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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2013, 62 min.

Synopsis Jax writes to his sons about unfamiliar territory and questions about who to trust. He now understands why being a leader means isolation; he has to remove those who are affected by his decisions.Tara and Clay both sit in prison.Chibs rides, now wearing the Vice President patch.Nero Padilla oversees a beating, fully back in the gang game.Jax advises his sons to know themselves.He gets Thomas up. Gemma and Happy are in the kitchen with Abel. He asks when mommy is coming home.Jax wears the President's patch, Happy is Sergeant at Arms, also, for the moment, babysitter.Jax leaves to visit Tara.In prison, the guards let a particularly large, vile inmate rape Otto. Lee Toric drops in to gloat. The memorial for his sister, whom Otto killed, was this morning. He asks if Otto has a message for anyone in SAMCRO, when he says nothing (and not just because has no tongue), Lee assures him the rapes will keep happening every morning as they have been.At the garage, Gemma wonders how Tig is doing after getting passed over for Sergeant at Arms; Chibs assures her he has other things on his mind. He's still not right after watching his daughter burn to death at Pope's hand. Unser babysits as Gemma goes to see Nero.No one has heard anything about Clay in County.Jax meets with August, Pope's former second in command. Clay is in protective custody, and they can't touch him in county. A parole violation would send him back to Stockton, where they'd have options. August still wants Tig in exchange for Pope's death. Jax agrees.A young blond boy kisses his sleeping mother and leaves for school as Nero's second in command, Arcadio, goes into her house, greeting him on the way.In lock up, Lowen and Tara try to figure out who's providing the case against Tara, wondering if Gemma is involved. Tara won't let Jax visit, she doesn't want him to see her like this. Her bail hearing is tomorrow.Outside, Lowen updates Jax about their Gemma theory. He doesn't think Gemma would go to the cops.Ima, the porn actress everyone hates, comes into the club saying Lyla's hurt.Jax drops by Gemma at Diosa. She admits she threatened Tara, but says she never would have followed through. They're interrupted by Nero.They bring Lyla in, she's covered in burns and cuts. She got roped into torture porn, it was Persians, the Ghanezi brothers, connected through Saffron productions. Ima set her up with the job. She tells Jax where to find them -- on the docks in Stockton.Nero says if they go there, they have to make it good with an ex-cop named Barosky, who runs the docks. but Jax brushes it off.Gemma bashes Ima's face against the counter for good measure.In county, Lee Toric visits Clay Morrow. "I know you didn't kill Damon Pope," Lee says. He thinks Jax set him up, but he wants to know why. He's the reason Clay has a private cell, but says that's ending. He tells Clay about Otto killing his sister. He gives Clay his card."If you want to live, let the guard know before the next shift," he says. After that, Clay is in general population and on his own.Phil and a former Nomad named Quinn help Bobby move into his new place out of town. Bobby asks Quinn about when he was a Nomad and when Quinn says he misses it, they make plans to talk.The blonde boy continues his walk to school, in his coat and tie.Wendy drops by the garage. She didn't know Tara made her guardian in her will. She's done fighting after Jax shot her up her last week. She asks Gemma to keep the boys safe and says she won't let Tara make her a guardian.In a warehouse on the docks, they film pretty gross porn. Kia Ghaneezi "directs." Nero, Jax, Chibs, Tig, Happy and Arcadio pay the set a visit and brandish guns to get in. (Nero drops a "Zero Dark S---head" on one of them.)Amir Ghaneezi says Lyla knew what she was getting in for, but the boys look around at the woman in a cage and another tied to a bed and doubt that. They let the women go.Kia goes to get money to pay the women, but pulls a gun. Everyone starts shooting. Happy catches up to Kia and drags him back, Amir gets away. They have Amir in the cage when cops bust in. The Sons drop to the floor.In a café, a man puts down his paper. The blond boy reads outside.Jax, Nero and everyone are brought by the cops, not to jail, but to the man, Charles Baroksy. He's not pleased they went on his turf without the OK.They explain the situation. Barosky mentions someone he knows in Stockton who wants to go into the legit escort business. Jax jumps on it, but Nero chafes at Jax not checking with him about business decisions first.Back at the clubhouse, Juice and Rat Boy return from getting Bobby settled. Juice thinks Bobby's gonna leave Redwood charter and go Nomad, and he only needs four members to do it. Juice is weary.He wants to ask Gemma something, but she senses it's about setting Clay up and says it's done and they're not talking about.Barosky settles things up with Jax -- the warehouse owner will kick the Ghaneezis out and Barosky will keep the porn cash to compensate for the Sons interceding on his turf. He's setting up a meeting with Collette Jane.Lee Toric visits Tara in lock-up. She realizes he's behind her arrest. He knows she forged documents to see Otto. He thinks she's looking at five to seven years. He wants her to give up Jax and is offering witness protection for her and the boys. She's not interested, but feels completely trapped.Jax gets word Juice is back; Chibs thinks he's a risk but Jax wants to give him a chance to prove himself.Jax tells Chibs to clear the warehouse. Tig tells Kia Ghaneezi to take off. Instead, Kia says he hopes Tig sees his daughter in one of their movies getting raped -- not a wise thing to say to a man who watched his daughter burn to death recently. Tig drowns him in the nearby bathtub full of urine, then adds to it.Jax and Nero meet with Collette and strike a deal. Jax goes out front to follow Collette to her brothel to check it out. The blond boy sits outside.At the garage, Unser tries to reach out to Gemma about Clay. She's not in the mood.Lowen interrupts in a huff, looking for Jax. Gemma intercepts her and threatens Lowen, reminding her who she works for. "I'd hate for Tara to be the last client you ever had," she says.Back at the dock, Tig has Kia back in a cage and tosses him over the side of the dock. He enjoys watching him sink, singing "Sitting at the Dock of the Bay."In county, Clay is let out of protective custody and back into general population. He takes one look and tells the guard to call Lee Toric. "Tell him I want a deal," he says.Collette shows Jax around her brothel, set up like a fancy Victorian house. Most of her clientele is men coming off the ships, including Navy men.She invites Jax to stay, but he tells her about the "never date your coworkers" rule. She thinks it's a stupid rule.Lowen calls Jax; Tara doesn't want him at the hearing tomorrow. Jax gets the news in a brothel, surrounded by free sex.Back in the garage, Chibs talks to Juice alone."I'm a bit worried about you. I'm worried about what you may do. You stole from us to help a cop, and you killed a brother," Chibs says.Gemma watches.Chibs takes off his rings, preparing for a fight, and tells Juice that Jax is giving him a pardon. And there's nothing he can do about it."But I've got to get rid of this somehow," Chibs says of his anger. "I love you brother," Juice says."I know," Chibs says before he decks him. Juice doesn't resist. When he falls, Chibs stands him back up again and hits him again. Juice takes it.Collette sees Jax on her couch and offers to listen. She gives him laundry and suggests "housework." He follows her upstairs.Gemma goes with Nero to visit his son and gives him a water gun. "A gun, awesome," Nero says.Alone in his room, Lee Toric shoots up.Chibs rides home, he passes the blond boy leaving school. The boys takes off his coat and sits on a bench. He rolls up his sleeves, revealing multiple cutting marks. He takes out a journal. A bell rings. He takes out a semi-automatic weapon and a clip.The pages of his journal blow in the breeze, with dark drawings of death and tight, angry writing, including "God hates bullies."He gets up and goes inside the school and a hail of bullets breaks out, followed by screams.(Closing montage to music.)After the shooting, parents come for their children and emergency personnel tend to the victims.Jax watches Collette make a bed heavy with invitation. Arcadio comforts his girlfriend, the blond boy's mother. Clay is led away to his solitary cell. An inmate rips Tara's blankets away. Collette removes Jax's shoes. Chibs pays Thomas a visit to get some baby cuddle time. Chibs patches Juice up from the wounds he inflicted. Happy shares a shot with broken Lyla. Bobby circles places on a map that might have members interested in going Nomad, including Quinn. Lee Toric enjoys his high. In county, Tar goes over to the inmate who stole her blanket and beats her down. Jax gets on top of Collette.

Directed by Paris Barclay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Ray Gallegos, more...

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