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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis Let's have an opening montage, shall we? Bobby sings as Jewish Elvis at a Bar Mitzvah, Jax takes Tara for a ride. Clay rolls over in bed and finds Gemma's not there. She's in the kitchen, furiously hacking at flowers for a vase. In the warehouse, the other guys supervise a porn shoot spoofing Mad Men. ("Oh, Mr. Draper!")At home, Clay wonders why Gemma didn't come to bed. It's been three weeks. She says she's still in pain and needs some time. She gets up to leave right after he sits down for breakfast. He doesn't understand what's wrong.Unser drops by the shop to check on Gemma. He mentions a cancer support group he's been going to and he tells her about one for rape survivors. She says it's not for her. Since when does Gemma talk about her feelings?Tig comes up behind her and she nearly jumps out of her skin.Clay finds Bobby at the club and tells him to keep an eye on things at the porn shoot and to start doing the books.Jax and Tara share some quiet moments on a picnic but are interrupted by Tig calling for Jax about the porn shoot. Luann is pissed.At the garage, Gemma peels out and Clay yells at everyone near him.Zobelle shows Hale his photos of SAMCRO meeting with the Niners as Unser stopped by. Hale's unconcerned. Zobelle says he can help. He suggests that people tolerate SAMCRO because they promise to keep drugs out of Charming. He suggests temporarily letting drugs in to flush SAMCRO out. Unser drops by and Zobelle leaves.Tara waits outside the porn warehouse for Jax. He tries to cool Luann off. A porn actress comes to work and taunts Tara on her way in, telling her how Jax likes his bike. Instead, the girl, Ima, plays poor little porn star and tells Luann she thinks Georgie's guys are following her. She wants Jax to protect her. Luann asks Jax to play along since Ima's a star.Clay follows Gemma to Luann's and, with Tig and Tara watching, orders her back to the shop. It doesn't work. So he tosses a cinder block through her Escalade window. Then she kicks his bike. Tara runs inside to get Jax, who she finds with his arm around Ima. Tara's ready to shake it off, when Ima tells her she should have waited outside like she was told. Jax jumps up and hustles Tara outside where the Morrows are doing more damage to each others' modes of transportation. Clay's so upset he's beating her car, which causes Gemma to dare him to hit her, saying if he does she'll slit his throat. Gemma's screaming and Clay can't understand why she's acting the way she is. Tara comes outside and puts her arms around her. Jax knows something is up with his mom.Opie and Half-Sack go to repo a vehicle. They see one of Darby's guys dealing nearby. They go to confront him, but there are several very burly Aryans nearby. They go for backup.Back at the club, Juice gives his report on Zobelle, saying the last place he set up shop the local gangs ended up in jail a short time later. They wonder if he got to Hale. In front of everyone, Jax tells Clay he should have told him Bobby was going to take over Luann's books. Clay tells him Bobby needs it after two months in lock-up, and maybe it's time Jax start thinking about someone other than himself. Burn or face, pick your decade.Jax visits Bobby at the porn warehouse. Bobby says Luann's books are a mess. He asks diplomatically if Jax is OK with him being there. Jax says he is. Bobby says the guys are worried about Jax and Clay. Jax shakes it off as father son s---.Juice goes to cop from the meth dealer Opie found earlier and jumps him with the guys. They asks him where Darby is cooking his meth. He tells them.Tara drops by the shop with an HIV test for Gemma. Gemma says her body's ready for sex, but her head isn't. She thinks Clay hates her. Tara has a good view of Jax pulling up with the porn girl on his bike. Tara tells Gemma she trusts Jax, but Gemma says he isn't the one to worry about. She suggests Tara scare the girl off.At the clubhouse, Clay proposes blowing up Darby's meth house. Jax suggests simply calling the cops. Clay, who's suspicious that Hale is working for white power, thinks if Hale acts it'll mean he's not in their pockets.Jax delivers the news to Hale, who's suspicious. But he says he'll check it out.Meanwhile, Clay tells Unser about the dealing. Unser mentions Hale meeting with Zobelle. Clay tells Unser about their play with Hale.Meanwhile, Hale drives out to the meth house to check it out. He sees industrial filters. Darby meets him outside, asking where his warrant is. Darby hands him something from Zobelle, a grand opening coupon for his cigar shop.Hale pulls up to Zobelle's shop and confronts him about Darby. Zobelle gives his "come to Jesus" speech about watching the country go to hell, culminating in the drive-by death of his wife two years ago. Zobelle says Hale's methods for dealing with SAMCRO have failed. "If you're going to damage them, you have to dip into their cess pool," Zobelle says, adding that he's on Hales side. Hale walks away and makes a call. He tells Jax the info on the lab was bogus.At the porn warehouse, Bobby pulls Luann into the office. He's discovered that she's been skimming for six years. She thinks the fact that the club is the reason Otto is in jail means it's OK. He says it's a club decision. She offers to pay it back. She regroups and tries another approach, explaining that there's a prison clause in her relationship with Otto. She begins to show Bobby some of the tricks of the porn trade.Jax and the boys sneak up on Darby's meth house at night. Jax wants to clear the house, then blow it. They shoot through the windows and let the people inside run out. They pronounce it clear. Opie forgoes a timer and sets up the explosives and races out before it blows.Gemma waits for Clay back at the clubhouse. Tig urges him to talk to her. Clay opens with an apology. He asks what's going on with them. She says it's her, that the accident shook her up. He hugs her, but after a moment she pulls away. He says he's thinking of going to a wrap party at the porn house, unless she wants to get dinner. She tells him to go. He kisses her good-bye. They both seem to understand the implications of this.Unser and Hale check out the remains of the meth house. Hale tells Unser that it was a cooking accident. He says he doesn't know anything about it.The bikers and porn stars enjoy each others' company. Bobby's sore from an afternoon with Luann. He tells Clay it's because he's not used to sitting behind a desk.Jax checks in with Opie, who assures him he doesn't have a death wish despite his stunt with the explosives at the meth house. He says he's just throwing himself into the club. Tara walks into the party. The porn star who likes Jax cuts her off and gets in her face. Jax sees them square off. Tara backs down.Jax finds Tara in the bathroom. She asserts her place by ripping his clothes off right there.Over a music montage we see Hale sitting among the smoldering meth house ruins, Unser taking his meds, the porn stars still entertaining the bikers, Opie in a corner, Gemma sitting home alone and Clay getting serviced by a porn star. In the bathroom, Ima walks in on Jax and Tara doing the dirty. Tara sees her and smiles.

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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