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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Jax contemplates the news that Cameron is dead in Ireland.Jimmy O'Phelan talks with the priest in Ireland, who says it's best if Abel stays there. Jimmy thinks an angry Jax is a bad thing. He wants to protect the progress and profit he's made with the Sons. The priest isn't swayed.At the garage, Jax takes a call from Jimmy, who says the IRA guys grabbed Cameron and Abel wasn't with him. Jax isn't inclined to believe him, so Jimmy passes the phone to an Irish Son named Liam, who backs up that Abel wasn't with him. Jax wants to go to Ireland, but Liam says they don't have the connections. Jax reacts by punching the van.At Nate's, Gemma prepares to take her dad to a care facility. Tara assures her it's a good one. "He'll die alone," Gemma says.Opie gives Jax $10,000 from selling a bike to hire Serge's tracker in Vancouver. They still plan to have the guys get the guns and Clay and Jax will pick up Gemma.Piney plans to take Hap to a dealer for medicine for his mom. Bobby wants meds for his Tiki's asthma. They'll meet up with the guys at Nate's. They ride out.Liam breaks from sex with Cherry to take a call from Jimmy. She roots around in his jacket for a lighter and finds an envelope full of cash. (Which we assume is from Jimmy for going along with the Cam story.)On the road, Clay has to pull off because his hands are hurting him too much. Gemma's the only one who can give him his cortisone shots. Jax ties Clay's hands to the bike with a handkerchief.Gemma walks with her dad in his garden. He tells her he tried to make things right with her and her mom, but her mom couldn't recover from their son's death. He says losing Gemma was her mom's biggest regret. "Don't let your family slip away," he says.Tig announces the boys are there.Gemma runs out to hug her men. They tell her Abel is with the nanny.Tara packs up Nate's stuff. Jax tells her their bail is getting pulled and they're supposed to go to jail in two days. He tells her Abel is in Vancouver BC. They're planning to take Gemma.Jax sees the blood stain on the sheet and assumes it's from Tig. He asks where the girl is, the one he doesn't know Gemma killed and Tara helped get rid off. Tara tells him she went back to Guatemala.The rest of the Sons hand off the guns and part ways.Clay tells Gemma about the plan to take her to Canada. She wants to know when she gets to see her grandson. Nate gets upset when he sees Clay and Gemma tells them to steer clear. Tara tries again to get them to tell her about Abel, but Clay says they'll wait til Nate is settled.At the house of the woman who hooks Piney up with his meds, he and Bobby and Juice arrive to find hillbillies storming the house, ransacking it and shooting it up, demanding the drugs. The woman gets the Sons into a secret room with her half million in prescription medication.In the basement at Nate's, Tara announces to Jax that she wants to come with them to Canada, because Abel is hers, too. Jax yells at her, telling her they're not her family and she need to go home. "You want to be an old lady? Then act like one: do what you're told," he shouts.Tara grabs the wheelchair, which still has the duct tape cuffs on it. "I just helped your mother kill someone! That old lady enough for you?" she shouts.She has just time enough to tell Jax it was self-defense when Gemma comes downstairs, followed by Clay and Tig. Now everybody knows, but they have to go help Bobby and Piney.When the guys leave, Tara apologizes to Gemma and tells her she wants to go to Canada. But Gemma says they're going to need Tara in Charming to take care of everyone. "You'll be a good mom," Gemma says, which causes Tara to burst into tears.Tara goes to get Nate ready and Gemma insists on going.In Ireland, Maureen comes home to find Jimmy waiting for her. He knows Cameron came to see her and wants to know where Abel is. He says he belongs with his dad.He wants her to talk with the priest, saying she could end up in the street when things change if she doesn't help. He tells her to find out where Abel is.At the drug house, the hillbillies holding guns outside offer to let the Sons go. The Sons respond with bullets through the wall.Clay,Jax, Opie and Tig pull up in time to see the hillbillies leading Piney, Bobby and the boys out at gunpoint. The hillbillies aren't ready to back down until more Sons roll up.Later, the woman hands out meds for everyone, leaving the Sons with some HIV drugs she has no use for -- they can sell them. She thanks Piney with a kiss.Gemma and Tara take Nate to the nursing home. Tara goes inside. Nate asks Gemma where his wife is. He tells her he wants to go home. He starts to get upset, insisting on going home. A doctor comes to get him and leads him inside as he continues to ask to go home. Gemma breaks down.Maureen reports to the priest about Jimmy's visit. She doesn't understand a priest giving a baby away. He tells her Jimmy has lost sight of the IRA cause and he's not a soldier anymore, just a gangster. They need someone from the outside to deal with Jimmy -- SAMCRO. He knows Mo tried to call Gemma and wants her to try again.Gemma smokes furiously outside the nursing home. Alone in the car, she looks at her wanted poster then calls Agent Stahl, saying she's got a line on a fugitive.The guys pull up to Tara in the nursing home parking lot. She tells them Gemma took off. They think she's headed home, where she'll find Abel is gone.Gemma drives.There's a knock at Mo's store door, someone gives her a number.Gemma reaches Charming.The Sons race down the night road, trying to catch her.Gemma comes home to an empty house. She looks for Abel and the nanny, but they aren't there.Cut to Abel in a nursery with five other crying babies and a woman counting cash.Nate wanders, lost, around his sad nursing home.Gemma goes into the club and asks where Abel is.Outside, her phone rings. It's Maureen. She tells her Cameron took Abel and brought him to her. She tells her Abel's in Belfast and hangs up. As the Sons pull up to find Gemma in the parking lot, she collapses.

Directed by Guy Ferland  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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