St. Elsewhere

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Drama, USA, 1982, 60 min.

Synopsis This hour-long dramatic series featured life at St. Eligius Hospital, headed by Drs. Donald Westphall and Daniel Auschlander. Every year, new residents would walk down the halls of St. Eligius; learning to deal with perfectionist Cardiovascular Surgeon Mark Craig was only the beginning of the way the hospital and its interesting patients would change their lives forever.

Directed by Leo Penn, Victor Hsu, Charles Braverman, Linda Day, David Morse, William Daniels, Tim Matheson, Robert Becker, Nicholas Mele, Ron Abbott, Peter Medak, John Heath, Helaine Head, Mark Tinker, Janet Greek, Bethany Rooney, Kevin Hooks, Thomas Carter, Michael Fresco, Allan Arkush, Victor Lobl, David Anspaugh, Bruce Paltrow, Eric Laneuville, Bill Molloy  

Starring Ed Begley Jr., William Daniels, Howie Mandel, David Morse, Christina Pickles, more...

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