Stolen Pleasures

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Drama, USA, 1927, 58 min.

Synopsis Each of two married couples--John and Doris Manning and Herbert and Clara Bradley--separate as the result of arguments. Bradley meets Doris and offers to take her to the city, but they are caught by a storm and forced to seek shelter in a roadhouse. Guy Summers, a lounge lizard, calls on Clara Bradley and induces her to attend a party with him, but he takes her to the same roadhouse. There, in a private room, he tries to seduce her, but she escapes when the roadhouse catches fire. Manning denounces his wife for going there and accuses Bradley of cheating with his wife. But Mrs. Bradley stops the battle by explaining that she was present that night and that their visit was entirely innocent.

Directed by Phil Rosen  

Starring Helene Chadwick, Gayne Whitman, Dorothy Revier, Ray Ripley, Harland Tucker

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