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Directed by
Susan Lacy

Produced by
Susan Lacy
Jessica Cohen
Emma Pildes

Ed Marritz
Samuel Painter

Steven Spielberg Himself
Martin Scorsese Himself - Director
Richard Dreyfuss Himself - Actor
Bill Butler Himself - Cinematographer
John Williams Himself - Composer
David Edelstein Himself - Film Critic
Michael Phillips Himself - Producer
Nancy Spielberg Herself - Sister
Anne Spielberg Herself - Sister
Janet Maslin Herself - Film Critic
Leah Adler Herself - Parent
J.J. Abrams Himself - Director
Sid Sheinberg Himself - Former President of MCA Inc. / Universal
James Brolin Himself - Actor
David Geffen Himself - Co-Frounder of Dreamworks SKG
Roger Ernest Himself - College Friend
Steven Bochco Himself - TV Writer / Producer
George Lucas Himself - Director / Producer
Francis Ford Coppola Himself - Director
Vilmos Zsigmond Himself - Cinematographer
Brian De Palma Himself - Director
Tony Kushner Himself - Screenwriter
Bob Balaban Himself - Actor
Tom Hanks Himself - Actor
Drew Barrymore Herself - Actor
Peter Coyote Himself - Actor
Melissa Mathison Herself - Screenwriter
Leonardo DiCaprio Himself - Actor
A.O. Scott Himself - Film Critic
Kathleen Kennedy Herself - Producer
Harrison Ford Himself - Actor
Tom Stoppard Himself - Writer
Walter F. Parkes Himself - Producer
Oprah Winfrey Herself - Actor
Frank Marshall Himself - Producer
Christian Bale Himself - Actor
Liam Neeson Himself - Actor
Ralph Fiennes Himself - Actor
Ben Kingsley Himself - Actor
Janusz Kaminski Himself - Cinematographer
Michael Kahn Himself - Film Editor
Annette Insdorf Herself - Film Historian
Dennis Muren Himself - Visual Effects Supervisor
David Koepp Himself - Screenwriter
Laura Dern Herself - Actor
Jeff Goldblum Himself - Actor
Rick Carter Himself - Production Designer
Robert Zemeckis Himself - Director
Ron Meyer Himself - Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal
Laurie MacDonald Herself - Producer
Cate Blanchett Herself - Actor
Holly Hunter Herself
Jeffrey Katzenberg Himself - Co-Founder of Dreamworks SKG
Dustin Hoffman Himself
Lawrence Kasdan Himself - Director
Daniel Day-Lewis Himself - Actor
Sally Field Herself - Actor
Doris Kearns Goodwin Herself - Author of Team of Rivals
Todd McCarthy Himself - Film Critic
Tom Cruise Himself - Actor
Eric Bana Himself - Actor
Daniel Craig Himself - Actor
Adam Somner Himself - Assistant Director
Joan Crawford Herself
Goldie Hawn Herself
Amy Irving Herself
Marcia Lucas Herself
Dan Rather Himself
Dinah Shore Herself

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