Poor Little Lambs

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, 2014, 51 min.

Synopsis Jax meets with Ron Tully in a prison meeting room and has a coded conversation about dog food to make a deal for the club's stolen Asian heroin. Tully out a phone to call an associate, and only then explains he bought the room and the cameras aren't on. They're talking in code because, "I miss my dogs." "I'm guessing German Shepherds," Jax says.At preschool, Gemma drops Abel off for his first of preschool and she meets his teacher, Mrs. Harrison (Courtney Love.) She also pauses to threaten another parent who honks at her for taking too long.At Diosa, Collette is in for the day to help with the books. She's hoping to run into Jax.Driving home, Gemma talks to Tara, knowing preschool is what she would want. She hopes Thomas might be a doctor like his mom, but thinks that Abel is his father's son is and "knows his tribe."In his hotel room, with the shower running, Juice talks out loud about his loyalty. Unser and Wendy come by and, after hearing him talking to himself and seeing his guns laid out on the dresser, worry that things are going to end badly for Juice.Jax meets with the club in preparation for the meet with Tully's man, Leland.Tyler drops by the warehouse. He tells Jax that August is freaking out about Lin's massage parlors being robbed by guys posing as part of Marks' crew (the Sons, but Jax doesn't tell Tyler that). August is worried about his contract for a huge government housing project in Piedmont, the one where his partner is MIA -- he's a pastor over at Piedmont Grace church. The Sons know him as one of the dudes in the threeway they accidentally killed and buried in the woods. August needs his signature on paperwork by the end of the day tomorrow.The pastor's wife has power of attorney and could sign, but she's missing, too. Tyler asks for their help finding Lutrecia McQueen.When Tyler leaves, the Sons realize that if they don't find the wife, August might find out they killed his business partner, which would not be good. They head to the woods to dig up the preacher, where they get his cell phone.Jax stops by Diosa. His mom and Collette are there. Gemma is helping convert Nero's office into another massage room. She refers to Collette as Jax's "blonde mommy fetish."Jax laughs. "First of all, if I had a mommy fetish I'd be hooking up with some psycho dominatrix. Second, the phrase 'mommy fetish' should never be coming out of the mouth of my own mother."Jax asks Gemma to let Nero know that Juice is in town, but doesn't tell her why Nero would care.Jax check on Collette, who asks if she'll see him later. He's not sure.When he leaves, Gemma asks Collette not to complicate Jax's life anymore by "making him think too much."At the sheriff's station, a deputy updates Jarry on Ken, the man Jax beat the crap out of for hitting Gemma. Ken has been in the hospital for the past 36 hours and has dropped all charges against Nero. But Jarry doesn't think he's responsible.At Red Woody, Tig shows Jax dominatrix footage from the pastor's phone, revealing his mistress to be none other than Venus Van Damme, Tig's transsexual crush and friend of the club.Tig knows where Venus is. "We stayed in touch," he says.Nero goes to see Gemma at Diosa. He asks if everything is ok since she didn't come home last night. She chalks it up to long hours at work, but assures him everything between them is fine.Nero sees Jarry come in and thinks they're there to arrest him. She tells him about Ken being in the hospital, then suggests she ask "the den mother" about it. When Jarry introduces herself, Gemma snidely takes note of her name: "Althea, huh? I guess your parents were hoping for a black baby."Jarry asks to talk Chibs or Jax and when she's told they're not there, she tells her deputies to find Chibs, saying it's personal.Jax, Tig and the Sons try to get information on the dead pastor's family from Venus, who remembers being taken to his lake house once. Venus is happy to help the Sons, saying she feels connected to them on a deeper spiritual level. She has a client waiting in a nearby apartment, but asks Alexander (Tig) to come up when she's done to get the address.After Venus sashays off, the club looks to Tig for an explanation. He says they're just friends.At Diosa, Nero confront Gemma about Ken. He gets angry at her when she initially lies about it. He knows it was Jax and says Jax has become "unchained" and violence is starting to feel good to him.Gemma relays Jax's message about Juice and asks Nero why he cares. When he won't answer, Gemma says there are just some things they shouldn't share.The Sons arrive at the pastor's lake house and, after knocking, they break in. They hear a noise in a back room. They're standing outside the door ready to break it down when a shotgun blast tears through the door and into Tig's gut.Jax kicks in the door and sees a car pulling out of the driveway. Sitting watch out front, Rat sees the car tear off and runs into it with the van, sending it into a nearby pond. The young man at the wheel shouts at the Sons to leave "us" alone and then says his mom is in the backseat. Jax jumps in the water and Tig goes after him. Jax comes up with the woman, gasping for air. They notice fresh track marks on her arms. The young man says the pastor was his step father.He asks if August sent them. They head inside."Remember when our biggest problem was which Mayan to kill?" Bobby asks. "Simpler times," Jax says. "Simpler men," Bobby says.Inside, the stepson explains that years ago Damon Pope helped the pastor acquire lots of church property through a loophole. August wants to use the same loophole to build low income housing on church property. His construction company gets the Fed kickback then August can use the projects to launder money. And the houses never get built.Jax assures them he won't hurt them, but says there's nothing they can do to undo the deal with August. Jax warns them August is too dangerous. Lutrecia agrees to sign the papers and the Sons call Tyler to bring her back to Oakland.Chibs has dug most of the buckshot out of Tig, who is drowning his pain in booze, but Chibs worries about infection.Bobby gets a call from Tully's guy that he's ready to meet in less than two hours.Jax tells Rat to stay with the pastor's wife and tell Tyler that she'll sign, but not to hurt them.Tig takes the heroin out of the van and puts it in his bike before he, Bobby and Jax ride out.Jarry calls Unser and warns him the APB is going out on Juice throughout the Northwest. Wendy calls Gemma. She asks Colette to keep her bodyguard Montez occupied while she steps out.Deputies Cain and Eglee see Jax and the boys ride back into town to follow him -- but keep it off the radio, per Jarry's request.Jax, Chibs and Bobby arrive at the roadside meet with Leland Gruen and his group of heavily armed white supremacists. The deputies park nearby and see the gathering, but Cain quickly gets his head blown off by an Aryan. The Sons draw and try to stop the supremacists, but they think they brought the cops. When Deputy Eglee gets out of the car and runs, she's quickly gunned down, too.Jax manages to convince the supremacists to split. Eglee is still barely moving in the grass.Later, Jarry watches as Eglee is loaded into an ambulance. Unser arrives and Jarry tells him it looks like an ambush.In his hotel room, Gemma reads Juice the riot act about leaving town. He breaks down in tears saying he doesn't do well on his own and everything in his head gets too loud.Back at Scoops, they're reeling from the shooting when Jarry comes to talk to Chibs and Jax.Venus keeps Tig company as he bleeds. Tig is enchanted. He pulls her in close and kisses her deeply.Downstairs, Jarry looks to Jax for any insight on the shooting, but he plays dumb. Then she asks about Ken and he readily admits he did it, saying Ken was a scumbag who beats and extorts his own daughter.They're sitting in a booth talking when a van pulls up and an Asian man breaks the window then throws a grenade through. Everyone ducks for cover, with Chibs throwing himself on Jarry.Later that night, Scoops is a charred out crime scene. Jarry asks Chibs if he recognized which one of Lin's guys it was, and then about the Chinese being responsible for Tara's death, and the club retaliating. When Chibs plays dumb, she tells him she can't risk the people of Charming getting caught up in whatever is happening with the club.Chibs asks to drive her home.At Diosa, four Asian men walk in and sit down at the bar.Outside Scoops, they realize the severity of the grenade attack wasn't a message, someone sold them out to Lin. Happy calls the warehouse to check on the guns.The guns are gone and the Son guarding the guns, West, is dead.Nero arrives at Scoops and quickly gets a call from Lin's guy sitting by Colette at Diosa. He says: "Mr. Lin appreciates your efforts getting everyone together. What happens at Diosa will impact you, but it's meant for the Sons of Anarchy."The man gets off the phone then Colette watches in helpless horror as the men open up gun cases. Nero and the Sons race there.(Closing montage.)Unser sits by Eglee's bedside in the hospital.In the van, Venus holds Tig's hand.Driving Jarry home, Chibs reaches for Jarry's.Juice loads his gun and puts a silencer on it, then puts it in his bag, looking at his cut.At her house, Gemma gets out her own gun and silencer and packs a bag to take Juice to her dad's place.Jax and the Sons arrive at Diosa and find a bloodbath. Everyone in the place was slaughtered, including Colette.Nero clutches his rosary and prays while Jax descends to an even darker, deeper place that he already was heading.

Directed by Guy Ferland  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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