Stray Cat

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Synopsis Alone and rejected in the icy Himalayan wilderness, Cat survives being mugged by a truck-driver, and escapes by stealing his truck. As she drives across the frozen wasteland, she recalls episodes from her past: how she was recruited to the 99; her phobia about rats and how she overcame it with help from the hospital worker Rabiah; how Rughal tempted her to join him. Eventually, Cat returns to Rabiah in Cairo. In Seville, two new stone bearers arrive - Ivana, from Russia and Heinz, from Germany. Ramzi asks Nawaf and Dana to tell them all about the 99's conflicts with Rughal, testing if this will deter the youngsters. With Rabiah's encouragement, Cat returns to Seville, but only to warn Ramzi that Rughal now has the nine Noor stones he needs for a triad of triads. Ramzi knows there isn't a lunar eclipse for another two years, so he's not worried. That's when Cat reveals that Mindo has found a way to create an artificial lunar eclipse.

Directed by Dave Osborne  

Starring Andrew Barbosa, Eric Boehm, Christa Clahone, Emily Coutts, Daniel Davis, more...

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