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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis Gemma helps Clay with Cortisone injections for his arthritis. He's going out of town and he hopes it'll give her time for whatever she's dealing with.Jax prepares for a blood drive run for charity. He tells Tara he loves her. She sees his jacket and has a realization. "I'm your old lady," she says.At the garage, the guys prep for the run. Half-Sack announces he's getting a fake testicle to replace the one he lost in the service. This provides endless fodder for the guys.Piney is staying to take care of the garage.From his cigar shop, Zobelle watches with disgust as the boys speed by.Dozens of bikers speed down the road. A few of them split off and pull up to an army surplus store, which the Irish gun dealers are using as cover. In the back, they prepare to load up with handguns for the ride.The Irish mention some of their countrymen might be coming to the States.Gemma gets a package at the garage. She opens it to discover that it's one of the white masks her attackers wore. She's stunned, then furious.Cut to her sitting in her car across from Zobelle's cigar shop with the mask in her hand. She crosses the street. She runs into Zobelle outside, who smiles politely at her and tells her the shop on the bag the mask came in is closed. She doesn't say anything and walks away. Weston, one of her attackers, passes her on the street. She sees the same neck tattoo she saw as he was attacking her. She wobbles briefly, but keeps walking.She lights up back in her car and sits. When a woman persists in honking at her for her spot, she displays a pistol to scare the woman off.The boys continue on their ride, with the guns hidden in their bedrolls. Bobby's ancient bike starts belching smoke, and he takes out Tig, who flips down a hill.Unser finds Gemma sitting in her car near the smoke shop. He's looking into the call from a woman about Gemma waving the gun. She acknowledges it and then shows him the mask, saying it's what they were wearing. She tells him about the bag and Unser figures out it was Zobelle's guys.Gemma sees Weston about to drive off and tells Unser she needs to go. He asks for her gun for safe keeping. She hands it over and drives off, saying there's something she needs to do.They drop Tig off at the hospital and Clay orders Bobby to stay with him. Opie takes one extra gun bedroll and Clay takes the other.In the hospital, a nurse explains to Bobby that they can't treat Tig because he doesn't have the right insurance. Tig starts yelling for some help and generally making a scene. An intake nurse surreptitiously calls someone to run his ID through their database.Unser visits Zobelle. He tells him he knows what he did with the rubber masks. Unser says things work themselves out, Zobelle's time will come. He says the right people end up staying in Charming, the wrong ones disappear.Bobby wheels Tig outside for transport to another hospital. A van pulls up beside them and large men with guns and raid jackets that say "Recovery Agent" jump out and grab the still bleeding Tig. They drive off with Half-Sack following them. Bobby can't get his bike to start.Clay gets the news that Tig has been nabbed by bounty hunters. They don't know about any warrants out for him. Clay says they can't go after him because they're hauling bedrolls full of handguns. Jax thinks they should get Tig. Clay tries to drive off, but his hands fail him. He lays his bike over and can't right it. He walks off the indignity and Opie checks on him. He tells him that Clay's thing with Jax is affecting the club, but that he's with him. Clay comes back and announces they're going to get Tig.A hospital administrator tells Tara that Unser is looking for her. She mentions that Tara gets a lot of visitors, on both sides of the law.Unser tells Tara that Gemma is out of sorts and it's a matter of time before she hurts someone. Tara says she tried to talk to her. Unser says he's known her since she was 12. She left when she was 16 and came back 10 years later with a baby and a motorcycle club. Kinda like Tara did, but without the baby. Tara asks Unser what he thinks of the doctor and the biker. He's seen stranger pairings.Gemma watches as Weston meets up with a group of white power guys. She ignores her phone when it rings.In the back of the bounty hunter's van, Tig tries to get them to tell him why they picked him up. They won't talk to him, so he insults them until they do. They're taking him to Oregon, for assault and indecent exposure inside a livestock transport. He skipped on a $40,000 bond. He continues with his insult campaign. They can't take him in banged up. He provokes them until they beat him.Half-Sack returns to tell the boys where the bounty hunters are, a motel up the road. Piney arrives for the damaged bikes driving a flatbed. He reports that he tried to call Gemma, but she didn't answer.They regroup and try to decide whether to finish running the guns or go for Tig. Jax wants to go, Clay wants to wait till dark. They get into it in front of everyone until Clay shoves Jax and Bobby comes over to break it up.Then Piney drives by in the flatbed truck and tosses Jax a shotgun, telling him if he wants to get it done, come now. Jax calls for Chib and Half-Sack and they jump on the back of the truck.At the bounty hunter's motel, Piney's plan is a simple one: he backs the truck through the motel room wall. They grab Tig at gunpoint and split.Gemma watches Weston finish his white power meeting. He steps into a porta potty. Gemma reaches into her purse for her other, larger gun, a Glock.She runs over and steps into the john nearby. When Weston steps out she watches him. His phone rings, he's clearly talking to a kid, in sincere dad mode. Gemma points a gun at his back, but, for reasons not immediately apparent, can't bring herself to do pull the trigger.Jax and the guys regroup with the rest of the bunch. Opie asks him about it, but Jax says he's cautious, he doesn't want whatever he says to end up in Clay's ear. Opie tells Jax not to drag him into whatever's going on between them (not knowing, of course, that what's going on between them is that Jax is furious at Clay for killing Opie's wife while trying to off Opie). Jax says nothing.Tig tells Clay that Jax was right to come when he did, the bounty hunters would have been in Oregon by the end of the day. Piney hands Tig a bottle of Patron with a straw in it for the ride.The rest of the guys make the gun meet with the other SAMCRO guys who will complete the relay delivery.Unser drops by Gemma's at night. He returns her little pistol. He tells her he has no idea how to help her. But he promises he won't let anything else happen to her.At the bike rally, everyone parties and hangs out. Jax takes the bottle of Jack Daniels and wanders off.Clay finds him alone. He asks Jax where his need to undermine him is heading. Jax asks Clay how he's supposed to get right with Clay trying to kill a brother behind the club's back. Clay tells Jax if he mentions Donna or the incident again, he'll kill him.

Directed by Guy Ferland  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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