeping their eyes on. Moreno shows up with an offer of poker. They agree to play.Back in the Miller bedroom Susan is watching "The Dinah Shore Show" while Roger works on the AC. He finds a dirty thermostat. Apparently he spent a year in college studying engineering. Susan is surprised he went to college. He never finished and therefore doesn't crow about it. He fixes the AC, they enjoy the cool air. For a minute. Then a fuse or transformer blows, putting out the power. The phone rings. It's Bruce who's calling to say the power is out in the city and the trains aren't running. He'll take a cab later. Roger notices cars at the Decker house and wonders if they're having a pool party.The power's out everywhere, including Tom and Trina's marriage apparently. Tom watches Trina with Rex flirt and gets increasingly annoyed. Tom comes over to fetch her. He wants to know what's happening. She says she's just enjoying the guests. He says just because he messed up with Bobbie, that doesn't bring Rex into the mix. She says not yet. He says not ever since he flies a plane with the guy. She calls that rich since he can sleep with members of his crew but she can't. He wonders why she's making such a big deal of it since he didn't make a fuss over her "playing house" and having a dalliance with Luke. She reminds him she cleared it with him: "open and honest at all times. That's how it works. That's why it works." He says in all honesty he wasn't crazy about it. She says he had a chance to say no to it. Which is what he should've done with Bobbie. He tells her to give it a rest, that it was a mistake. She says she might just want to make one too or, she asks, "Should we both just agree not to ball your crew entirely?" As she says this Susan and Roger show up.Trina and Tom ask why they've arrived...together. Susan apologizes for intruding but Trina says things were actually just getting interesting. Tom gets shorts for Roger. Bobbie tells Susan that her husband is yummy. Susan says he's not her husband. So Bobbie is excited that he's "available." Susan points out that he's not that either.Back at the candlelit bar Melinda is losing at poker to Moreno. Melinda calls his bluff. She wins with three of a kind. Melinda goes to buy the next round with her winnings. Moreno warns Bruce that he's playing with fire.At the pool party Trina takes a photo of an approaching Susan. Susan asks if she's OK. Trina says she's fine. Susan notices that she and Tom are out of sync. Trina admits that they're actually in a full-blown fight. Trina explains why, and points out Bobbie. Trina says they'll work through it. Susan explains Bruce is stuck downtown and that Roger "took the day off." Susan admits Janet doesn't know Roger is at the Deckers'. Trina muses that perhaps honesty is overrated. Roger doffs his shirt and, dude, that guy is chiseled. Trina purrs, steadies her camera and says, "Wow, no wonder Janet keeps that guy under lock and key." Trina runs off to get more film. Roger hops in the pool and invites Susan in.Liz and Laurie cheer on Teach at the game. Teach also has nice arms. Laurie asks what you do with a masters in philosophy if you don't become a teacher. Liz replies, "Write a book, apply to law school, smoke a ton of weed and collect unemployment." Liz says she'd push Doug down a flight of stairs for a shot at his job at Lakeview High. Laurie observes that it's lucky then that summer school is over. Liz reveals they've offered him a full time position in the fall. She says it's his dream job. He hasn't given them an answer yet. Liz doesn't know why he's stalling. Doug/Teach hits a home run. Laurie is impressed.Susan and Roger dangle their feet in the pool as Bobbie slinks up saying she's going to cool off in the Decker basement if the pair want to find her. They giggle. Roger now realizes what he missed on the Fourth of July. He says he can see why she and Bruce went for it. Susan demurs that they got caught up in the moment and admits that they hadn't connected "in that way" in a long time. Roger has read that falling in love happens when someone sees you as you see yourself. Susan asks him how he sees himself. He says he doesn't know. She says she sees him as loyal, caring, and smart, and that she'd bet her life that Janet sees that in him too. Roger notices she has a sunburn and puts his hand on her shoulder asking if it hurts. She says no. Roger is off to face the music. Susan advises leaving the Decker party out of the confession.Trina takes a candid shot of Roger and Susan. Rex comes up saying he bets she got some good pics at the lake with the amazing light. She hopes so, saying she's rusty. He'd like to see her "dark room." She declines, saying even her husband doesn't get to see that. He asks after the play room instead. She's not in the mood to play. Tom is stewing as he watches Trina disappear into the house.Melinda and Bruce have closed the bar and he decides it's time to go. Melinda tells him that all day he's been advising her to "keep my antenna" up and now she's picked up a special frequency from him. He's sweaty and freaked out. He says, "I have a wife, Melinda." She replies, "And I have an apartment right around the corner."Tom takes a candle, and a deep breath, and enters the basement playroom. There he finds Rex being mauled by several people. Rex informs him that Trina isn't in the mix and Tom is psyched, telling him to "keep on keeping on."Bruce comes home to a dark house impressed by Susan's progress. She admits to taking a few breaks. He apologizes for being so late blaming throwing back a few with the guys after work and losing track of time. She offers him food. He grabbed a burger. She asks how Melinda did today. He calls her a natural. Susan kisses him and he pulls back saying he needs a shower after his long day. He wonders if she found someone to fix the AC. She says she did but not who. It's a moot point of course since the power is out.Laurie and Teach walk in the park. She tells him to take the job and asks why he hasn't. He said he was just thinking about it and that the future will take care of itself. She asks, "and in the fall?" He claims it's a long way off. She wonders if tonight is the night they go back to his place. He says he wants to take it slow and easy. They kiss.In Trina's candlelit kitchen she's hanging up photos to dry. Tom comes in reporting that everyone is gone except for the diehards in the playroom, including Rex. Tom is surprised she didn't go with him. She says it was too easy, that it might have been fun but it wouldn't have helped. She pulls up a picture of Tom and Bobbie and asks if he would've told her if she hadn't caught him. He says honestly, he doesn't know. Trina is shocked. She says it's time to revisit the rules and be exclusive for awhile. She's tired of the ocean between them. He says he is too and gets on board the monogamy train.Roger arrives home as Janet is cleaning out the refrigerator. She carps, "Ah, look what the cat dragged in." Roger tries to tell her and she trumps him, explaining how she knows. He apologizes, explaining his find-a-new-job strategy. She says it's not about a job, it's that she's his wife, they took vows. She gets teary wondering if he doesn't trust her, that she wouldn't get it. He gets teary and admits he can't sell insurance anymore, that he needs and wants more from her and himself. He says he doesn't know what yet. She simply replies, "You got it." He is shocked. She reminds him that what he needs is what she wants for him. He promises that he'll work it out.Bruce lies in bed awake looking at the empty bed beside him.Laurie and Teach walk hand in hand as the streetlights come on.Janet and Roger eat a candlelit steak dinner, and the lights come back on. She gets up and turns them off.Susan sits in front of the now-working AC staring pensively and rubbing her arm.Trina develops the photo of Roger and Susan looking at each other by the pool.

Directed by Matt Earl Beesley  

Starring Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Miriam Shor, more...

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