Widening Gyre

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Jax wakes up in bed with the porn chick.Tara walks into the club. Opie (Ryan Hurst) tries to stop her, saying Jax isn't there but she doesn't believe him and walks in to see Jax with the porn chick. Tara doesn't say anything and leaves.Jax tells the porn chick to leave. Opie tells his girlfriend Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) to get the porn chick out of there, implying they wouldn't have the problem if she had a better class of friends.As she is exiting in her car, Tara sees Lyla slap her porn colleague for not keeping her hands off of Jax.Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) visits Gemma, informing her he's transporting her to the county jail. He also tells her had no warning on the club raid, but she doesn't believe him.Opie checks in with Jax. Jax asks him if he would have done things differently with his late wife Donna knowing what it was like to be married and in the club. Doesn't sound like it. Opie opines that it'll take more than a porn chick to scare Tara off.They join the club table meeting to talk about getting Abel back. SAMBEL is supposed to pick them up at the port. They don't know if O'Neill can be trusted. Clay's going to check with McGee. Chibs reports that Fiona (Bellina Logan) thinks Jimmy is gunning to kill Father Ashby of the IRA. They worry about coming up against the IRA over there.In Ireland, Jimmy hears that SAMCRO is on the way over.Jax visits Gemma, telling her they're leaving that afternoon to get Abel. She's worried about how much of his life she's going to miss being in prison. He promises her she's not going to jail. She warns him how much trouble he'll be in with the club if they find out he's dealing with Stahl.Clay joins them. Jax asks Gemma to let Maureen Ashby know they're coming and fish for info.Tig and Bobby report the Grim Bastards need help. Jax and Clay go to Lodi and meet with leader T.O. (Michael Beach) who's sitting at a kitchen table next to his friend's corpse. In addition to being shot to death. it has a knife through the skull. They assume the Calveras did it. They want to retaliate. But Clay says they have to go through Marcus Alvarez.Clay and three of the Grim Bastards go visit Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) and the Mayans at a picnic. They tell him Salazar must have done it and they want him punished. Salazar is there and watches them talk.Mayans discuss it among themselves and lead Salazar into the bathroom where the Sons and a trio of Grim Bastards are waiting. Alvarez mediates, putting a gun to Salazar's head. When he won't talk, Clay puts his gun to Salazar's head as well and informs him that someone's body "will hit the floor within a minute," Salazar apologetically points out one of his guys, who T.O. promptly shoots through the forehead. Then Alvarez lets the Sons strip Salazar off his colors. Alvarez appoints a new head of the Calavarez. It's good enough for the Grim Bastards. Jax tells Alvarez they're heading out of town for about a week, which information, a disgraced and angry Salazar, on the bathroom floor, overhears.Gemma tries to work up to calling Maureen Ashby. She tells Mo SAMCRO is on their way. Mo promises to help. Gemma tells Mo that Jax doesn't know about John over there. Mo says her daughter Trinity doesn't either. Then she realizes Gemma has no idea what she's talking about. Gemma puts the pieces together, assuming Trinity must be Jax's half-sister, and pukes into the trashcan.Mo takes out a photo of her, Trinity and John Teller in Belfast from 1988.Mo is interrupted by Jimmy's wife Fiona knocking at her door with an injured kid. She's worried about what Jimmy will do to her for running, but Mo tells her the Americans will deal with him.Tara checks on Gemma. She mentions Tara's pregnancy; Tara tells her about Jax and the porn chick. Gemma says he's just blaming himself for what happened with Abel and he wouldn't be doing it if he knew she was pregnant. But Tara makes her promise not to tell. Gemma wants something in return.At Mo's house, they tend to the injured kid who has lost an eye in an abortive IRA attack against the constabulary. Father Kellan Ashby (James Cosmo) drops by. Fiona blames Jimmy. Mo tells him SAMCRO is on the way. He says he can keep Fiona safe from Jimmy.Jax goes home and finds Tara packing up. He apologizes to her - she congratulates him for pushing her away. He tries again to say he's trying to keep her safe, but she says that's an excuse so he can feel good about bailing. Across the street, Salazar and his girlfriend watch Tara drive away.Hospital administrator Margaret Murphy (McNally Sagal) visits Gemma, wanting help trying to separate Tara from the club. Gemma says Tara's problems with Jax aren't about the club.At the club, they break up to head for the airport. Lyla comes to talk to Opie; he apologizes for earlier. They exchange awkward I love you's.At the hospital, Unser arrives to see Gemma convulsing. Tara oversees her getting in an ice bath then finds a reason for everyone to leave the room.Tara tells her it's clear and Gemma gets up. They head for the exit, calling Jax who's right outside. Tara tells Gemma she gave her enough meds for a few weeks, then gives her cash and car keys. Gemma promises she won't tell about the pregnancy, but urges Tara to wait until Jax gets back from Ireland to decide what she's going to do. Gemma hugs her goodbye and leaves.Margaret Murphy finds Tara and doesn't believe that she had nothing to do with Gemma escaping. Tara tells her about Cameron kidnapping Jax's son in front of her. Tara thanks Margaret for trying to help her. She punches Tara, then hands her an ice pack. "They'll never believe Gemma didn't slug you," she explains.Jax, Clay and Tig meet Gemma outside, but as they're walking away Unser stops them. Tig pulls a gun, so Unser pulls his. After a brief stand-off, Gemma calls him a traitor and they walk away. Unser makes a call.Jax, Clay and Gemma drive away as Tig takes the tow truck to give the cops something to chase.At the hospital, Margaret helps Tara sell her story to Unser and the other cops.The Tellers and Clay pull up to the airport. McGee calls Clay from Ireland, saying he's made arrangements. Clay asks him if Liam O'Neill is on Jimmy's side, McGee assures him he's not. O'Neill assures them Jimmy doesn't know they're coming. Then Jimmy pulls up with Liam and briefs him on SAMCRO's arrival. Jimmy says they won't be in Ireland long.The Belfast-bound SAMCRO party of 10 boards Oswald's cargo plane.

Directed by Bill Gierhart  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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