Time Heals: Part 2

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Drama, 1986, 60 min.

Synopsis Morrison still tries to find out what is wrong with Terence O'Casey and is frantic as to where his son is. We also get to see how in 1936 Westphall whole family was killed in an accident. And in 1945 Westphall was so unruly that Father McCabe resorts to an unusual tactic to straighten him out. Also Auschlander arrives and has to deal with anti-Semitism and meets the woman whom he would later marry. Also O'Casey's parents come to visit their new born daughter who is sick. And in 1956 Craig a resident who was acting like Ehrlich was learning under the eye of Dr. Domedion. And McCabe learns that the hospital is being turned over to city so he is being relieved of his duties as hospital administrator. And the O'Casey's daughter is in critical condition. Which gives Morrison the clue as to what is wrong with his patient.

Directed by Mark Tinker  

Starring Ed Flanders, Norman Lloyd, Ed Begley Jr., Stephen Furst, Mark Harmon, more...

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