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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2008, 56 min.

Synopsis The show begins to the sound sounds of a heavy metal a song as a motorcycle disturbs two crows. The rider is wearing a Sons of Anarchy jacket.Another gang wearing Mayan jackets break into a warehouse.At a convenience store, the audience is introduced to show protagonist and club vice president Jackson Tellar (Charlie Hunman). Oddly he is looking at children's storybooks. He is very attractive and the checkout operator is interested but they are disturbed by a loud explosion.It changes to morning and the Sons of Anarchy arrive at a burnt out warehouse. A police officer and fireman are paid to cover up the investigation. Bodies are found in the ruins and guns have been stolen. This is a problem as the guns have been sold to another gang (the One Niners) who need the weapons urgently. The opening credit roll and these don't change for at least six seasons. Images of bikes and tattoos roll as the names appear and then disappear.At the garage (owned by the Sons of Anarchy) a prospect is charged with getting a moose out of the car. Jackson receives a phone call from his mother Gemma (Katey Segal). The rapport is cheeky but lovely and she clearly has a hand in the operation of a club. Jackson asks his mother to check in on his ex-wife Wendy. She is pregnant and is meant to be sending him the doctors bills. He hasn't been able to reach her nor has he received any bills.The next scene is set to loud music as the audience watches a heavily pregnant woman (Drea de Matteo) shoot heroin.Club president Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) meets with the One Niner leader Laroy (Tory Kittles). Laroy is not happy with the delay and he is not letting the history of the two clubs account for any leeway.At the storage place, Jackson is looking for baby things when he discovers a manuscript written by his deceased father, club founder and president John Tellar. The scene switches to the clubhouse as prospect Half Sac (Johnny Lewis) reveals how he got his nick name.At Jackson's ex-wifes house, Gemma arrives to find her passed out on the floor in a pool of blood. She phones Jackson who immediately goes to the hospital. There Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) a paediatric surgeon is introduced. Wendy had tracks all over her and the baby, born ten weeks premature, is very ill with only small chance of survival. Jackson tells the surgeon that his son's name is Able. Jackson leaves the hospital enraged and Clay sends Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) to look after him. Jackson arrives at bar and beats a man he accuses of selling crank to his pregnant ex-wife.At a logging venue, Jackson visits his best friend Opie (Ryan Hurst). Jackson needs him for a job to retrieve the guns. Opie is reluctant. He is recently out of prison and his wife Donna (Sprague Grayden) wants out of the life. Jackson tells him that the club needs him. Opie agrees to the job.In the chapel (a room designed for club meetings) Piney, Opies father (William Lucking) tells Jackson that the club is there for him.At a party that includes boxing and pole dancers Jackson suggests moving out of guns, given the heat it is causing. Clay shuts him down quickly reminding him of the money he will need with a baby and of the blood already spilt.Wendy, who is in hospital, apologizes and cries. Jackson tells her that she needs help. Wendy reveals that there are drugs at the house. She needs him to get rid of them but when Jackson arrives his mother Gemma is there cleaning. Jackson feels cleaning the house is a waste of time and that his son will die. Gemma slaps him and tells him that he is the only person this baby has and he needs to believe in him. For the second time that night, Jackson is told to go see his son.At Gemma's house the audience learns that Gemma is now married to club president Clay Morrow. Gemma tells Clay that Jackson has been thinking about his dead father. Gemma wants Clay to keep Jackson in line. Eventually Clay, who suffers from arthritis in the hands, wont be able to ride anymore which means he wont be able to be club president. When that happens Jackson will take over and Gemma wants him following in the right father's footsteps.The club meets with white supremist and recently paroled Ernest Darby (Mitch Pileggi). Clay wants Darby to keep the meth dealing out of Charming. The meeting is hostile but Darby agrees.At the hospital Tara tells Gemma that Able needs his second surgery. She also asks Gemma to look in on Wendy. When Gemma refuses, Tara asks Gemma if she has a problem with her assisting in the surgeries. Gemma denies this but ten years of Tara being away has not mended any bridges and their altercation borderlines on the physical side.At Opie's house, his wife Donna (Sprague Grayden) is verging on hysteria when she guesses correctly that Opie may be doing another job for the club. He has only recently got out of prison. Jackson sees part of the altercation and tells Opie to take his child to the hospital as an alibi for Clay and for not doing the job.Elvis impersonator and club member Bobby is upset to learn that he has lost his performance spot to an Asian Elvis impersonator. The problem is resolved after the prospect beats the man and Bobby takes his spot back.The Sons retrieve their guns from the Mayans while Jacksons son is operated on. The heist does not go well. Jackson is shot (he has a vest on). Some Mayans are killed and the Sons learn that Darby is trying to gain control of Charming. The warehouse is ignited.Gemma visits Wendy and has some harsh words. She hands Wendy a bible with a syringe inside telling her that Able will never call her Mummy.When Jackson learns that his son made it through the second surgery. He embraces Tara. The hug almost becomes more but Tara realising that Jackson is bloody tells him to go clean up.In the closing moments, Bobby sings Elvis song I Cant Help falling in Love with You. Jackson does clean himself up and looks long and hard in the mirror. The final embers of the explosion are seen. Wendy fights for survival after an apparent drug overdose. Jackson finally visits his son. Gemma and Clay look on. The skull appears signalling the first episode of Sons of Anarchy is over. It has been quite a beginning.

Directed by Allen Coulter, Michael Dinner  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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