Sympathy for the Devil

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller/, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis And so the portal to Hell opens... this can't be good. The Devil is on his way. Our boys are trapped in the church as he arrives. Again, not good. A white light blasts from the room along with a furious noise. They're caught in a hellstorm.And then we cut to Dean and Sam on a plane. The pilot tells them they're leaving Hillchester on their way to Baltimore. Then a beam of light shoots from the ground and the plane goes into a freefall, oxygen masks falling from the ceiling.And on to Dean and Sam in the car with lots of Apocalyptic-sounding bad news on the radio. Dean tells Sam it's OK.They wonder how they ended up on the plane. They need to find Castiel.We see an apartment with blood splattered over strewn belongings. Sam and Dean check it out. Chuck jumps out at them. In his last vision Sam was "full on Vader," he says, with black eyes and everything. Chuck tells them the archangel "smote the crap" out of Cas.Sam notices something in Chuck's hair. A molar. Ew. Chuck feels someone coming.It's Zachariah. Dean blames him. But Z says they're on the same team. They want him to kill the devil. He says they have to strike Lucifer now, before he finds his vessel.Zachariah notices Dean is bleeding. Dean whirls and opens a door, revealing a sign in blood. He places his hand in middle, and blasts them away, explaining it was a "little insurance policy in case you dicks showed up." A little something Cas taught him.Back in the hotel room, Sam gives Dean a hex bag he made to keep the angels off them. He learned it from Ruby, he says with some difficulty. Dean asks how he's doing with the whole jonesing-for-demon-blood thing.Sam says he feels completely clean. Sam tries again to apologize to Dean. But there isn't much to be said. Dean says they made a mess, they'll clean it up. If it were any other hunt, they'd start with figuring out where the thing is. In this case, the devil. Oh sure.Pike Creek, DelawareA man hears weird rustling and wind blowing as his gate slams open and shut. Blackness comes.The same man wakes up in bed, covered in blood. He turns on the light and the blood is gone. He thinks he's losing his mind. He lays back down. He rolls over, but there's a bloody woman in bed with him, telling him he's chosen. She disappears.A woman writes Sam and Dean stories on her computer, implying some gayness between the brothers. Carver messages her. He says he's being watched. He needs her to get a message to Sam and Dean. She thinks he's mocking her by saying it's real. He tells her it is. Becky's on board.The boys watch the news, all bad.There's a knock at the hotel door.It's spazzy Becky. She hyperventilates a little upon seeing Sam and then touches his chest. She tells them Chuck thinks he's being watch by angels. She tells them Carver's message: "The Michael sword is on earth, the angels lost it." It's in a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs. Which makes tons of sense.But that's what he said.Becky does some more Sam touching.Bobby visits the boys, ready to talk sword of Michael. He whips out some documentation, pictures of Michael the archangel, fighting the devil. If they can fight it, they can kick the devil's a-- all over again. Bobby suggests they start reading Chuck's stuff.Bobby sees Sam go into a weird place. He starts apologizing, telling Bobby how he killed Lilith and she was the final seal. Sam says they warned him and he brought this on. Bobby says this kind of thing doesn't get forgiven; he was reckless and selfish and arrogant. Sam's sorry he started Armageddon.Bobby says if they happen to pull this off, he wants Sam to lose his number. Sam goes to a nearby church to read lore books.Bobby tells Dean, he never would have guessed their dad was right about Sam -- to save Sam or kill him. He wonders if they shouldn't have saved him.The mention of his dad sends Dean rifling through his stuff. He finds a card from John's storage. Castle Storage on 42 Rover Hill. A Castle on a hill of 42 dogs. They wonder if John had the Michael sword all this time. Bobby says that's good enough for him. Then he throws Dean across the room.He picks him up, and tosses him again. Bobby's got demon eyes.A young woman waltzes in with a body guard. It's not Ruby - it's Meg. She says every demon is after him. Then she kisses him. She says Bobby is still awake inside, screaming in there. She wants him to know how it feels slicing the life out of Dean. She hands Bobby a knife. He draws his arm back to stab Dean, who tries to reach him inside. Then Bobby swings, but instead of hitting Dean, he stabs himself and sends out the demon posessing him.Sam comes back in. New Meg whacks him. The boys take turns getting beat up on by Meg and her body guard. Dean takes the knife out of Bobby's gut and stabs the bodyguard. Before he can go after new-meatsuit Meg, the demon leaves in a cloud of black smoke.Back in Pike Creek, Nick the "chosen one" goes through a box of old baby things. He hears a baby crying on a monitor and goes into a dark room to investigate. There's an empty crib inside. But he hears a wail. He sees blood pouring from the crib onto the floor below. He sobs, tortured. The crib is empty.The boys take Bobby to the ER. Dean convinces Sam to leave right away, the demons know where the sword is and they have to beat them there. They gear up at Castle storage.Zacariah meets them there. He tells them the demons had the Michael sword in front of them the whole time. Dean doesn't know what he's talking about. Z says they did lose it for a while, but they found it. "It's you, chucklehead," he tells Dean. "You're the Michael sword."He's Michael's weapon, his receptacle. He's Michael's vessel. Z tells him it's a great honor. "Oh yeah, life as an angel condom, that's real fun, I think I"ll pass," Dean says. Zachariah has had enough of Dean's joking. He points his finger like a gun at Sam and says bang. Sam goes down with broken legs. Z says they need to start fighting Lucifer now. Dean figures there's a reason he's telling him all this. Z needs his consent. Dean says no.Zacariah says if Dean says yes they'll save Bobby, if no, he'll never walk again. Dean says no. Zacariah offers to heal Dean from stage four stomach cancer. Dean doubles over in pain and spits blood, but says no. Zacariah ups the stakes, and decides to see how Sam does without his lungs. Sam gasps for breath. Dean tells him just to kill them. Zacariah says he's just getting started.Just then there's a white light behind him and one of his angel henchmen goes down. Castiel is on the scene! He goes all Van Damme on the angels.Zacariah asks how Cas is still alive. Cas says this is a good question, like how the boys ended up on the airplane. Castiel says the answer scares Zacariah. He tells Z to put the Winchesters back together. He does, and disappears.Cas tells the boys to be more careful, not from the angels, though. Lucifer is circling his vessel and the hex bags won't be enough to protect them. Cas touches them both on the chest and they recoil in pain. He carved a protection from every angel on the planet, including Lucifer, into their ribs. Dean asks Cas if he was really dead. Yes, Cas says. When Dean asks how he's back, Cas disappears.Back with Nick in Delaware, he wakes up seeing someone in what he thinks is a dream. He recognizes her as Sara, his wife. She says she's an angel and her name is Lucifer. "Sure, naturally," he says, unshaken. "Could you do be a favor there, Satan, and remind me to quit drinkin' before I go to bed?"She tells him he's special, a powerful vessel. She wants to take control of his mind and his body. She says it'll probably be unpleasant. He'd really like to wake up now, but she assures him it's real. She says he has to invite her in. She talks to him sweetly, saying she's misunderstood for loving God too much. She reminds him that God stood idly by while a man broke into Nick's home and butchered his family, so either God is sadistic, or he doesn't care. She says she wants to hold God accountable.Nick asks if he helps her, can she bring back his family. She says she can't, but she can give him justice. She assures him she doesn't need to lie. But she does need him. Nick pictures his empty baby crib and the blood. He says yes. His house fills with a brilliant white light.In the hospital, Bobby shouts that he's not buying the diagnosis that he's not likely to walk again. Sam and Dean ask him what to do now. Dean wants to take them all on, angels and demons. He doesn't have a plan yet."What I do have is a GED and a give 'em hell attitude, I'll figure it out," Dean says.Before Sam leaves, Bobby tells him he was awake and knows what he said. He says that was the demon talking. "I ain't cutting you out, boy, not ever," Bobby says. It appears to get a little dusty in there.Outside, Sam suggests how they might start. Dean says he just said that stuff for Bobby's benefit, they don't have a chance. Dean says he can't get over that Sam chose a demon over him. He's having a hard time forgiving and forgetting. Sam asks what he can do. Honestly, nothing, Dean says. "I don't think we can ever be what we were," Dean says. He doesn't think he can ever trust Sam.

Directed by Robert Singer  

Starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Kurt Fuller, more...

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