Lochan Mor

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 53 min.

Synopsis The Sons on bikes are rolling down the road in Ireland, followed by their brothers of the Belfast chapter.At Maureen's store, she sends her daughter Trinity off to bring supplies home.Back in Charming, a pregnant Tara sits alone in Abel's empty nursery.In Belfast, Abel cries in his crib with other babies as Father Kellen Ashby visits him.Jimmy gets a call, presumably telling him the Sons have arrived on the auld sod.The Sons meet up with Belfast president Keith McGee and other club members. Chibs asks where his wife Fiona and daughter Carrie Ann are, and is told they're safe.Clay eyes Liam O'Neill warily.Back in Charming, Unser checks in on Tig in his lock up. Unser knows everyone else is in Belfast. Tara posted Tig's bail and comes to get him. Unser warns her the FBI will want to talk to her about Gemma's escape and asks if she left anything out. Unser tells Tig his driver's license has been suspended for two years for leading the police on a wild goose chase while Gemma and the others made their break to the airport.In Ireland, the Sons run into an apparent police road block. The police ask for ID and the Sons turn over their passports.Then they order the Sons down for fleeing California jurisdiction. Gemma watches from the truck. Chibs spits on one of the officers and a brawl breaks out. The police end it by firing into the air with an automatic rifle and grabbing up the Sons.Gemma watches as they're all put into the back of a police van, then she grabs the wheel of the car she's in and rams the police van. The Sons pour out and get the cops to the ground. "What was that?" Jax asks."Welcome to Ireland," an Irish brother tells him.Clay and the Sons interrogate a policeman, asking how he got the intel that they were in town. They've noticed that the rest of his cop "buddies" fled and there's no back up. They beat him up and threaten to kill one of his remaining men. Finally, the cop says they were paid to intercept them and send them back to the states. He claims not to know who paid him.They take the cops IDs, warning that they now know where they live and can come after them.Kozik gives Tig a ride back to the garage. Tig tells him he'll never let him patch SAMCRO. Kozik says it's been eight years, but Tig says he still thinks about "her" every day.Jacob Hale talks to Unser, asking who's helping the Sons. Deputies bring in a very angry Hector Salazar of the Calaveras. He's railing about the Sons.The Sons pull up to Mo's store and greet the rest of the Belfast club. Gemma, Clay and Jax meet Mo and Trinity. Gemma looks Trinity over carefully.Mo invites Gemma for tea, then tells her to show some respect when Gemma says just wants Abel. Upstairs, Mo tells them about Cam bringing Abel. She tells them Father Kellan took Abel and will talk about it when the time is right.O'Neill calls Jimmy, telling him the Charming guys don't trust him.At the garage, Chuck and Tara watch Kozik and Tig get into it. Tara walks outside in time to see Lyla pull up. Lyla apologizes for her friend that Jax slept with, and Tara acknowledges that she saw Lyla put the slug on the porn slut. She asks Tara for a good clinic to get an abortion for cash. Tara says she'll ask around. Lyla says Opie doesn't know -- the timing's just not right.Hale pays Ernest Darby's bail, saying he can help him show the town he's turned over a new leaf. Hale wants Lumpy's gym sold. A company he's working with owns three of the four business on Leonard Street and needs Lumpy's. Hale gives Darby more money to deal with it quickly.In the Belfast club, the Charming Sons talk to McGee and O'Neill and the Belfast members about Jimmy. The meeting breaks up when Fiona and Carrie Anne are brought in. Chibs hasn't seen his daughter in years and it's a big family reunion.Fiona tells them she doesn't know what Jimmy's up to, but he's been recruiting like crazy. She doesn't know anything about O'Neill working with him.When it's time to take the women back, Clay says they can do it later to give Chibs more time with them.Darby pays a polite visit to Lumpy, gently suggesting he sell his gym. Lumpy assesses Darby's swastika tattoo and his own concentration camp number and declines. Darby again tries to convince him, saying they won't take no for an answer and will send someone else. Lumpy remains adamant.Gemma wakes up from a nap on Mo's couch and says they should talk. Gemma realizes Trinity is her daughter by John Teller, and learns that her late husband knew. Mo says she was 18 and didn't know any better. She wants it to stay buried, saying the truth about John will distract Jax.Trinity brings Jax clean sheets. He asks how old she is. She says 22. She volunteers to go with them to take Fiona back.Lumpy calls Tig.Darby meets with Hale and throws his money back, telling him to "find another bitch."At the gym, Lumpy tells Tig and Kozi about Darby's visit. He doesn't want help, he just wants them to know what's going on.As they're leaving, Kozik dares Tig to go a few rounds.In the van on the way to the church, Chibs tells his family he wants them to come back to Charming. Suddenly the car in front of them stops and another van pulls up beside them and rains bullets on them. Fortunately, everyone's OK - the ambush was intended as a warning.Back at the club, McGee tells the Sons the shooters were radical Loyalists trying to get at Jimmy through Fiona.At the hospital, Tara talks to the administrator, asking about the abortion. The administrator recommends a place and offers Tara time off, thinking the "friend" is really Tara. She tells Tara she thinks she's doing the right thing "because the mother is uncertain about her future, she knows it'd be an unstable environment for a baby."Hale meets with Hector Salazar, after bailing him out. Hale offers him $4,000 to run off Lumpy.Back in Ireland, they have a raging party with booze, bare knuckle boxing and chicks in their underwear. Jax volunteers to fight O'Neill next. Trinity appears to look at him in a not entirely half-sisterly way. She offers to wrap his knuckles. Gemma watches, then suggests she and Clay get some quality time.Mo drinks alone upstairs.Jax goes after O'Neill.At Lumpy's, Tig and Kozik mop up after their fight. They leave a nervous prospect to stand guard overnight, as Tig hands him his own handgun.After whomping up on O'Neill, Trinity offers their bath tub for him to wash up. Jax sees Father Kellan has arrived. He wants to talk to Jax at the church.Trinity puts her passed out drunk mother to bed.At Lumpy's the prospect is woken up by the smashing of glass. Hector walks in with an automatic rifle and starts smashing up the place. The prospect hides and watches as Salazar takes a medal then shoots up the display case. Lumpy, who sleeps in the back, comes out and confront Salazar, who butt strokes him in the head. The prospect covers unseen in an adjacent room, then grabs his jacket and runs.Tara sits with Lyla at the clinic. Lyla says she loves Opie and would like to have kids with him some day, but not now. Opie is still haunted by his wife's death and keeps her at arm's length, worrying something will happen to her. Lyla goes back for her procedure.Tara goes up to the counter to schedule her own appointment.The Sons play poker late into the night. Gemma reflects on the drive-by and near deportation on just the first day. Bobby reassures her they'll find Abel. She tells Bobby he's going to have to take care of Clay when she's in prison. He pours her some tea as she blows kisses at Clay, and he responds with a contented smile of his own. The sexual interlude has worked wonders for them both.Back at the garage, the prospect leaves his gun and jacket on the hood of the tow truck and drives off into the night.At the Irish party, McGee takes a call and signals for O'Neill. It's Jimmy, scheming for the next day. He's putting a guy named Donny on it, to work with O'Neill.Jax meets with Father Kellan at the church. He says he knows where Abel is, far from Belfast. Kellan tells him Abel is in danger from Jimmy. Jimmy wants to end the Sons relationship with the Army. He wants to sell the Sons' guns to Russians in Oregon for greater profit.Jax figures out that Kellan wants to get rid of Jimmy, but he can't have it tied to him. But if someone from the outside killed him...."The vengeance of a distraught father, something every Irishman would understand..." Kellan coaxes.Jimmy knows they're talking and wants Abel as leverage. Kellan says if Jax kills Jimmy, he'll make sure Abel goes home with him.Meanwhile, a young couple is picking up Abel at the orphanage.

Directed by Guy Ferland  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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