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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 47 min.

Synopsis Father Kellan Ashby (James Cosmo) checks on Jax. Five Belfast Sons and two IRA members are dead, and Ashby says they need to prove Jimmy O'Phelan blew up the truck so the Army can openly support Jax assassinating him.Ashby says they have to find someone working with Jimmy, then his man Sean Casey has a way of making them talk.Jimmy (Titus Welliver) meets with his own guy after the failed attack. His guys who tried to blow up the Sons in the barn thought they were killing traitors. O'Neill is the only one who knows Jimmy was involved, so they want to deal with him.McGee (Andy McPhee) confronts O'Neill (Arie Verveen), yelling at him for trying to blow up the Sons. McGee tells him to lay low til Jax gets Abel and leaves Ireland.Salazar (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and his woman keep Tara and the hospital administrator, Margaret Murphy (McNally Sagal), hostage.Jax briefs the Sons, telling them Ashby wants Jimmy dead. They all know O'Neill was in on it and wonder if the entire Belfast charter is corrupted. McGee comes to the door and overhears the last part. After a pause, he walks in, saying his boys are loyal.He tells them, however, that they're right about O'Neill and he's gone. He says he'll deal with it, but Jax wants to find O'Neill and make him tell the truth.Clay and the guys visit the store to talk to O'Neill's girl, Cherry (formerly Half-Sack's old lady). She says she doesn't know where he is.With the guys gone, Gemma explains that O'Neill was connected to Half-Sack's death, tied up with Cam. Gemma says O'Neill's out of the MC. Cherry relents and tells them about finding cash in his pockets and bank account receipts and records for a loft by the docks.Maureen responds to the truth by choking Cherry around the neck, telling her never to lie to the club. Trinity (Zoe Boyle) pulls her mom off.Jimmy calls O'Neill, lying and saying he did a good job. He asks O'Neill where he is.Salazar calls the garage and gets Chuckie, demanding to speak to a club member, so Chuck gets Piney. Salazar puts Tara on.Piney tells Tig and Kozik that Salazar wants them to kill Alvarez, his old Mayan boss, and give him $250,000 cash.They have 12 hours. Piney doesn't want to tell Jax. Kozik wants to reach out to Alvarez.In Belfast, the Sons ride out to O'Neill's waterfront loft. McGee hangs back and calls O'Neill, warning him to get out.Outside, Jimmy pulls up in time to see O'Neill ride off right into the Sons. Jax makes a desperate leap and clotheslines him off his bike.McGee walks up.Inside, they string O'Neill up as Sean breaks out his torture tools and deftly begins using them.Jimmy and his guys arm up outside as a bleeding and blubbering O'Neill denies he had anything to do with blowing up the truck. The guys watch as Sean slices O'Neill open and starts picking his insides apart. McGee excuses himself.O'Neill finally says Jimmy told him to blow up the truck. He says McGee didn't know. They videotape the tortured confession. Clay confirms that McGee is in league with Jimmy. Someone runs after McGee. They turn off the camera and Jax shoots O'Neill.They get warning that Jimmy and his boys are outside. Jax sends Sean off to Ashby with the videotaped confession.The Sons douse the loft with gas and climb out onto the fire escape as Jimmy's guys shoot down the door. They find O'Neill inside strung up and shot to death. Someone locks the front door behind them, trapping them in the loft. They smell the gas. Jimmy starts climbing up the ladder to the roof as Clay drops a Molotov cocktail past him into the loft and Jimmy's guys start to burn.Jimmy climbs up and into the waiting Sons. Then McGee pops out, aiming at Jimmy. Jax shouts at him not to shoot and gunfire breaks out between the Sons and Jimmy's guys, most of whom get away, but not before Jimmy shouts at Jax that he's being lied to and backing the wrong side. Jax runs after them but they make their escape.McGee hobbles to the edge of the roof, but Clay and Bobby catch up with guns drawn. Clay asks why he betrayed them. McGee says it was just about the money.Clay orders McGee to remove his jacket, then with a kiss on the lips, Clay hugs him on the building ledge and shoves him over the side.Jax and Clay meet with Ashby and the Army. They say they're going to deal with Jimmy and Jax erupts, saying that's not the deal (because to honor his deal with Agent Stahl, he has to bring Jimmy back alive). Ashby says he'll talk to Jax later.In the attic Tara and Margaret are still captive, but are left alone. Tara apologizes for their situation. She asks about Margaret's tattoo. She explains that it was from another life, and she thought she was in love.She ended up dealing for the guy, then they both OD'd on heroin in 1989. He died and she lived. She says she leaves the tattoo there so she can remember all that stuff is behind her.Jax is restless and goes for a walk. Opie follows.Clay worries about keeping the Belfast charter intact.Gemma checks with Clay, assuring him it's OK if he feels bad about McGee, who he'd known for 40 years.She asks who did it. "Who do you think?" he says, and walks outside to drop McGee's jacket in the fire barrel.In Charming, Kozik, Tig and Piney come to talk to Alvarez, who his holding a baby but nevertheless draws on them.Suddenly everyone's guns are out. Kozik assures him they're just there to talk. They tell him what Salazar is demanding. He says he doesn't have the $250,000 that Salazar thinks he has.They ask Alvarez to pretend to be dead for 24 hours to buy them time. Kozik says they'll make it up to him. He weighs the cost and reluctantly agrees.In Belfast, Jax gives his condolences to Trinity for McGee, who was like a dad to her. He asks about her real dad. She thinks he was a soldier killed in Lebanon. He kisses her and then the half-siblings are making out.Upstairs, their moms sit and smoke and drink. Mo blames SAMCRO for all the recent Irish deaths. Soon they're shouting at each other over John Teller. Cherry has no idea what's going on.They go downstairs for more booze and end up walking in on Jax and Trinity who are disrobing and about to consummate their attraction to one another. The mothers step outside and assess."Unless we want a three-headed grandchild, it looks like we're going to have to share some family history," Gemma says.Later, Trinity tries to process that her dad wasn't a soldier and that she had just engaged in serious foreplay with her half-brother, which she finds humiliating.Gemma breaks the news about Trinity to Jax. She tells him Clay doesn't know. Gemma learned when she found a love letter John wrote to Mo.Opie knocks, saying Father Ashby is there.Back in Salazar's attic, he announces to the women that time's up and that Margaret is to be killed. Tara kicks Salazar's girl and he's about to kick Tara in the stomach when she screams out that she's pregnant. As he pauses, Tig calls, telling Salazar that Alvarez is done and they have the money.Now all they have to do is come up with $250K by tomorrow night.Jax meets with Ashby, handing over his gun to Sean first, as requested.Ashby announces he's about to break a vow of confidentiality he had with John Teller. He tells Jax his dad never wanted this life for him. Ashby says he couldn't save John's son, but he can save the grandson.Jax is ready to punch Ashby, but he tells him Abel is somewhere safe.Jax goes after him but the priest throws Jax across the table. Sean gets Jax on the ground, but Jax pulls his sheath knife, stabs Sean in the leg and gets his gun back. He demands to know where Abel is, saying he'll kill Sean.Seeing that Jax is serious, Ashby gives Jax an address of the nuns with whom he left Abel.Ashby tells Jax his father knew that the patch was a mistake and asks if violence is what he wants for Abel. Jax lets them go and begins to reflect on his conversation with Father Ashby, which touched on some questions he's struggled with in the past.

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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