Third Wheelin' It with Lesbians

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Comedy, USA, 2011, 23 min.

Synopsis When Christi Ann phones Joe and tells him that he has two weeks to move out and find his own place when she returns at that time, he calls Stanny to ask him to help him move out some of his belongings from Christi Ann's house. Stanny is happy to oblige, but when he arrives, he finds Darryl, a neighbor friend of Joe already helping him and an awkward scene develops as Stanny feels that he's the "third wheel" to Joe's new friendship with the clean-cut and competent Darryl, despite Joe telling him otherwise that Stanny is and always will be his one true childhood friend for life.Meanwhile, Georgia feels that she is also the third wheel to Summer and Shoot's romance when they ask her to them them clean out the garage to use it for Summer's own photo studio and they even ask her afterwords to model for a improv photo shoot. When Shoot tells them that she will be leaving town in three weeks to go to Haiti on an assignment to photograph the scene from the recent earthquake there, Summer confides in Georgia that she doesn't know what to do when Shoot leaves for Summer is really starting to feeling genuine love for her.Eventually, Stanny asks Joe to move in with him and the rest of the ladies and sleep on the living room couch until he finds his own place. Joe settles in, and soon makes a few implied flirting with Summer during and after dinner.

Directed by Joel Viertel  

Starring Johann Urb, Stevie Long, Kristen Renton, Mercedes Manning, Elvina Beck, more...

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