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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Jax sits in the church and thinks about Father Ashby's plan to have him kill Jimmy.He calls Agent Stahl, asking if she's heard of Kellen Ashby, the priest. She knows he's a friend of "the army." He tells her what Ashby wants. She reminds him she needs Jimmy alive for their deal. Stahl gets off the phone and lies about the call to her girlfriend, fellow agent Tyler. When Stahl leaves the room, Tyler checks her phone.Mo looks at old photos of her and John Teller.Jax reports back to the club, explaining that Jimmy wants Abel as leverage against Father Ashby trying to kill him. Jax says it's not as simple as killing Jimmy -- he doesn't trust any of them.Clay says they have to find Jimmy and trade him for Abel. They won't tell the Belfast club for now.There's a protection run for guns today and Jimmy will be at the pick-up.The guys leave for naps and Gemma tells Jax that she worries about the plan. She doesn't care about him doing the right thing -- she's all for Irish blood if it gets Abel safe.Back in the Charming hospital, the other prospect listens to Unser talk to Lumpy about who attacked him. Unser tells him clearly SAMCRO can't protect him. Lumpy tells him what Hector Salazar said about not messing with the Mayans.Chibs, Kozik and Piney come in. "Let him rest, I think you guys have helped enough," Unser tells them.Tig doesn't understand why Alvarez would break their deal. Lumpy says there's too much damage, he has to sell.In the hall, Kozi loudly tells Tara the guys made it to Belfast and Tig jumps on him for broadcasting the news. As they walk away, Kozi references his beef with Tig to Piney: "You do realize one of us is going to end up dead, right?"In Belfast, the Charming Sons tells the Belfast lads they want to go on the run to talk to Jimmy. O'Neil and McGee listen and agree.Leaving the hospital, Kozi, Piney and Tig run into Darby. He's coming to visit to Lumpy. He tells them he's retired. Tig tells them what happened to Lumpy. Darby says he doesn't know who beat up Lumpy. Darby says they won't believe him if he told them who did.Piney and Tig tell Unser that Jacob Hale paid Darby to go after Lumpy and he must have paid someone else. Unser thinks they're making it up just trying to get back at Hale.Outside, Kozi has confirmed with Alvarez that he had nothing to do with Lumpy. Piney and Tig realize it had to be Salazar.O'Neil calls Jimmy to tell him SAMCRO is coming on the gun run. O'Neil thinks SAMCRO is suspicious of him. Jimmy tells his goon to arrange things at the barn.The two Sons clubs mount up. Father Kellen stops by with Fiona and Carrie Anne to send them off. They ride.After a while they run into another police road block. O'Neil says it's legit and routine. McGee pays them off then says they'll go first, then the Sons can ride through after. Jax is wary, but Clay drives through. The police ask for IDs then let them through.At Mo's, Fiona tells Gemma that she was right, her going to Chibs in Charming started everything. Gemma asks about Father Kellen.Just then, the guy who's protecting them is shoved into the room by Jimmy and his associate, who promptly shoots the guy in front of everyone. Trinity hears screaming from down in the store and grabs a gun.Fiona tells Jimmy she's not going with him, but he threatens to kill Gemma. She agrees. Mo surreptitiously grabs a knife from the kitchen table. Carrie Ann asks for her iPod and Jimmy sends his sidekick to get it -- but he runs into Trinity in the hallway. She shoots at him. Mo grabs the knife and stabs Jimmy in the hand, Gemma picks up the gun he drops.Gemma gets the associate to drop the gun and get on the floor then tells Mo to get the girls out of there. Fiona asks her what she's going to do. Gemma's ready to shoot, so Fiona puts a gun to her head and tells her she's protecting her. She takes Gemma's gun then tells Jimmy if he comes for her again she'll kill him.When Fiona puts down the gun, Gemma punches her and Fiona slugs her back. Fiona tells Gemma if she killed Jimmy his crew would wipe out Gemma's whole family.Clay and the Sons arrive at the barn for the guns. O'Neil and McGee wonder why they haven't heard from Jimmy. Jax asks O'Neil where Jimmy is.At the hospital, Tara tells Margaret, the administrator she's having an abortion that night. She accepts her offer of a ride.Back at the barn, Jax tells Juice and Hap to keep an eye on O'Neil. McGee gets a call. Mo tells him Jimmy's in Belfast.Just then the doors to the barn are chained shut by some Irish kids and the Sons are trapped inside.The army guys start their truck and burst through the barn door. They all get clear just in time as O'Neil blows the truck and all the Sons are knocked down.Lying on the ground, Jax thinks he sees his dad talking to him. Clay helps him up. One of the Belfast Sons is badly wounded and several are dead in the wrecked truck.Jax asks O'Neil where he was and he claims he was going to the bathroom. He and O'Neil are both OK. They clear out.Unser sits down with Jacob Hale, who shows concern for Lumpy and asks about leads. He tells him he might not be able to sway the city council to keep Charming PD if Unser doesn't show some in the "Win column." Hale runs into his mayoral opponent Oswald on the way out and makes a show for mentioning Oswald's affiliation with the Sons.Oswald sits down with Unser. He says the idea of Mayan retaliation doesn't make sense and he saw Clay and Alvarez make nice. Oswald tells Unser to check out the stretch of Liberty Street.The women regroup in the church with Father Kellen. The man Jimmy killed was a good friend of his. He sits down with Gemma, who says he should just tell her where Abel is. He tells her he's just trying to keep his promises to her family, including John Teller.She's not sympathetic, given that she watched Tommy go into a coma while John was shacking up with Kellen's sister Mo.Tig and Kozi go with Piney to bust down Salazar's doors. He's not home.Unser looks at the list of investors for the group buying up Liberty street.As Jacob Hale leaves work, Salazar pulls up and tells him to get in. Hale leaves his briefcase by his car and gets in. Salazar wants to know where to find Tara. When Hale refuses, Salazar's girlfriend uses her smart phone to play back the conversation they just had in which Hale admitted hiring Salazar to scare Lumpy."This is blackmail," Hale says. "Yeah, I got an app for that, homes," Salazar says.Back in Belfast, Bobby suggests Chibs take Fiona and Carrie Anne back to Charming on Oswald's next plane. But he doesn't want to force his daughter to leave her home. Chibs wants to kill Jimmy instead. Jax agrees.Cut to Jax outside calling Stahl. She says there are no ties on paper between Kellen and the Army. He gives her the name Liam O'Neil and tells her he's pretty sure that Liam tried to blow them up today.Trinity joins Jax for a smoke. He puts his arm around her. Gemma sees them.Margaret drives Tara to her appointment and they're rear-ended on the way there. They get out to check and the driver is Salazar's girlfriend. He gets out and they both pull guns. Tara says the other woman is just a supervisor, but they check her back and find a huge biker tat - much to Tara's surprise. They force the women into the car.

Directed by Stephen T. Kay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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