Bitter Fruit

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Action/Adventure, 1993

Synopsis Doc Nash, the medic who save Adam's life during the war comes to town to tell him that a guy they knew died. Later Doc is arrested for burglary. And Grady catches him shooting up, thinking he's a junkie but he claims he's just medicating himself. He claims he was trying to get proof that a defense contractor manufactured a biological weapon that would also kill Americans as well as the enemy. When he couldn't prove Adam has no choice but to turn him in. But he later learns from Willis that the biological weapon is true and that the drug Doc was taking is what is given to people who are exposed to it meaning that Doc is infected. So Adam tries to help him prove it.

Directed by René Bonniere, Graeme Campbell, Brad Turner, Jeff Woolnough  

Starring Carl Weathers, Bryan Genesse, Charlene Fernetz, Marcus Chong, Katherine Banwell, more...

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