Cabin Fever

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Drama, USA, 2008

Synopsis "Swingtown" - "Cabin Fever" - June 26, 2008Previously On:Susan and Bruce made a pact to stay exclusive: Trina and Tom wanted to nudge them back towards swinging; Laurie kissed Teach and he didn't stop her; The Thompsons came to mend fences at the housewarming party; B.J. and Samantha got closer much to Ricky's chagrin; Susan literally tore down her wallpaper and metaphorically tore down her inhibitions; Bruce told Roger about the swinging and he was appalled; Susan changed her tune and said all options were on the table, presumably including swinging.Bruce and Susan are romping in bed giggly and post-coital. Bruce brings up the options option and mentions inviting people over. Tom is flying and telling the passengers to stretch out and mingle. He announces that he's leaving the route and going off to pilot the Tokyo route; A hot woman in red comes in to the cock pit. It's Trina, who straddles him.B.J. is watching "Land of the Lost" as Laurie pores over recipes. Bruce and Susan come down all packed up ready to head off to their cabin for the weekend. Laurie notes they're getting a late start, thinking they wanted to get a jump on the weekend. Bruce pipes up "we already did." Laurie giggles with both embarrassment and relief.Over at the Thompson house Janet is dutifully checking off items on her list for the weekend. (Bologna, Triscuits, muffin tins, oven cleaner etc.) Roger is looking forlorn as Janet asks if he's found his tackle box. Roger doesn't think it's a good idea to go. He admits he's not feeling well and tells Janet to call it off.Susan is informing Laurie of emergency numbers etc. Laurie thinks she can handle two days with B.J. and Ricky. Janet calls to cancel. The Deckers come over to pick up their mail and wonder where the Millers are going. Bruce tells them of the cabin trip in Wisconsin just as Susan arrives to inform him the Thompsons have canceled and says she's tired of playing this game with Janet since they've only moved a few blocks. She invites the Deckers saying it would be a chance to show them a good time for a change. They agree, with Tom saying he's always up for an adventure.CreditsUp at the cabin, which Susan's great-grandfather built, the quartet settles in as Susan explains it was originally set up as a church retreat. Bruce and Susan inform T n T, per tradition as newcomers, they have to jump in the lake. They go to put on their suits. Bruce asks Susan what they're doing. She advises him to not overthink it.Back at the Thompson's Roger is working on an old clock and Janet observes he's feeling better. She points out that it's not too late to salvage the weekend. He says he's happy where he is. She asks what's up with him, and that he's been weird since the party. He says they have nothing in common. She points out ten years of shared birthdays etc. He says of course they did that, they were neighbors. She argues they were more than that and if they go to the cabin and do what they always did things can change back to the way they were. Roger says it may already be too late. She doesn't accept that.Over at the Miller's B.J. is mowing the lawn as Ricky shows up to ask what self-respecting kid mows the lawn when his parents are away. (He calls him "gaywad.") Ricky wants to head to Vintage Vinyl to pick up some kick-ass Kiss bootlegs just in from Holland. Samantha leans out of her window to inquire if B.J. is done since Tinfoil Terry is trying to sleep. He invites her along to the record store excursion to Evanston. Ricky is annoyed. B.J. says to be nice since he doesn't think she has a lot of friends. Ricky is not surprised.At the lake Trina and Susan grab some rays, and some TaBs, as the guys power up the boat. Trina thanks Susan for the invite. Susan thanks her, adding she loves how spontaneous she and Tom are. She says that she planned a year in advance with Janet and she still canceled. Trina says it sounds like she's testing their friendship. Susan says Janet thinks they've changed and maybe they have, especially in the last two weeks. "You mean since our night together?" asks Trina. Susan laughs nervously. Trina asks how things are with Bruce. Susan says they're good and tells Trina that the Playboy Club pact about exclusivity has been tweaked to allow for a little more "openness" as long as they are honest about their feelings. Trina says that's the only way it works.As Tom is catching a fish he and Bruce bumble around the boat and fall in the lake.In summer school Teach is telling the kids that school is almost up. Their next assignment is to write an essay on the subjective nature of time, drawn from the writings of any of the discussed philosophers. The bell rings and Laurie heads up to tell Teach how great the assignment is since it deals with how time is really just a matter of perception "faster, slower, older, younger." Teach swallows hard and is all "Laurie I think we should talk." She agrees and hands him a note with her address and 8 o'clock written on it.The cabin quartet come inside laughing about their day of tanning and fishing. Trina heads off to the shower and Bruce counsels that the water is hot but there isn't much of it. He offers to get it started and then Tom comes up with the eco-conscious idea of getting in al ltogether. Ahead of his time that Tom Decker. Susan looks uncomfortable as the salacious "Spirit in the Sky" plays and then they all agree. Susan is literally about to make out with Tom when we hear "knock, knock, surprise!" and Janet and Roger arrive. They are the ones who are suprised.Janet would like to know what's going on, and not in a Marvin Gaye inner-city lament kind of way. Tom says "hey kids, I didn't know this weekend was going to be a three-way." Roger says it's time to go, Bruce tells him it was just a joke, and Susan wants to know what's up, I thought you weren't coming. A wet-eyed Janet snipes that she didn't realize the Millers had their replacements all lined up. Roger looks at Susan oddly. T n T offer to leave. Susan says everyone can stay. "In two bedrooms, how does that work?" asks Janet. Roger says they should go. Susan says they can work it out. They decide to stay. Janet points out they'll need more food. Roger offers to go to the market and Susan volunteers to go with. Janet wonders if anyone took the time to wipe down the kitchen.Jackhole Logan finds Laurie at the market and wonders where she's been hiding. She says she hasn't been hiding and ruefully observe how time flies. He says he came back after storming off after the play and wonders how she got home. She asks if it really matters. He offers to take her to a bonfire on the beach. She says she has to take care of her brother since her parents are out of town, and then as kindly as possible adds, but even if she wasn't she wouldn't be going to the bonfire and asks if he understands. He does. Laurie rides off.At the outdoor market Roger and Susan are picking out fish. Susan asks how Roger is. He says he had a 24-hour bug. She wants to know why they cancelled. He apologizes for crashing the party saying he knows that with them there he doubts it will be the kind of weekend she was expecting with her new friends.Tom, shirtless, is splitting wood the way they taught him in the Boy Scouts and Bruce is impressed but finds it hard to imagine Tom as a Boy Scout. Roger apologizes for the change in tenor of the weekend. Tom, the zen master, says no problem, "whatever the party is, that's the party I'm at." Bruce marvels at his easy-going nature. They start talking in water metaphors about the waves and uncharted areas Bruce and Susan are moving in to. Tom assures him that it will be smooth sailing if they keep it honest.Janet brings out some lemonade and Tom says "what's cooking, good looking?" Janet informs him, her brownies are what's cooking. If they're as good as the lemonade, Tom figures they're in for a treat. And Bruce concurs that Janet kills it in the brownie department. Janet is pleased. Tom impresses Janet with his ability to split a logjam.Bruce brings in the wood (heh-heh) and Trina is adding a "special ingredient" to Janet's brownies pointing out that they could all stand to mellow out. Susan and Roger return all weird and uptight as "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray plays in the background.B.J., Ricky, and Samantha are tramping through some bushes to the Decker pool area. Samantha calls it "freak central.'Laurie is sitting at the dinner table, one candle burning, reading a book, as she awaits, fruitlessly it turns out, for Teach.Dinner at the cabin: the whitefish is going down well but Roger is still all forlorn and there are awkward pauses. Trina notes that in the fascinating cabin journals she found an entry from 1948 that simply reads "I'm as lonesome as Topaz." That would be great aunt Sally, says Susan. More awkward pausing. Susan goes to get the brownies.Trina wonders what Aunt Sally was like. Bruce says he knows her only from legend and that she never married and was damn happy about it. "Except for the lonesome part," points out Janet who figures that Trina and Aunt Sally weren't exactly twinsies since she imagines Trina's never had a lonely moment in her life. Trina laughs and says there's plenty she doesn't know about her and that Janet should learn to control her prejudices. That, is a laugh, says Janet, especially coming from Trina. Janet accuses Trina of making the "killjoy" drawing on the wall at the Miller housewarming party. They argue.Bruce goes to help Susan with the brownies and tells her not to worry about it because it's not about her. Susan says it is and that Janet is behaving like a forgotten child and that Trina isn't making things easier. She also wonders why Roger won't look her in the eye. Bruce clears his throat and says that he probably should've told her earlier that he told Bruce about the fireworks on the 4th of July. Susan is aghast. She wonders if there's anything else she should know. He says, "um, about those brownies."Janet and Trina are still sniping as Susan slams the brownies down and lets the pot out of the bag. Janet is outraged "you laced my brownies?" Susan tells Roger they need to talk and walks out. Roger says he'll get the car and Janet says nope, they're staying, pot brownies, bitchy hussy and all. She eats a brownie.The brownies are almost all gone, Janet is cleaning the kitchen and complaining she doesn't feel anything. Bruce says it takes time but Trina says she should eat another one, which Tom counsels her against.Trina unearths games and pulls out Twister.Out by the lake Roger finds Susan. She tries to explain about the swinging, he says he's not judging her, but she points out that that's why they cancelled. Roger say he doesn't see how the Thompsons fit into the new Miller lifestyle. She says it's not a lifestyle and that as friends they should just be able to talk. He says she's friends with Janet and he with Bruce but he didn't know how to just talk to her. She understands. She asks if Janet knows. He says not from him and laughs. He tells Susan that Janet idolizes her. Susan doesn't want that, she just wants to be happy. Roger says she has a great house and family what more does she need? She says it's a good question. She asks if he's happy, and he says mostly. She is glad of it. She offers him half her pot brownie. He giggles and takes it.Laurie is scraping out her painstakingly made dinner when Teach finally shows up. She tells him he's late. He would've called but the note had no number. (What, no 411 in 1976?) He's nervous. He sees that she made dinner. She pshaws that he didn't miss much. He points out that he shouldn't be here and says what happened in the library was... Just a kiss she says, it wasn't a big deal. As her teacher he saw it as a very big deal. She points out that he's only her teacher for two more weeks. He apologizes if he led her on in any way. She says he didn't. What with the books and the Dylan, she says she practically jumped him. He says he loves her in class and thinks she's very bright but that "this" can't happen. Laurie is distracted by "Double Indemnity" on PBS' film noir week. Teach is now sad that he is a "conscientious objector" from TV. She invites him to stay and watch it with her. (This is where he should say no, but doesn't.)Over at the Decker pool B.J. and Samantha are dipping their toes and Ricky is stealing liquor. B.J. jumps in and pulls Samantha in too as Ricky downs a shot of tequila.Back at the cabin Twister is in full effect and so are the pot brownies. Janet wins and Trina kisses her hand saying she bows to the queen. Trina says if it was high school they'd be best friends. Janet gets honest and says that Trina wouldn't even be talking to her since she was exactly like she is now except in saddle shoes and Trina admits she was busy making out with bad boys. Janet giggles that she's never done anything wild and crazy in her life. Trina thinks tonight might be the night. Janet has an idea!Roger and Susan are skipping stones on the lake. Roger is showing her how to use "wrist-action" pointing out that it might come in handy at a T n T party. Bruce comes out to inform them that Janet's buzz is peaking. Roger is about to check on her when she, Tom, and Trina run out naked to skinny dip. Roger and Susan happily join as Melanie sings about her rollerskates and her "Brand New Key."Ricky is lying on a chaise, drunk, singing along with Kiss' "Shout It Out Loud" on one of his new Kiss bootlegs. B.J. observes that he's wasted and Samantha tells him to make sure he sleeps face down, adding that most girls get advice about boys and make up from their moms but she gets advice from Aluminum Allie on how not to puke in her sleep. (Is there a Hallmark card for that?) He asks if she's ever been drunk. She says no since she doesn't want to end up like her mom or anybody else in the neighborhood. He asks why she calls this place "freak central." She says she's seen the parties and he wouldn't believe it. He mentions that his parents are with the Deckers and he can't imagine them doing anything weird since they're the definition of normal. She says everything looks normal on the outside.At the cabin the towel clad couples are lounging around. Janet says she and Roger will sleep on the porch. Susan offers up girls in one room and boys in the other, like a slumber party. Janet says okay. They all trot off to bed. And then Susan says "meet me on the porch in 20 minutes" to Bruce."Double Indemnity" ends and Laurie laments that powerful women are always portrayed as evil. Teach points out that Fred MacMurray was no paragon of virtue. But, says Laurie, his bad behavior was blamed on her. She wonders why men are so paranoid. Not all men are says Teach. Laurie points out that Stanwyck had great hair. She grabs Teach's hand and says "this works you and me, but you have to go don't you?" Finally, he says that he does.Logan sees Teach leave the Miller house.Trina, Janet, and Susan lie in bed. Janet says she had a lot of fun. The others agree. Janet says she can't remember the last time she slept, actually slept, with anyone but Roger. Trina lets them in on her fears of lonesomeness in light of Tom's many upcoming nights away. Janet reassures her that she can always call them.Out on the porch, Susan meets Bruce amazed that they survived the night. Bruce points out tomorrow's another day. "There isn't really a handbook for what we're going through right now is there?" Bruce asks. She says nope. He wants to know if they're okay and she reassure him that they are.In the morning Janet and Trina are sleeping face to face. They wake up and Janet is a little concerned not knowing what she's wearing. Trina tells her that she threw her clothes in the fireplace.Samantha awakes to B.J. watching her sleep on a chaise. Ricky awakes with an aching head wondering where they are.Susan and Bruce awake on the porch to the smell of Janet making pancakes. The Thompsons are packed and ready to go. The Deckers too. So the Thompsons decide to stay. Janet wants the Deckers to stay for pancakes at least. There are raised eyebrows all around signaling a new understanding.Laurie is at the table eating cereal and smelling flowers.Susan writes down the weekend info in the log book. The Millers and the Thompsons play bridge.

Directed by Jamie Babbit  

Starring Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Grant Show, Lana Parrilla, Miriam Shor, more...

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