Small Tears

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis Gemma lies bloody and broken in the warehouse after her vicious gang rape. Chief Unser finds her car outside the warehouse and goes to investigate. Gemma's alone. He bangs on the door then shoots it open and goes in. He finds her.He heard a description of her car on the radio in an anonymous tip. She won't tell him anything. She doesn't want to go to the hospital. She calls Tara.Tara meets her. She won't tell Tara what happened either. She doesn't want to check into the hospital, everyone will know. Tara suggests a way to keep her off the records, using baby Abel as cover, saying they're running tests on him. Gemma doesn't want anyone to know -- not Clay, not Jax. Unser leaves the women alone. Tara takes Gemma's hand.At the club after Bobby's homecoming party there are drunk and half naked people passed out everywhere. Tig's cell phone rings. He rolls the naked woman off him and goes to get Clay. It's Alvarez, the Mayan leader. He thinks the Niners killed his guy, who, he says, was found holding up nine fingers. He wants guns. But Clay says they're tapped.Off the phone, Clay's ticked that the SOA carved into the dude's stomach is gone and it was made to look like the Niners. He and Tig figure it had to be Jax.Unser drives Gemma's car to a construction site and lets it crash. Another magical day to be alive, he says.Clay and Tig meet with the Niners. They think the Mayan's killed their own guy. They agree they're in it with SAMCRO. Across the street, Weston snaps pictures of them talking. The Niners want guns. Clay says OK. Chief Unser rolls up. Weston snaps more pictures.Unser runs off the Niners. He tells Clay that Gemma ran her car off the road last night.Tara takes Gemma home for clothes and finds Nita the nanny is there. Gemma picks up the baby to take him as cover to the hospital. Tara pointedly tells Nita that both Gemma and the baby need to go. Nita knows something is up.Tara examines Gemma privately at the hospital and tells her she'll heal, but she'll need antibiotics to prevent against STDs. The Sons gather in the waiting room. Unser stops by and tells Gemma the story about her crashing her car. She's not ready to see Clay yet. Tara goes to handle it. Gemma tells Unser her rape wasn't about her. "Those animals" did it to hurt Clay and Jax. "If anyone finds out, they win. I can't let that happen," she says with steely resolve. Unser asks who "they" is, but she says it doesn't matter.Tara tells Jax his mother is fine. She manages to hold it together as he ironically tells her how much he appreciates her wanting to know the truth about the club.Tara tells Clay that Gemma is banged up, but will be OK. Nita the nanny hears the story.When she leaves, Clay mentions to Jax how the dead body was found. Jax says he made a decision for the good of the club.Jax goes to meet with Otto in prison (series creator Kurt Sutter). He says there's some sort of inner turmoil in the white supremacy world. But that's not why he called. His woman Luann is having problems with the ATF for her role in laundering their money, they seized her assets. Otto says Luann needs time and money to get her porn op set up somewhere else. He makes Jax promise Luann wont have to go back in front of the camera.Weston creeps around the hallways of the hospital and sees Clay happily playing with his grandson. Weston goes to report to Zobelle that Gemma didn't tell them. Zobelle's confident she'll unravel. If not, it will appear they underestimated her, he says.Clay visits Gemma. She's jumpy and trying to fake being OK. She says they need to do more x-rays, it'll be awhile. She tells him she's fine. He leaves and she holds back tears.The ATF agents take Luann's stuff as she tries to convince her talent not to flee to the competition, Georgie Caruso. She needs the money she loaned SAMCRO back, but they don't have it. Instead, Jax says he'll get Georgie to back off. The boys go visit the porn maker.Jax tells Georgie (Tom Arnold) to leave Luann's actors alone. They're turning to leave when a very hungover Bobby pauses to give one of Georgie's muscle the stink eye. Then Bobby barfs all over him. They leave.Opie helps Tig put the guns together for sale to the Niners. Tig asks Opie how he's doing with everything and tells him about losing a girlfriend in an accident once. Tig tells Opie that he's not alone.Gemma and Nita try to leave the hospital, but Gemma turns when she sees Luann on the way out. She doesn't want to answer her questions. They go wait in the chapel. Nita tells Gemma gently but insistently that at some point she's going to ask her some questions. Gemma understands.Jax finds Luann with one of her girls in the hospital waiting room. Georgie beat her up. Jax is furious and shouts Luann down when she tells him not to do anything. He tells Chibs to call the boys, it's baseball time.Jax and the boys bust up Georgie mid-shoot, wielding shotguns and bats. They beat everything to hell, sparing the actors. Jax makes his point to Georgie.Back at the club, Jax suggest to the guys that they partner with Luann in the porn biz. After all, they have an empty warehouse just sitting there now that they had to move their guns. Jax suggests it's a legit business. The guys like the idea of going into the porn business.Luann drops by the warehouse. At first she thinks Jax brought her there to hurt her. He reassures her he's not going to "Adriana her." (Which is funny because Drea de Matteo -- Adriana on The Sopranos -- plays his baby mama on this show.) He tells Luann he's giving her a space.That night, Clay and the boys meet with the Niners for their gun transaction. As they finish the deal outside, there's a hail of bullets. Bobby gets hit in the shoulder. It's the Mayans. They roll up to steal the guns. Clay tells the Niners to let them have them, they've got more. Opie, who still blames the Mayans for Donna's death, doesn't duck for cover but instead walks straight into the fire, shooting at least two Mayans. They drive off.Alvarez talks to someone on the phone, telling them their information was good. When he hangs up, we see it was Zobelle.Tara visits Gemma at home. Tara tells her she needs to talk to someone about what happened. "That's why I've got you," Gemma says.It's 10 p.m., but Nita's still there. Gemma goes to say something to Nita, but Tara interrupts. The boys called about Bobby.Tara and Gemma go to the clubhouse. Bobby's in pain, but OK. Gemma gingerly walks around.Clay tells Jax that his setting up the dead Mayan caused the shooting. Clay tells him what he did was about the club, always. He tells Jax not to make it personal.Jax finds his mom on the roof. They sit together and take in the city.

Directed by Stephen T. Kay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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