Double Exposure

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Drama, USA, 2008

Synopsis "Swingtown" - "Double Exposure" - June 19, 2008Previously On: Trina, Tom, Susan and Bruce got to swinging; Susan and Bruce vowed it would only be that one time; Susan's friend Janet got her nose out of joint after the swingers' party; teen next door neighbor Samantha ran away and came back; S 'n B's daughter Laurie was in love with her philosophy teacher until she met his girlfriend, the director of "Waiting for Godot"; S 'n B met T 'n T's swinger friends Brad and Sylvia at the Playboy Club and Susan was upset to see Bruce give Sylvia an overly warm kiss goodbye and then find Sylvia's card in Bruce's pocket; Janet admitted to missing Susan and brought a pie to mend fences only to find her former friends coming home from the Playboy club.It's Sunday morning In the kitchen as "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" plays, Susan is up early pouring coffee still annoyed. Bruce comes down remarking that he hoped they could "sleep in," nudge, nudge. The kids come down for breakfast. Susan asks Bruce to say grace. Everyone is a little surprised. He thanks God for the food, Susan adds thanks for family and friends and asks that He bless "this very expensive house we all live in." B.J. needs to get his bike fixed, Bruce says it'll have to wait since they're going to a pool party across the street. Susan says they're actually going to church first, to everyone's continued surprise. B.J. and Laurie play hangman at church as the preacher sermonizes about love being a journey that we must walk hand in hand. After church they run into Janet and Roger. Susan appeals to Janet to be friends again by asking for her help with a housewarming party. Janet softens and acquiesces. This is the first Bruce has heard of a housewarming.Over at the den of iniquity T 'n T are having a pool party. Trina's offering tequila shots, Tom is on grill duty and Bruce mans the video camera, lovingly shooting Trina's butt and a couple making out on a chaise who Tom claims are even wilder than him and Trina. Brad and Sylvia arrive to Susan's chagrin. Bruce ogles Sylvia with the camera. Susan wants to go home, claiming a headache, she tells Bruce to stay and walks out in a semi-huff.CreditsBruce returns to the house where Susan is complaining about the wallpaper. Bruce wants to know what is really wrong. She wants to cancel the housewarming. She confronts him about finding Sylvia's card in his pants. He protests that it's no big deal and that not all of T 'n T's friends are swingers. Janet calls. Laurie tells Bruce that whatever they're fighting about Susan is usually right. Bruce says "not always."Roger is watching bowling at the Thompson house as Janet is devising appetizers for the party. Susan is about to cancel then she just says thanks. Janet is all chipper. Bruce comes into the bedroom and surmises the party is still on. He apologizes about getting Sylvia's card, he didn't think it was a big deal, he promises there's nothing going on. She sighs and asks if he realizes the first time they had sex they got pregnant. (Who forgets something like that?) He says they were kids who didn't know any better. She says they do now. He doesn't follow. Sex has consequences she says, seeing him with another woman wasn't easy for her. Even though she likes Trina she wonders what other women he wants. He says she is the only one he wants.Taking out the trash B.J. sees Samantha fixing her bike. She tells him she isn't running away again. He invites her to the "really lame" housewarming party and offers help with her bike.At the library Laurie runs into Teach- Mr. Stevens. He's collecting books for prison literacy. She offers to donate some books. He asked why she didn't hand in a review for "Godot." She says she thought the production was overdone and she didn't see how slamming the teacher's girlfriend would be good. He lets it be known that she is no longer his girlfriend. Laurie's psyched.Tom is videotaping Trina washing the dishes. Trina is pre-occupied by Susan's mood. She asks Tom if he remembers what it was like to swing for the first time. He says "yeah it really shook up the snow globe" seeing her with another man. Trina tells Tom about the Miller's pact to stay exclusive. Tom says Bruce still seems into swinging so maybe they need a "friendly nudge in the right direction."Bruce is regluing the wallpaper when T 'n T arrive with a fondue set. Trina says fondue is a great way to get people together. Tom gives them a video camera. Susan objects but Trina says they have to put it to good use, wink, wink.Janet is finishing up her apps and Roger compliments her. Down in the basement Ricky and B.J. are selling the Playboys they stole from Bruce to a group of guys. They've made 50 bucks. Roger comes in annoyed. Janet comes in and freaks out.The Thompson's bring the boys over to the Miller's. The boys get a stern talking to. Roger is still kind of smirking. B.J. is grounded for a week, and Ricky has to clean the basement. Janet tells them to talk to their sons as she and Susan go to work on party stuff in the kitchen. Bruce tells the boys they messed up big time for stealing and getting caught.Janet wants to know what's wrong with Bruce that he needs that smut. Susan says nothing. Janet looks in every drawer and claims that Roger doesn't have any. Susan wonders about privacy. Janet can't understand why Roger would need privacy since they're married.Bruce tries to convince the boys that girlie magazines could scar them for life. Roger says these girls aren't real. Bruce says "they call it airbrushing." Indulging these fantasies, they say, might ruin the boys for treating women with respect in the future.Laurie is off to library. Susan is sad to see Laurie donating her Nancy Drews. Laurie says she won't be back for the party since onion dip and small talk aren't her scene. Janet wonders what Laurie's scene is.Laurie arrives to donate her books. Although the library is closing Teach will be there all night pulling books. Laurie offers to help, of course.At the party Janet is ladling up punch and Bruce is videotaping. People wave and smile. Susan joins the party. Janet wants to kick off with a little name game, "who am I." It's the one where people tape famous names to their backs and try and guess who they are by the questions people ask. T 'n T, and Brad and Sylvia show up with fondue and cool tunes for the hi-fi.Trina has a racier game it's called "forfeit." If a woman drops a piece of bread into the fondue she has to kiss a man, not her husband. If a man does, he has to drink. In the corner, Ricky observes to B.J. that Bruce is hot for Trina. Janet says it's time for Ricky to go home. Samantha and her hot mom show up around the same time as Bruce's stockbroker buddy. The buddy likes the hot blond neighbor lady. B.J. observes that Samantha looks nice. Janet gets all anal-retentive about hot and cold hor d'ouevres and she and Trina fight over Swedish meatballs. Susan storms off.Ricky comes into B.J.'s room aghast that he's giving 20 dollars of the money they made from selling the girlie mags to Samantha to fix her bike. He asks what he's getting in return for the money. Samantha is offended and Ricky wishes crabs on B.J.Trina and Janet butt heads again about how to throw a party with Trina sniping at Janet about the right ways to bring energy to a party as opposed to sucking it out. Janet is all you would know all about that, the sucking part. Susan gets peeved and says it was too early to throw a party. She takes her energy out on ripping off a piece of the offending wallpaper. Liberated she asks if anyone wants to join her.Roger returns to the party and joins Tom, Brad, and Bruce on the stairs as wallpaper is flying and people are writing on the walls.Stockbroker buddy and hot neighbor lady are flirting and go off to do some blow.At the library Teach and Laurie are sitting in the stacks and quizzing each other on quotes from James Joyce and Bob Dylan. Teach tries out his best Dylan and Laurie says he muffed the lyrics.Samantha climbs into B.J.'s room to return the walkie talkie and inform him that she is not his girlfriend. B.J. points out that it was Ricky who implied that and that Ricky is an ass. As they spy out of his window on her mom and stockbroker guy slow dancing next door she tells him Ricky acts like an ass because it's no fun to be the one who is left behind.Downstairs everyone is writing on the walls and mugging for the camera. Janet is in the dining room picking at the apps. She tries the fondue and is surprised she likes it. Susan comes in to apologize about all the hard work Janet did for the party. Janet says next time they should hire a caterer since they can clearly afford it. Susan reminisces about their first, more modest housewarming party in the old neighborhood observing that times have changed. Janet says they haven't changed for her and Roger. Trina comes in and compliments Janet's "rosy perfection" salad. She offers to exchange recipes with Janet, who is pleased to get approval from the cool girl.As Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe" plays Samantha tries to get comfortable on her bed and discovers that B.J. has put the walkie talkie back under her pillow.At the library Teach and Laurie are singing along with Dylan. She says he has to pay up on a bet they made over the lyrics. They then compare arm scars. Laurie explains that she's broken her thumb twice and that she's a klutz. Teach says he doesn't see her that way. She asks how he sees her and then impulsively kisses him. He doesn't stop her.At the party Susan is drawing a window on the wall. Brad wants to know if it looks in or out and Sylvia warns Susan that Brad will psychoanalyze her. He then takes a marker and sketches a woman's face. I guess it's supposed to be Susan, and she is charmed.Trina is looking through the Janet/Susan scrapbook when Bruce comes in. Trina asks how things are between him and Susan. He says things have shifted since "that night" and that they're just trying to hold on until things settle. She says to not hold on too tight. She then asks how many women he's been with. He admits two. She smiles and he wonders if it was that obvious. She tells him to make Susan feel like she's one of a kind and they'll be fine and then kisses him on the cheek just as Roger walks in and uncomfortably says hello.Bruce tracks down Roger and says it wasn't how it looked. Roger is unconvinced. Bruce says he and Susan have been "experimenting." Roger says "you mean cheating." Then Bruce torturously explains, without saying it explicitly, that at the 4th of the July party the Deckers and the Millers, um, merged. Roger is totally freaked out.He comes out to see Susan sitting between Brad and Sylvia yukking it up and taking Sylvia's card. Susan says they should have dinner. Janet finds Roger and says it's time to go and she just wants to say goodbye. He says he's already said their goodbyes.Since we know Roger has a thing for Susan this swinging thing hits him hard. On the way out Janet notices someone has drawn a nun on the wall with her name next to it and a "killjoy" tag taped to it.Over in the Thompson basement B.J. arrives with what's left of the money to apologize to Ricky, who is cleaning up. He's sad to see Ricky throwing away their old little league trophies. Ricky shows him a trunk with all their old "fort making" stuff. They decide, even if they are too old, to make a fort.In the Miller living room the party is over and, as the Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" plays, Susan is eyeing her newly graffiti'd walls with pleasure. Bruce arrives with the video camera and stops shooting to kiss her. She tells him that from now on she wants them to be "completely open." He asks "open how?" She replies "all options on the table." Whatever one of them is feeling, good or bad, will be shared. She then takes the camera and starts shooting him as she unbuttons his shirt.In the Thompson basement B.J. looks at his and Ricky's trophies and over at his friend asleep in their fort.In the Thompson kitchen Janet is undoing leftovers while Roger drowns his sorrows in a beer.In the Decker pool Trina is making out with Brad and Tom with Sylvia. T 'n T touch hands.Laurie returns home, grabs a marker, and in a corner draws a heart with L.M.+D.S written in it.In the Miller bedroom Susan and Bruce are enjoying connubial bliss as the new video camera looks on.

Directed by Joshua Marston  

Starring Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Miriam Shor, more...

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