The Culling

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 70 min.

Synopsis Everyone prepares for what's to come. The club packs up their families. Unser packs up his office. The guys openly carry assault rifles at the garage, standing watch. Everyone arrives. Jax orders the place locked down. Unser is there.The clubhouse is packed with women, children (major "Shield" alum bonus sighting: Kenny "Lemonhead "Johnson is there!).Clay addresses the group, telling them the club has some business to handle that could put members and family in unfriendly situations. Looking at Gemma, he says people have already been hurt on his watch, and he's not going to let that happen again.Piney's in charge of safety, Gemma's in charge of hospitality.The guys hunker down around the table, figuring they can't get at the AKs because Stahl is watching. Chibs is still worrying about her telling Jimmy O that he ratted. Clay promises his family is safe. Unser listens, included in club business.Jax thinks they have a way to get their guns and convince Jimmy who the real rat is. Unser shows them surveillance photos of Weston with Edmund and Cameron, whom they plan to tag as rats.As Half-Sack is leaving, Clay asks him what happened. His body rejected his implant. When he leaves Clay checks with the other guys on how they feel about him officially joining. Good.A guy (Kenny Johnson) from Tacoma is there to help, but clearly has past history with Tig.Jax, Opie and Juice pay Weston a visit, telling him his fearless leader is dealing heroin with the Mayans and the AKs went to them to protect their stash on the street. Jax tells him about seeing them leave a meeting with Alvarez with a duffel full of heroin. They mention that maybe he's been left out of a lot of private meetings lately. They leave him to let that idea fester.Chibs meets with his wife Fiona at a rest stop, telling him that the Feds might be closing in on Jimmy. He tells her he's got someone keeping watching over their daughter back home and he needs her to come with him. She isn't inclined to go, but he says he loves her and just wants to protect his family. And then they're making out in a public restroom.Clay and the guys meet with Jimmy O, telling him ATF is watching him. They show him the surveillance photos, telling him they got them from their man in Charming PD. They tell him his own guys ratted him out. He asks for their solution.Cut to Edmund sealing up boxes of AKs in his house. There's a knock at the door. It's Polly Zobelle, angry he cut off her father's gun supply. She distracts him by sucking on his face.At the club, a woman brings Tara coffee and Gemma tells Tara that people feel the need to show her respect as Jax's old lady. The club means something around town and she does too, because of him.Clay, Jax and the guys sit down with the heads of the Asian and black gangs, making the pitch to stop Alvarez and the Mayans. Clay tells them about Zobelle's involvement. They propose taking out Zobelle and helping them get the Mayan's territory. They're in.Weston goes to the warehouse to check on the AKs and finds them mostly gone. He starts to make a call but hears voices. He creeps around and finds Zobelle's new right hand guy and a few women packing heroin in orange crates.He pauses for a moment then busts in, immediately killing the women. The guy starts to tell him the heroin is sanctioned by Zobelle, but as soon as he says the word Mexicans Weston blows his head off.Back in the club, Chuck the compulsive masturbator gets his burn wounds treated by Tara. He dropped by with some eyewitness intel on the fire.There were three or four with Aryan ink. He heard someone call one something like "Weston." Bobby points out the arson accusation has prevented them from collecting on insurance so they should clear that up.With Chuck gone, Jax suggests to Unser and the guys that they may need help inciting Weston now that's he's freelancing without Zobelle.ATF watches Polly leave Edmund's. Stahl checks with Edmund, to see that he's going to follow through on giving up his dad then Jimmy. She says as long as she gets Jimmy and Clay, he and his dad can walk. She checks that he knows the deal, and warns him if he pulls anything, she'll bury him.Polly returns to her dad's cigar store. He takes her hand and smells Edmund on her. She says she was checking on their guns, and he wonders how this involved her getting in bed with him.They're interrupted by a very ticked off Weston barging in, accusing Zobelle of selling the guns to the Mexicans. He pulls a gun and tells Zobelle his other number two is dead. He shows Zobelle the brick of heroin he took from the warehouse. Zobelle tries to placate him by saying controlling the drugs is necessary to control the town.As he's talking, Polly reaches under the counter and pulls out a gun. Zobelle tells everyone to calm down. Weston is mad at Zobelle for going against their cause. He leaves, saying Zobelle makes him sick.Weston gets a call from his son.Zobelle tells his daughter to call Hale and tell him someone threatened her life. He gives her a slightly-less-than-fatherly kiss on the lips and tells her he's going to secure new protection.Weston arrives at the court house to find his 10 and 6 year old sons being put in a child services van. The social worker says leaving them alone with guns is unconscionable and that he won't get them back until after a hearing.Watching, Hale asks Unser if he had anything to do with it. Unser assures him he's just protecting the kids.Jax rides up and rubs Weston's face in it. Weston calls him a name and Jax says at least he's not a rapist. They arrange to meet later, each group's ten best guys, no weapons. Weston agrees. Hale knows something is up.Hale has just heard about the drug house killing and thinks Clay is behind it. Unser tells him SAMCRO is too smart for that.Back in the station, Chuck finishes giving his account of the porn warehouse arson and heads out.Hale tells a deputy to watch the SAMCRO clubhouse and tail Jax and Clay if they leave.Tara drives Gemma. She thinks Gemma seems better, more at peace. Gemma notices her dashboard virgin Mary and asks Tara if she believes in God. Gemma thinks Tara shouldn't let anyone keep her from being the healer she was meant to be. Gemma thinks God wants her to be a fierce mother.Jimmy and some of his guys pull up to Edmund's, where a stash of AKs is laid out on the table. Jimmy asks where Cameron is.From her surveillance car, Stahl says they'll follow Jimmy and the other team should get Edmund. Chuck walks around the neighborhood putting fliers on car windshields. When ATF leaves following Jimmy's SUV, he makes a call announcing it's all clear.Jax and a dozen guys ride up in front of the house. They knock on the garage and Jimmy O -- not in the SUV ATF is following -- opens it for Clay, handing over the guns.Jimmy saunters over to Chibs and tells him, darkly, that he's glad they could get past their differences. Then he thanks Chibs for looking out for Fiona. He knows they met up. Chibs says if anything happens to her, he'll kill Jimmy. The guys finish loading the guns.Stahl and ATF follow the SUV they think has Jimmy O in it to Cameron's store. A dozen SAMCRO guys pull up and go in. Stahl orders her guys to go.They swarm the store and storm in, guns drawn, getting the SAMCRO guys down on the floor. An ATF guy presents the Jimmy O stand in: Jose.She asks them where Jimmy O is. When Chibs says "Jimmy who?" she slaps him hard. An ATF guy brings in Edmund and Stahl orders someone to open a box that they think has AKs in it. Instead, there are two dead rats. Edmund gets the message.SAMCRO leaves and Stahl throws Edmund into a counter and asks what happened. He says Jimmy happened and now, thanks to her, he and his dad are dead men.At the hospital, Tara finishes up her charts. The administrator sees her and says those should have already been done. Then she adds that after next week, Tara might not have to worry about paperwork anymore.Tara pauses for a moment, then says she pities her and calls her a stupid and lazy cheap suit. The administrator says Tara's true colors are coming through, and references Tara's "biker whore" friend. Tara gives the woman a good shove and she freaks out, saying she's calling security for assault. Tara says that wasn't assault. Then she slugs her, showing her what assault really is. Tara hauls her to her feet and tells her she knows where she lives and where her kids go to school. She takes out her gun and checks it, saying SAMCRO runs the town and if she says a word of this to anyone, it'll be the last mistake she makes. As the woman cowers, bloody, Tara suggests she drop the "bogus" claim against her.The guys say goodbye to their women at the club and hit the bikes. Gemma comforts Lyla and Tara and rounds everybody up to head inside.The guys speed down the highway to the meeting place on the outskirts of town.Night has fallen. They wait. They see lights approaching, cars full of Aryans. They get out with automatic weapons. "Whatever happened to ten on ten, no weapons?" Clay asks, unsurprised. "Fair's for losers," Weston says, "I'd rather win." "Yea," says Jax, smiling, "me too."Laroy and the black gang and all of the Asian gang come out of the woods, armed to the teeth. Clay tells Weston to put his weapons down. After a minute, they do. Then they stick to the plan. The SOA rush the Aryans, with Jax personally taking on Weston. Tig gets a solid bite of somebody's ear. The club is winning when sirens approach. The armed gangs take off. The fight breaks up. Jax shoves Weston, telling him they're not done yet. Hale pulls up as Weston's guys speed off. He finds Weston and the Sons, both of whom tell him there's nothing going on.Then Hale arrests Weston for the porn warehouse arson. Clay tells Tig to call Unser and move on the cigar store.Cut to Unser strolling into the store, turning the sign to closed. He talks to Polly, who's nervous to see him.Two deputies return to the sheriffs station and Hale is surprised to see them there. Unser cut them lose.Back at the shop, Clay, Jax and some guys confront Polly, asking where her dad is. When she says she doesn't know, Clay slaps the woman who set up his wife to get gang raped and threatens to kill her if her dad doesn't show up. He runs his gun up her leg and Unser tells him to back off.Zobelle walks in. Clay starts by saying he wants to talk outside Charming, but Zobelle says if he wants to kill him, he can do it there. Clay seems happy to oblige and forces Zobelle to his knees with his gun at the back of Zobelle's head as Unser watches.Just then Hale and his deputies bust in. Calmly, Zobelle tells him what's going on and asks that that the Sons be arrested. But Unser tells Hale nothing illegal has happened and nothing will. As his superior officer, he orders Hale and his men to leave.They turn to go when Zobelle tells Hale that he and Polly have drugs under the counter. A deputy pulls out the brick of heroin Weston brought by earlier. Zobelle shouts for Hale to arrest them. Hale thinks about it, looking at Jax, but arrests them. As he's being cuffed, Jax leans in to Zobelle and tells him they're going to kill him.

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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