Go Your Own Way

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Drama, USA, 2008

Synopsis "Swingtown"-"Go Your Own Way" - July 3, 2008Previously On: Tom got transferred to the Tokyo route; Female lawyer Sylvia informed everyone that in 1976 today's woman can do whatever she wants; Including eating a pot brownie which is what Janet, and the others did on a weekend trip to a cabin, then everyone went skinny dipping; Laurie tried to convince Teach that it wouldn't be creepy for an adult teacher to date a teenage student; Logan saw Teach leave Laurie's house while her parents were away eating pot browniesTom sleeps as Trina gets his flight suit ready. It's bedtime for her and time for him to go the airport. The new Tokyo schedule is tough for them. Trina tells Tom that she can count the number of days they've been apart since they've been married on one hand. She's worried that since he doesn't do well alone that he will stray in Tokyo. He says he has no intention of messing up their "perfect" situation and tells her how much he loves her.Across town Janet is perfecting her Tupperware pitch speech. She's nervous about selling to the whole new market opened up by Susan's move. Roger offers to help her, ahem, relax. She squirms away from his embrace pointing out she just did her hair. He wants to know where the crazy skinny dipper went. She calls that a lapse in judgment she hopes he won't hold it over her head. He points out it was the most fun he's ever seen her have. (Damn if she's always been such a wet blanket what did he see in her?) He tries to kiss her again and she puts him off. He offers to pick it up when he gets home and she drops this bomb: "Last I checked today is not a Friday, Roger." Yipes. Apparently, some modern women of the mid-70s can do whatever they want except get off the rigid sex schedule they have with their husbands. Roger? Not amused.Laurie is reading a newspaper article about anti-ERA activist Phyllis Schlafly protesting abortion rights. She's indignant. Susan says it's complicated. Laurie doesn't see how and notes that if Carter doesn't win the election women are "totally screwed." At which point Bruce walks in and tells her to watch her mouth. She asks why because he doesn't like what she's saying? (She is woman, hear her roar!) He says no, because she sounds like a truck driver. Susan is wrapping up something for Janet's luncheon as Bruce goes to make an English muffin. ("Mr Big Stuff" plays in the background.) When he opens the fridge it's chock full of casserole dishes and he wonders how many people are attending Janet's shindig. Susan realizes there's too much and decides to take a dish over to Trina to see if she can use it for her party the following night. This is the first Bruce has heard of the party. (Or perhaps he wasn't listening points out ever-so-helpful Laurie.) It seems Trina and Sylvia are throwing a soiree to benefit the legal defense fund of an actor who was arrested for undisclosed reasons. Laurie looks at the invite with raised eyebrows and Bruce grabs it and does the same.Susan brings her 7-layer dip over to Trina who's in party planning mode and informs her the event is being catered but she and Sylvia will dig in. Trina asks Susan's opinion on a cardboard cut-out of a naked man with the words "censored" plastered over his mouth and twig and berries. Susan wonders who it is. Trina says maybe she's recognize him without the "censorship" and unveils his choppers and goods. Susan is still baffled. It's Harry Reems, the star of "Deep Throat," the guest of honor at tomorrow's party. Susan is shocked. Trina wonders what Susan thought the party was for.Credits: Liz tells us to give it up for loveSusan clarifies that this party is for a porn star? Sylvia points out that Harry is an American citizen first and foremost, not to mention a very sweet guy adds Trina. The phone rings and it's Tom calling for a little phone sex, Trina's too busy and she wonders if he's going out. He wonders where he would go. She says she'll call him back and, ahem, "tuck him in." He gets another call from another pilot who wants to party with Tom and "someone new." Tom gives it exactly one second of thought and says "why not?"Trina offers an 8x10 glossy of Harry to Susan if she'll help stuff envelopes. Susan says she can't come because she's uncomfortable because she's a mom. Sylvia wonders if one of Susan's kids grows up to be a filmmaker or an artist would Susan want them to be subject to prosecution for expressing themselves? Susan asks if they consider "Deep Throat" art. Sylvia says who's to say, it may have been silly but who gets to decide what's art. Trina wonders what Susan found objectionable. She admits she hasn't seen it. So Sylvia wants to know why she's okay with letting the government throw someone in jail over something she hasn't seen. Susan protests "it's pornography" and Sylvia counters with "it's fascism" on the part of the Nixon administration to distract from Watergate. Susan says she and Bruce don't talk about this kind of stuff. Sylvia hopes Susan isn't the kind of woman that gets her opinion from her husband. Susan is embarrassed. Trina tries to get Sylvia to back down by pointing out Susan isn't the enemy. Susan departs.Tom's pilot buddy Rex snorts up a line with a pretty, giggly Japanese girl by his side but Tom declines the drugs on account of the time difference. Randy Rex tries to peer pressure him into at least having a drink. Tom acquiesces. He wonders how Rex and the girl communicate. Rex claims it's all about love and the girl giggles. There is a knock at the door and it's several stewards and stewardesses and the party begins.B.J. and Samantha are fruitlessly searching for a volleyball net to bring to the beach when Aluminum Annie comes out accusing her daughter of stealing her smokes. (With her huge shades she looks and sounds a little like an Amy Poehler parody). B.J. points out that Samantha doesn't smoke, with the subtext of "like you, you wanton hussy!" She's all "no one's talking to you." Samantha says she'll run to the store to replace them as her mom hands her money. Samantha grabs two packs of smokes from a hiding place explaining to B.J. that she takes two out of each carton so she can get some extra cash, which they now have to buy a volleyball net. They ride off to the beach.Laurie runs into Teach on campus. They chat about the last few days of summer school flying by. Logan shows up to say hi and he calls him "Teach!" Teach leaves, and Logan tells Laurie he saw Teach leave her house. She's annoyed he was spying on her, he says he was looking out for her. The bell rings and he says she better go learn something quickly because a teacher like that might not be working at the school much longer. Laurie is fearful.Janet is doing her hard sell on the latest Tupperware line and its handy benefits like its ability to retain freshness. Susan is her handy assistant, but she is distracted. The bell rings and it's Trina, who apologizes for interrupting. Susan tells her about the Tupperware party and apologizes for not inviting her, she just assumed Trina wasn't the Tupperware type. Trina says this is a good call. She comes to apologize, worrying that Susan felt ambushed. She says it was more like stupid. Trina assures her that that is the last word she associates with her new friend. Janet is happily surprised to see Trina, who says she can't stay but offers to buy a dozen of "whatever." She drops off some "research" on the Harry Reems issue and says the invite is still open if Susan changes her mind.Teach is collecting papers and thanking the students for their hard work in summer school. He says anyone looking for extra credit could bring him coffee and a donut around midnight while he's grading papers. He looks at a distracted Laurie as the bell rings. She hurries out.Susan is reading the research when Bruce comes home. She's surprised it's so late. He grabs the papers from her and sees headlines like "Reaming Harry Reems." She says what's happening to him is terrible. He points out that he's a porno actor. She asks, innocently enough, "you know about him?" Now sheepish he says he saw the movie a few months ago with some guys from the exchange. She wonders why he didn't tell her. He says it was just for laughs and he didn't want her to get the wrong idea. He assures her with a patronizing kiss to the forehead that the movie is not for her. She says she wants to go to the party. He says they can't because he has the "league championship" and that she shouldn't go to a party like that without him since she knows what goes on across the street. He asks if dinner is almost ready. She says "coming right up."Susan sits outside the Rialto, where "Deep Throat" is playing.Susan walks into the Thompson house with the post-"Deep Throat" glow. Janet can't believe Susan went to a porno theatre and wonders if anyone saw her. Susan points out that she wouldn't have been much of a distraction given the available entertainment. Susan says the story was ridiculous and explains the plot (woman's "pleasure center" is in her throat and doctor helps her find it). Horrifying! They both agree. But Susan says it was also oddly amusing. Janet wonders why Susan is telling her this. She explains about the government prosecution. Janet's all "well, good!" Susan explains why it isn't (first amendment, yada, yada) and asks Janet to come to the fundraiser. Janet does not immediately warm to the idea to say the least. Susan says since the boys are out bowling (this must be the league championship?) she knows she's free and she wants to know where the skinny-dipping, pot-brownie-eating Janet went? Janet wants to know why everyone keeps throwing this back at her. Susan stresses she thinks it's important. Janet claims that she would do anything for Susan. Apparently, anything but this. She apologizes.Trina is directing the bartender around the house as Tom returns with a "Konichiwa." She points out she tried calling. He talks about the party with Rex and the crew. She asks for his help hanging banners. He says sure thing right after he rests his eyes.B.J. is watching a Nadia Comenci interview on TV as Samantha comes in. She says the Deckers are having one of their parties and mom is going. He wonders if that's good or bad. She says good since she doesn't have to worry about her for a few hours. She points out that Nadia's perfect and wonders what her mom is like. B.J. ventures she's probably a lot like Tinfoil Terry. He offers her a Yoohoo.Susan is coming out of the shower as Bruce walks into the bedroom. He wonders where she's going and she says Trina's party. He wonders why since "they" decided they were sitting this one out. "You decided," she says with a smile. He points out that the party is about pornography. She says she knows what it's about because she saw the movie. He can't believe it. Laurie walks in wondering if they are in fact talking about "Deep Throat." He says he's had enough of her sass and tells Susan he doesn't want her to go to the party. Laurie says it's Susan's decision. Susan admonishes her not to talk back to her father. Laurie points out that she was defending Susan. (She was also interrupting...) Laurie gets snippy and says if the party is really about fighting censorship than perhaps Susan doesn't belong there after all. Bruce leaves to bowl and says they'll finish the conversation later.Over at the Decker party the Deckers and Sylvia are chatting with the guest of honor. Tom says one moment in the film must've been a camera trick but Harry says with their budget that wouldn't have been possible. And Tom lets loose with his groaner of the night: "That's a little hard to swallow." Sylvia says the whole thing is a male fantasy. Tinfoil Terry arrives and offer to show Harry some of her moves. Her name turns out to be Gail. Trina goes to answer the door and it's Susan looking good with wavy hair and a green dress.People dance, talk, and smoke at the party. Tom says Susan looks fantastic and wonders where Bruce is. Janet, of all people, arrives who wants to make perfectly clear that she didn't come to support pornography. She's here to support Susan. Arm in arm, the ladies mingle.Laurie brings Teach coffee and a bear claw as he's laboring over the papers. She says she's not there for extra credit but because it's been a weird couple of days. He admits he noticed she was out of sorts in class and asks if it's anything she wants to talk about. She says no, just wanted to see him. (Way to warn him, Laurie.) She starts to snoop in another student's paper and he stops her. She tells him he's a really good teacher. He says only for one more week. She asks then what. He says he doesn't know but he's looking forward to it. She is too. Yuck. She leaves.Back at the party, as George Clinton sings about funk, Harry is signing autographs. Gail comes to sit on his lap and give him the hard sell. Harry gets away from her.Sylvia is calling the prosecution a complete witch hunt. Which, Susan says, they're all paying for with their taxes. Sylvia is glad she came. Susan says she may not agree with the film but concedes that Sylvia was right about Harry being railroaded by the government. Sylvia apologizes. Susan says she understands why Sylvia doesn't understand her since they live such different lives. Sylvia graciously says she'll never understand if she doesn't listen. Susan accepts the apology. Awww.Harry comes in to the kitchen to get some food. Janet offers up some watercress sandwiches which he declines as too spicy. She wonders if he's anti-spice why he's at the party. He reveals who he is. She does a double take. He offers his hand. She says that can't be his real name. He says it's how people know him. Janet thinks they know him for other reasons. Of course, he says, "my winning smile." Janet laughs. (And the angels sing!) She says she hasn't seen the film and wonders what he was thinking. He says it was a job. She wonders if they weren't hiring at Woolworth's. He says he's just an actor trying to pay his bills. She hopes he was paid well considering the trouble it's caused him. $250 he says. His legal expenses are in the tens of thousands, plus he can't get acting work now. She wonders if there's something else he can't do. She says she's in sales. She doesn't think Tupperware would let a man sell since they cater to women. He points out he knows a thing or two about the ladies. She laughs again.Over at the bowling alley Bruce is having trouble enjoying winning the big trophy over beers with Roger and Roger wonders why. Bruce says something is going on with Susan and he's not sure how to explain it. Roger wonders if it's about the swinging. Bruce says in a way, that things haven't been the same for sure since the Deckers. He tells him that the morning after the first night with the Deckers it was the closest he felt to Susan since the honeymoon but now she's a completely different woman. She's got all these new opinions, dinner isn't ready when he gets home, she's not picking him up at the train AND she went to see a porno! Roger agrees it's weird. Bruce says the sex is good. Roger says Bruce is talking to the wrong guy since he's only "allowed" to have sex with his wife every other Friday night. (Every other? Heavens to Betsy.) It's Bruce's turn to freak out. He figured she might've loosened up after the cabin. Roger says all Janet returned determined to do was stay Susan's best friend and that's why she went to the party. Bruce can't believe Janet went to the porno party. Roger says it's only because she thought Susan needed her. Now Bruce is all "Susan did what now?" Check, please, says Bruce, literally.Over at late night school Logan meets Laurie in the hall. He wonders where Teach is. She says grading papers. He says he can bring Teach down anytime. She wonders what's stopping him. He says he doesn't get her. She says Teach does. She says he has all the power but he also has a choice. She reminds him of the day they met. She stepped on a rusty nail and he told silly jokes as he carried her to the hospital. She didn't expect such chivalry and wit from him and that's why she went out with him. He asks what she wants him to do. She says to just let her go. Teach calls out to the hallway. Logan asks if it's what she really wants. She says yes. He leaves. Teach emerges from class and offers her a ride. She says she'll walk. And then says "one more week right?" He says yup.At the party Sylvia makes a toast to the Deckers and Trina says they are honored to have Harry Reems among them. Sylvia speechifies about the charges against him as Bruce and Roger arrive, still in their bowling shirts. Roger spies Janet but Bruce doesn't see Susan. He goes to look for her. He finds her and tells her to get her things because they are leaving. He says this just as Trina announces there's going to be be a private screening of "Deep Throat." Roger finds Janet. She wonders what he's doing there. He wonders the same and if she's alright. She is. He says since they're about to show the film they should go. Janet says it's just a movie, how bad could it be. He is surprised she wants to stay.Bruce doesn't understand why Susan disobeyed him. She said she was there to hear people discuss important issues. More important than him, he wonders? Harry arrives and asks if everything is okay. Susan introduces them and Bruce tells him to butt out. Bruce reiterates that they're going home. Susan says she's not. Bruce leaves. Tom calls after him but he leaves in a huff anyway.The screening is awash in a haze of heavy breathing and curling smoke as Janet and Roger watch and Trina and Tom giggle. Trina gets up to chat with a forlorn Susan by the pool. Susan says everything is getting complicated. Trina wonders how. Susan says she and Bruce aren't in sync the way she and Tom are. Trina says change isn't easy on a couple, no matter how close. Susan asks what if she's the only one who's changing? What if Bruce is incapable somehow? Then it's up to Susan to help him says Trina.Janet is cleaning up and she and Roger debrief on the film which he thought was dumb. He's sorry if it upset her. She says it didn't. He asks if she enjoyed it at all. She asks if he did. Harry comes in with a signed photo for Janet. He invites them to the "after party' in the basement. They decline. Janet wishes Harry luck.B.J. asks Samantha what animal she would be. She would be a bird. He would be a tiger maybe. She asks what person he would be. He chooses to be himself. She wouldn't choose herself or him. She would choose Nadia Comaneci. Gail stumbles back into the house and Samantha has to go. B.J. gives her the walkie talkie. Gail wonders if Samantha has been in the liquor cabinet. Samantha says maybe she shouldn't have any more booze. Gail says she's the parent. Samantha says goodnight. Gail asks if Samantha thinks she's a terrible person. She says, no, just unhappy. They hug and tell each other that they love each other. B.J. watches through the window.Susan comes into the bedroom and sits on the bed and says to Bruce that she didn't go to the party to upset him. She went because sometimes she feels like she doesn't know what's going on in the world. He says he's confused at what's happening and she keeps moving the goalposts on him. She says she's confused too. He says he wants to know where all this is taking them. She says she doesn't know but she loves him. They kiss. He lies back down to sleep.Tom and Trina debrief on the party. Tom asks after the Millers. She says they're going through growing pains. She reminds him when they met she was a stewardess on an international route and he was a co-pilot on his first big route. He was also in a committed relationship in which she was the other woman. He offers to quit the route. Emotionally, she says she just wanted to remind him why she didn't want him to take it in the first place. He says she shouldn't be afraid of losing him, since it's never going to happen. A promise. They kiss. She asks if he wants to join the guests in the basement. He declines saying he wants to spend alone time with his wife. They walk off and "I Am Woman" plays.B.J. is trying to raise Samantha on the walkie. He tells her to look out the window. He holds up a sign that says "10.0." The Thompsons arrive home and immediately start making out and hit the kitchen floor in a clutch. The Millers are in a similar position in their bed.The next morning Laurie spies the pic of Harry Reems and realizes her mom went to the party anyway. "Way to go mom," she says.

Directed by Bob Balaban  

Starring Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Miriam Shor, more...

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