Get Down Tonight

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Drama, USA, 2008

Synopsis "Swingtown" - "Get Down Tonight" - August 15, 2008Previously On: Janet and Roger saw a psychiatrist and Janet signed up for an employment agency; Laurie ran away with Doug to see Jackson Browne; Trina and Tom decided to swing again; Susan began chatting with Roger.Bruce and Susan are doing it and Bruce calls her out for faking it. She apologizes and says it wasn't his fault, she says she can't focus. She's distracted by everything going on in their lives. Bruce says with the few days he has before going back to work they should enjoy each other. She's in. He um, orally pleasures her.Roger calls and makes an appointment with the therapist. Janet is headed off to work and Roger offers to help out with chores around the house. (She has a big chart). He offers to do the dishes. She promises to be home by 6. He straps on an apron and Ricky makes fun of him as he walks in.Trina swims as Tom catches up with an old friend named Bud who is looking for investors in a new nightclub. Tom is uncomfortable with the idea, saying he prefers to not worry about the business side of nightlife and just play. Bud says it's more fun when you own the playground. Bud asks Trina to convince Tom. She asks how much they have to put up. Bud tells them to come to the club and check it out.In therapy Roger talks about how he's always been the dependable guy, but lately it feels like there should be more. He wonders if he's having a mid-life crisis. The therapist says the only way to tackle a problem is to give it a name. He gives it: Susan. He thinks he's in love with her. He and the therapist look distraught at the thought.Credits Liz gives it up for love for the penultimate time.The therapist wonders why Roger thinks he loves her. He says it's hard to describe, he just feels alive when he's around her. She's a great friend, open-minded, beautiful, has a great laugh and they are able to talk about "real" things. He says he knows this isn't fair to Janet who is a "great woman" whom he still loves. Roger wishes friends and lovers could be contained in one person. The therapist wonders if Janet could be that person. He doesn't know. She asks if Susan knows about his feelings.In the Miller kitchen Laurie's reading a driver's ed book, sick of taking the bus to see Doug. Also, he said he would take her to practice. Bruce walks in and offers his driver's ed services. Susan likes that idea. Laurie doesn't and goes with Doug. Bruce is heading off to golf, Susan thought they were spending the next few days together. He says after this, he promises, it will be just the two of them and guesses she can find a way to kill a few hours.She kills a bit of it hanging with Trina by the pool and discussing the disastrous family trip. Susan says things with Bruce are "fine." Then she says they're trying to make up for lost time by hanging together. Except that he's golfing. Trina offers an invite to the new disco. Susan says they're going to try a night alone.At Janet's temp job, at a newspaper that's very busy and competitive, a man very speedily briefs her on her duties. The big editor comes out and fires a secretary for a typo in the Metro section and Janet takes over. He then grabs her ass. She's appalled but the (seemingly gay) guy who introduced her - who has now taken Janet's temp job in the wake of the big boss' firing of the woman Janet is taking over for- tells her to get used to it.Ricky and B.J. are playing with action figures in B.J.'s room when Samantha climbs in the window. She wants to borrow his bike for her visiting cousin. They're going to the beach. She invites B.J. ,who sounds jazzed, but Ricky does not want to waste a perfectly good summer day at the beach with two lame girls. Samantha, who didn't invite him, points out that he doesn't have to come. The cute cousin leans in and now Ricky is in too.In the grocery store Susan runs into Roger. She wonders what he's doing there. He explains he's pitching in around the house. He's lost with making chicken Kiev. She offers to help. Back at the house she shows him how to do it. Make chicken Kiev, that is. Roger says Ricky says they had an interesting time at the cabin, what with Laurie running away. Susan explains about Laurie and Doug and that Bruce didn't take it well. Roger jokes that he misses school. Susan says it doesn't help that Bruce and Laurie are both so stubborn. Roger says he knows from stubborn since Janet is convinced he's having a mid-life crisis. He muses she might be right. Susan says maybe they're both having one. He says he has her beat, since he's the one standing in the kitchen wearing an apron while his wife makes a living. Susan says if it's any consolation he looks cute. Awkward pause as she walks to the table to shuck corn.He asks if she was looking for Janet the day she called from the cabin, she says she wasn't. He says he called back and there was no answer. She remembers. She tells him when she was out skipping rocks, she grabbed one and brought it home for him. He leans in and says he has something to tell her just as Janet arrives with a, "Honey, I'm home!" Janet is touched Susan came to help with dinner. Susan doffs her apron, congratulates Janet and hugs her, and skedaddles.In the Miller kitchen Susan is apologizing for making fish sticks since she was busy with "errands" all day. B.J. comes down with Bruce's poker chips announcing he's playing cards with Sam. Bruce approves that he has a friend besides Ricky. B.J. says he'll be there too, along with Sam's cousin. Bruce wonders who this boy Sam is. Susan points out that she's a girl. B.J. adds that cousin Lisa is also their age. (He gets an approving nod from Bruce.) He tells him not to lose any chips or "anything else."Susan revels in B.J.'s new excitement and wonders if all her and Bruce's "firsts" -love, child, home- are behind them. Bruce asks her what she'd like to do. Movies? No. Scrabble? Too much like a night with the Thompsons. Susan brings up the Trina invite. Bruce points out that quality time doesn't necessarily have to be "alone" time. They both kind of giggle at that.Trina and Tom are getting ready to "get down tonight" when the phone rings announcing the Millers are in. Tom's putting on his best "Saturday Night Fever" gear. Trina says it would be nice to take them out and show them a good time. Tom wonders how good a time.In Doug's apartment he is teaching Laurie to drive with three pedal surrogates - sponges- on the floor, a Frisbee as the wheel, and a plunger as the gear shift. They joke around. She wants to do it - learn to drive- in the car. He says she has to pass some preliminaries. He sits behind her to help her with the moves and starts feeling her up. They make out.Janet is trying to dig in to the burnt chicken Kiev as Roger asks about her day. She reports it was unorganized and that the head boss, Mr. Malone, has no redeeming qualities. Roger says first days are never easy and that she can handle it. She says she's handling it so well they offered a full-time position. Ricky freaks that this means that Roger will now be cooking dinner. She wonders how long he actually baked it. Roger forgot to set the timer. As Ricky storms off Janet asks if he's wearing Roger's cologne. Roger gave him the okay since he and B.J. have a double date. "With girls?" Janet asks pricelessly. Ricky says they're just playing cards and Janet puts the kibosh on gambling. Roger says he already gave him the go ahead. And, Janet says, now she's telling him he can't. Ricky petulantly asks who wears the pants in this family and wonders how long they're going to live in this bizarro world. Janet sighs, grabs the plates, and says she is going to make them something edible. Roger says he was just trying to help. Helping, says Janet, would be making a real effort to find a job. He says he has been. She says that it's time to stop wishing and start doing.At the Decker house Tom and Trina are giving Bruce and Susan a lesson in line dancing. They call the dance the "New Yorker" but it looks like the hustle. Bruce doesn't think he can do it but he and Susan give it a try and start to have fun. Susan, looking lovely in blue, looks at her husband and friends with a "swinging" gleam in her eye.At the disco the quartet go to the front of line as Bud dispatches an uncool guy at the velvet rope. Tom wonders if that's good for business. Inside the lights flash, music blares, people dance. Bruce and Tom go to get a drink as Bud takes Trina and Susan on a tour.Laurie and Doug lie in bed and Laurie observes this might not be the most productive way to learn to drive. She notes the only other option is her dad. Doug wonders what's wrong with that. Laurie says her dad is stubborn and unreasonable. Doug argues that he's strong-willed and so is she. She says she's not like her father. He says there are differences but one of the things he noticed about her was her willingness to learn and she should use this as an opportunity to learn about her dad. She softens.Back at the disco, music, lights, dancing- including between same sex couples and wildly dressed folks. Tom says it's nice to see Bruce and Susan out and about. Bruce says it's good to be seen and, surveying the scene, says that every night with Tom and Trina is an adventure. Susan and Trina dance together. Both men appreciate that. As a guy approaches Susan, Bruce bristles but Tom tells him to relax saying they should enjoy the fact that their wives are so sexy that every guy on the dance floor wants them. Except, says Bruce, for the ones who want to be with each oher. Two guys try to horn in and Trina pulls Susan away saying it's best to browse before you buy. Susan protests that she isn't shopping. Trina says, "you don't know that."The teen hormone brigade plays cards in the Miller garage in awkward silence. Cousin Lisa observes the lameness. She wants to up the ante: to strip poker. Ricky is immediately in. B.J. looks nervous and asks Samantha. She says why not. Ricky gets up and closes the garage door and says, "Ladies, get ready to get naked."At the disco some dude is snorting coke off some chick's stomach and Bud says that's a party he can get down with. He offers a bump. They all decline. Susan asks if Trina has anything else. Trina busts out her Qualuudes. Everyone is in on that. They toast to "enjoying each other."In the garage, Ricky and B.J. are down to their underwear while Sam and Lisa are still fully clothed. Lisa wins again and tells Ricky to take it off. He gets mad and accuses her of cheating. Nope, turns out her bro's a professional in Vegas who taught her the basics. Ricky gets mad. Lisa taunts him wondering if he's got something to hide or nothing to hide. He grabs his pants and she tugs back. B.J. tells him to calm down and that it's just a joke. They all laugh except Ricky who demands his pants back. Instead Lisa stands and kisses him saying he's cute when he's mad and invites him inside, still in his tighty whiteys. Sam and B.J. laugh.At the disco the swingers club is actually getting down to "Get Down Tonight." Tom and Trina move pretty well and Bruce and Susan catch on. The 'ludes have them feeling nice.In the Thompson living room Roger has fallen asleep to "Hawaii Five-0." Janet comes in and apologizes, saying she knows he tried with dinner. He says it's okay, he knows she had a long day. She sits on the couch with a sigh. Roger asks her if she's happy. She asks what he means. He says it's not a trick question. She dismisses the question saying they're going through a rough patch and that it will pass. He asks what it would take to make her happy, right now. She says him finding a good job that makes him happy. He wonders if that's it. She says once that happens they can go back to exactly the way things used to be. He does not look excited by this prospect. She's heading off to bed. He decides to finish the show.Back at Studio Fifty-Faux, glitter falls as Bruce and Trina start dirty dancing, as do Tom and Susan. Susan observes how hot it is. Trina proposes heading back to their house for a dip. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Cut to, limbs entangling in the Decker pool, couples switched but back to back, very close to one another.Back in the garage Samantha asks B.J. to show her what he's got. But he says to show her since he wins. Just then Ricky rushes in grabbing for his clothes. Lisa follows and asks where he's going. Sam asks what happened. Lisa reports "absolutely nothing" and leaves too. Sam goes to take off her top and B.J. tells her not to. She assures him that it's okay since she lost. He says he doesn't want her too. She gets up and kisses him.A wet Susan and Bruce are leaving when Trina gives Susan her earrings, which she forgot, again. They smile, maybe a touch awkwardly, at each other. Susan thanks them for the good time. Tom says it was their pleasure. They come out and Bruce says "that was fun, right?" Susan offers, half-heartedly, "Yeah." And they go home.At the paper - "The Daily Sun"- Janet is sitting at her desk as Henry, the guy who showed her around, enters. He looks at her clean desk and wonders where her "to-do"s are. "Done," she says proudly. Mr. Malone comes out griping about his coffee. Turns out it's good. Janet knew just how to make it. Malone notices she's all caught up. He tells her to keep up the good work and grabs her ass. Before he can take his hand away Janet grabs it and says firmly, "With all due respect, if you touch my rear again, my husband will come down here and kick yours." He is properly chagrined and everyone is impressed by Janet.Tom is impressed by Trina who is up early to go running after their "wild night." Tom says she was "so good" and she returns the compliment. They smooch. Bud called and asked if they want to invest. Trina doesn't think it's a great idea. Tom thinks it might open up an avenue for him to quit the pilot game and stay home with Trina. He says it's her call since technically, it's her money. She says what's hers is his and she likes the idea of new doors being opened. They smooch some more.On her stoop, Sam is drawing something. B.J. has brought her and Lisa Pop Tarts. Lisa is still sleeping and B.J. guesses Rick really wore her out, which elicits a "gross" from Sam. They goof on Rick. He says he had fun and thanks her. She says she had fun too. They eat Pop Tarts.Susan is lying on her bed with a mask on- she clearly is hungover. Bruce yells up that he and Laurie are going for a driving lesson. She manages to get out "that's great, good luck." She opens her drawer to grab some aspirin and sees the rock she brought back for Roger and looks pensive.At the Thompson kitchen table Roger asks Ricky about the card game. Rick said it was dumb and that girls ruin everything. Roger says, "Not the right girl." Ricky asks like who, mom? Roger asks what that's supposed to mean. Ricky says, "Nothing, you're the one who married her." Roger tells him to not rush into anything, to take his time and be selective. He tells him never to settle. Ricky says he won't. Roger looks pensive.Bruce is giving Laurie the "10 and 2" routine. She goes to pull back into traffic and he yells at her to stop. She says the approaching car was a mile away. He points out that he has been driving longer than she's been breathing and he knows more about it. She puts the car in park and asks why he thinks she's always wrong - about Doug, about politics, about pulling into traffic. She says they both know he doesn't know everything, especially with what's going on between him and Susan. Bruce says no matter what she thinks she's seen, she does not know the full extent of what goes on between them. She says she's not sure he does either. She tells him not to worry about her and that she can take care of herself. He says he knows she can. And then he asks if she knows how proud he is of her for being her smart, beautiful, and funny. She says she didn't know he felt that way. He apologizes for not making that clear. They have a nice moment. She pulls into traffic.Roger comes to the Miller house and he asks Susan if anyone's home. He says he wants to finish his thought from the day before. She asks what. He kisses her. She reciprocates, hungrily. They stare into each other's eyes as Carole King (with James Taylor on backing vocals) sings, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow."

Directed by Jamie Babbit  

Starring Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Josh Hopkins, more...

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