Laugh, Cry, Say Goodbye

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Comedy, USA, 2011, 26 min.

Synopsis Stanny has moved out of Georgia's house and is seemingly happy to be living in his truck at the beach, with the company of a middle-aged homeless man. When he goes to start his truck to drive to an office to offer his completed script, his truck breaks down forcing him to call Joe for help. Joe picks up Stanny to drive him to an auto parts store to buy a new battery, only when they return to the spot where Stanny's truck it, it is gone. The homeless dude tells them that it was towed away for being parked illegally. With no place to live and with his truck, script, and cell phone gone, Stanny decides to shallow his pride and asks Joe if he could stay with him for a while. Joe agrees.Meanwhile, Shoot is preparing to leave for her photo assignment to Haiti for three months, and Summer is heartbroken. Shoot invites Summer to come with her, and she agrees, but Georgia is against it for with Summer gone, she will be all alone with no friends in her house and Georgia has always been uncomfortable alone. Summer tries to explain to Georgia that what she has with Shoot is real and will only be gone a few months, but Georgia refuses to listen and tells Summer that if she leaves with Shoot, not to come back... ever. Summer leaves neverless.As Joe and Stanny arrive at Joe's loft, he has a run-in with Stanny's former sex buddy Donna (Amber Benson in a suprise cameo). Stanny hides in Joe's car, unable to face her over their breakup. Donna has just been out for a jog with Damian whom is her new boyfriend. She asks Joe about Stanny, and he tells her that Stanny is fine and he has a new place since moving out of Cheryl Ann's place. After Donna and Damian walk off, Stanny comes out of hiding and decides to change his life by writting a different script. Joe decides against going to an audition for an agent as a male model and decides to take a job at the university bookstore where he once again meets with the clerk, Autumn, whom he asks out on a date, and she agrees.Meanwhile, Shoot and Summer are driving to LAX when Summer becomes more unsure about her future. Seeing that Summer's friendship bond with Georgia is more stronger, Shoot drives back to Georgia's house and drops Summer off, telling her that their relationship can always wait and that Summer's friendship with Georgia is more important. Summer walks in and Georgia is happy to have her back, while Shoot drives alone to the airport and gets on the plane to Haiti.In the final scene, Cheryl Ann arrives back from her business trip to China and meets with Donna where it is revealed that the two of them are still close and Cheryl Ann invites Donna into her house for drinks to talk about their current relationships and about Joe and Stanny whom they apparently have known about their exploits during this entire series.

Directed by Joel Viertel  

Starring Johann Urb, Stevie Long, Kristen Renton, Mercedes Manning, Elvina Beck, more...

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