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Comedy, USA, 2011, 30 min.

Synopsis The Pilot shows what has changed and what is the same from Strictly Sexual (2008) the movie.In the past year since the movie, Joe and Stanny are still best friends since third grade from New York CIty. Stanny is still a struggling screenwriter who writes crime dramas. He is broke and living in his pickup truck, but expecting a check from a script that was optioned (so he claims). Joe gave up a chance to be a model in Europe to stay with designer, Christi Ann, whom has moved out of Donna's house and gotten her own place.Christi Ann is going to China on an extended business trip and wants Joe to get a job and stay in LA. Joe and Stanny meet two girls they are attracted to named Georgia and Summer, who are best friends attending a birthday party for Summer. Stanny cannot get Georgia's phone number at the party, but she takes his. Joe wishes Georgia happy birthday and plans for their photo shoot the next day for his model's book.Joe invites Stanny to live with him at Christi Ann's house until he get his script check. Stanney gets a call from Georgia while driving over to see Joe. Georgia has naked fun of sex with Stanney and asks him to leave. Stanney gets to Joe's and realizes he left his backpack at Georgia's. He and Joe drive over to get it and Georgia invites Stanney to move in and he accepts.Meanwhile, Summer is carrying on a sexual tryst with a lesbian photographer known only by her nickname Shoot. When Summer sees that Shoot is living all by herself in a cheap motel room, she asks Shoot to move in with her at Georgia's house, and Shoot accepts.

Directed by Joel Viertel  

Starring Johann Urb, Stevie Long, Kristen Renton, Mercedes Manning, Elvina Beck, more...

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