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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 57 min.

Synopsis Jax (Charlie Hunnam) wakes up next to Tara (Maggie Siff) and tells her he loves her. She tells him whatever happens today, she's right there.Clay (Ron Perlman) comes into the kitchen to say a romantic good morning to Gemma (Katey Sagal) as she makes breakfast.Jax holds Abel.Agent June Stahl (Ally Walker) lays alone in bed, and stretches her arm out and feels the empty space where Tyler used to lay and smiles, not in an "I miss you way," more of a "Your death really served my purposes" way. This is one ruthless individual.At the clubhouse, the families all hang out over brunch. Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) has joined them.Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) announces that she and (Ryan Hurst) are getting married, and shows off her engagement ring.Gemma cleans up after. She finds Jax's file on the Irish Republican Army leadership given to him by Stahl. She hides it before Clay sees it. Clay sits with Gemma and tells her they have to find Jimmy before they go inside. He tells her about the deal they made with the Real IRA to get better access to guns in exchange for Jimmy.Russian gangster Viktor Putlova (Keith Szarabajka) gives Jimmy (Titus Welliver) his fake papers and agrees to set up his flight out that night.At the garage, Chuckie (Michael Ornstein) excitedly tries to show Tig (Kim Coates) something, saying it could be important to the club. Tig blows him off as Gemma had previously.Gemma stops Unser in the lot, saying she's going to turn herself in.Clay and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) meet with the imprisoned Otto (Kurt Sutter), telling him they need the location of the Russians that Jimmy is with from Lenny. They also learn that Otto is almost certainly headerd for Death Row for an in-prison homicide he had the misfortune to commit under the unblinking watch of surveillance video.Stahl visits Gemma in the local jail. She gives her the news that she's cleared of the homicides, but that she's getting house arrest for fleeing. She tells Stahl she'll deny all of it because she's convinced that Stahl's going to get Jax killed by the club or the real IRA.She tells Stahl that deals don't work because they're based on lies. She thinks something will go wrong or someone will get hurt.Stahl meets with Jax, catching him up on his mom's latest shenanigans. Stahl tells him about Gemma being cleared due to Tyler's confession. Jax realizes what Stahl did.She reminds him that their bail hearing is tomorrow.He gives her the file on the top level IRA members and identifies for her the three men he had met with in Belfast.Otto and Lenny the Pimp (Sonny Barger) meet up in the prison infirmary. Otto briefs Lenny on the situation, saying that the only way to get Jimmy is to buy the Russians off. Lenny agrees to find out how much that means and get back to them.Clay finds out where Gemma is and visits her. She tells him these are impulsive times and "we are all doing things we wouldn't do otherwise." She says it's a different time and they can't look at Jax in the same light as John Teller. She stops herself from saying more.Jax visits his dad's grave. He leaves his "NS" ring next to the "SO" on the top of the headstone.Their lawyer, Ally Lowen (Robin Weigert), brings a coded message to the club in the form of a pair of mathmatical equations sent from Lenny's own lawyer. "20 = 0" means Lenny couldn't get a location. One set is longitude and latitude and "2 million" means the price for which they can buy Jimmy.The coordinates describe an access road. Clay passes on the word that they agree to the Russians' conditions.Outside the garage, Chuckie tries to tell Jax there's something important he needs to know about. Jax also blows him off. Tara asks him why the charges were dropped against Gemma.Exasperated, Chuckie finally brings a box over and drops it at Jax's feet. Jax beams when he opens it and brings it to the club.Chuckie announces that when he was running the counterfeit operation for Lin, he kept the more imperfect versions instead of destroying them. He has over $5 million in fake bills. They're not perfect, but Jax suggests if they hide it with real cash, it might buy them enough time to get Jimmy and make their exit.Jax goes to Stahl for the real bills. She still has access to the $250,000 from Tara's ransom. He says he'll tell the club Unser gave it to them. She wants to be at the exchange, but Jax thinks that'll lead to him and Jimmy getting killed.She agrees to hang back a few miles.He tells her they'll put Jimmy in the van, then her team can come in after the Russians.Viktor tells Jimmy he's got a charter lined up out of San Jose. His Irish sidekick is MIA.We see the dead body of Donny (Joel Tobeck) being wrapped up in plastic by two of Viktor's underlings.The club preps the cash and lots and lots of guns.Jax is worried about leaving Tara alone when they go for the exchange. As the guys head out, Jax checks with her, asking if she's sure. She says she can do it.As he puts her in a bullet proof vest, Jax promises to tell her everything.Unser pulls up and Tara leaves. He wishes Clay luck.Clay tells Unser what he did for the club won't be forgotten.There are lots of hugs as Jax prepares to ride out. Jax checks with a prospect, instructing him that when he receives the text message to let them know, then deliver two letters that he gives him. (It is clear that there are plans afoot, but we are not privy to the details.)Clay tells Jax he loves him. They ride out.On the way to the airport, Jimmy is worried that he can't reach Donny. Viktor says they have to make a detour to "pick something up."The Sons wait with guns as Viktor drives the renegade Irishman to them, and Jimmy belatedly realizes he's cooked.The Russians get out for the cash. Viktor answers his phone as his guys go through the cash. The Sons wait to see if a gun battle is going to break out.Stahl waits on a road somewhere with agents.The Russians are satisfied with the cash and turn over Jimmy.Viktor gets another call. The Sons ride out with Jimmy in a van.Tara waits by the side of the road by her car. The van stops and they transfer Jimmy to her trunk. Jax checks with the prospect with her that they're going straight to the garage. She drives off.Back in the Russian's car, Viktor opens the cash and looks through it and notices something amiss.The Sons wait at the bottom of the hill for the Russians and race off as the pursuing Russians pull into sight.They trade gunfire while racing down the road. They come into the view of Stahl, who orders the road closed.The Sons stop at the road block, letting the driver out of the van. The bikes race off as ATF lets them through. The Russians drive off in the other direction. Stahl does not pursue but orders an APB in order to recover the $250,000 money she had provided.Then checking the van and finding it empty, she realizes she's been had.Later, Jax meets with Stahl. He tells her he's just keeping her honest, that she'll get Jimmy when the club is clear of the charges. She hands over her statement reducing their weapons charges so that with "good behavior" they'll be paroled in 14 months.She needs his statement about the gun-running operation and dirt on the Real IRA and Jimmy, but they don't know how to trust each other.She hands him a pen and he signs the statement. "I'm officially a rat," he says.She pauses, not signing her own document but rather saying she wants to see Jimmy alive.Tara, Clay, Gemma and their lawyer wait at the garage. Jax pulls up with Stahl and her guys on his heels. She asks for Jimmy.Gemma watches nervously.The guys get Jimmy out of Tara's trunk. Stahl arrests him.Clay asks how she knew he was there. Stahl turns and looks at Jax. Then she outs him. The guys all angrily turn on Jax and castigate him for being a rat.Clay tells him he's dead. Gemma tries to intervene. Jax says he did it for the club, but the guys are all too busy screaming and calling him a rat.Stahl signs her deal, saying the club will be out in 14 months with parole.The Sons are all led away. Stahl grins with smug self-satisfaction.The guys are put on the paddy wagon, all shooting daggers at a slightly segregated Jax with their eyes.Meanwhile, Piney (William Lucking) drives down the road in a school bus with Kozik (Kenny Johnson), Opie and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan).Unser packs up his office, taking off his badge and issue sidearm. He takes another handgun out of his desk and stuffs it in his holster, trying to keep it together as he leaves.The prospects follow the ATF paddy wagon down the road.Unser flashes his lights and sounds his wailer to pull over Stahl with Jimmy and her agents.Unser tells her he'd just received an anonymous tip that four or five of Jimmy's guys are waiting several miles up the road to rescue him. She doesn't want to call the County Sheriff, so she sends her guys to check it out, leaving her and Jimmy with Unser.Unser lights a joint in front of her, telling her he's a stage three cancer survivor. He encourages her to try some as she watches incredulously.The school bus pulls up.Unser pulls his personal gun on her. Opie gets out for her as she tries to figure out what's going on.Chibs gets Jimmy out of her car and backs him up against the side of the bus as Opie holds Stahl at the point of a submachine gun.Jimmy knows what's coming and tells Chibs to "take care of our girls." Then Chibs takes out two knives and cuts Jimmy across the face to match his own cheek scars. He then drives the knives into Jimmy's collarbone and down into his chest, as Jimmy stands there as long as he can, dying with dignity and resignation.Opie orders an increasingly distraught Stahl behind the wheel of her own ATF fleet car and gets into the backseat behind her. He thinks of his wife Donna and how Stahl got her killed by framing him to look like a rat.Stahl starts blubbering uncontrollably, begging him not to kill her. She reminds him he had mercy once.He is resolute. "This is what she felt," he says, remembering Donna. He fires a quick burst from the automatic weapon into the back of Stahl's head, splattering her brains on the windshield. Unlike Jimmy, she has died badly.Exiting the death car, Opie rips up the document structuring the deal Stahl had manipulated.Unser suggests Kozi go for his left side (he had bridgework done on the right, he says) and Kozi socks him.Chibs draws a stylized cross symbol in blood on the car rear window.On the road, the prospect gets a text. He rides along the ATF paddy wagon, honking a pre-arranged signal.Inside, the Sons hear it and start to smile and then laugh with relief. Jax and Clay smile at each other. Their scheme worked.At home, Tara picks up clothes for laundry. She takes them out of Jax's bag and finds the bundle of John Teller's letters to Maureen, including a note from her that there's truth about his dad in them. She sits down and reads them.Gemma hangs out at home with Abel and the electronic ankle bracelet she is obliged to wear while under house arrest.The prospects bring Gemma the letter from Jax and ask where Tara is.Gemma takes out the letter. It says if she's reading it, Stahl and Jimmy are dead. He couldn't tell her, it would have made her an accessory, but it was a club vote. He'd never turn on his club or his family; he's not his father.Segue to Tara reading John Teller's letter, in which he's realizing he doesn't belong in the club and he's sure that Clay and Gemma are together. He knows his days are numbered, and he tells Mo that when the letters stop, she can be certain that he died at the hands of his wife and best friend."I only pray that Jackson finds a different path, he already reminds me so much of myself," he writes.We see Jax being taken away with the rest of the Sons.

Directed by Kurt Sutter  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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