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Crime/Drama/Thriller, 2011, 43 min.

Synopsis At the house, Clay and Jax take stock of where they stand with the vote to run drugs. Opie and Posey aren't on board yet and they need a vote. Bobby's also against it.Clay finds Tara in the bedroom and says he's glad she's going to become part of the family. She'll make a great "old lady." He tells her he loves Jax as much as he loved Jax's dad. He's feeling her out to see if she knows anything about how John Teller died.Kozi (Kenny Johnson) loads guns into a van at Happy's aunt's house. A teenage neighbor kid challenges him to a one-on-one pick-up game for $300. He accepts.The guys make crates to hide the guns for transport. Clay asks Bobby to come with him, which irks Tig.Kozi is winning the basketball game when his opponent kicks the ball aside. When Kozi goes to pick it up, one of the kid's friends hits him with a tire iron and takes his keys. In no time they're driving off with the vanload of guns.At the joint task force HQ, Lincoln briefs Roosevelt on Romeo (Danny Trejo) and the fact that his cartel is at war with another. He thinks the Sons will be muling cocaine for Romeo to fuel his war. They knew Romeo reached out to the Sons in Stockton, but weren't sure how he'd fit in with the Russians. With the Russians all dead, his path is clear.With no agent inside (because the Sons shot him in cold blood, thinking he was a Russian) Lincoln's Plan B involves making the Sons the target of his Rico investigation. It starts with Roosevelt picking up Juice. They have to create a history of organized crime.Lincoln tells Roosevelt to let Juice know they're aware of his family history. Roosevelt looks in a file and is surprised by what he sees.Jax gets a call about a "hiccup" with the guns. He tells Tig to stay, but Tig insists on going.Clay lays out his pitch to Bobby, who can't believe Jax went along. Bobby knows Clay is trying to make money before he cashes out. Clay makes Bobby swear to keep a secret, then tells him Jax wants out.Clay says he'll vote for Bobby to replace him. He gives his word.Gemma visits Wayne in the hospital chapel, where he's feeling introspective. She brought him to watch out for Tara while she roots through her office. Inside, Gemma finds that Tara moved her key.Wayne sees Roosevelt down the hall consoling a woman and follows. He sees that they're coming from a fertility specialist.He's not on guard when the hospital administrator walks in on Gemma, who pretends to be reading.Clay and Bobby meet with the chief of the Wahewa Indians. The Indians want to bump their cut for their ammo. He shows them a man up to his neck being eaten alive by fire ants to make his point. When the Indians wander away to discuss, Clay and Bobby talk about their deal. When Clay notices the half-dead buried man listening, he holds a handkerchief over his face to finish him off.Jax meets Kozi and balls him out for getting ripped off by kids. There was only one box of guns in the truck, but Jax points out the Mexicans are expecting all of them.Happy knows the only person in the neighborhood who could buy them is a French fence named Vivica (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). They meet with her and she says she doesn't know anything about it. She politely warns them off her property.As they're leaving, Kozi sees the kids who ripped him off driving by. A bona fide car-motorcycle chase ensues down the streets and back alleys. The kid blows through a red light to get away but cops pull after him. If the cops get the kids with the guns the kids will lead them right back to Happy's aunt's house.Kozi has it covered. He takes off his club jacket and pulls his hoodie around his face and takes off after the cops, who have the kids pulled over. He shoots out the police car's windows and the police chase after him. The kids have about five seconds of relief before they're surrounded by Sons with guns drawn.Back on the Rez, the chief Charlie is disappointed the guy they were torturing has died. Clay looks Charlie in the eye and assures him (lying) that they're not making more off of their ammunition with their new deal with the Mexicans. Bobby, to whom Clay has just given his word, hears how easily Clay lies.Jax, Tig and the guys pummel the neighborhood kids to make them talk. Finally they say they sold the guns to Vivica and were heading back to get the other half of their cash when they Sons saw them. They find the cash in the glove box.Juice and Chibs come out of Juice's dispensary after Chibs gets a colonic cleanse. Sheriff's deputies pull up and arrest Juice, saying they're charging him with pot possession, even though he has a medical card.The hospital administrator Margaret drops by Tara's with references for other hospitals that she asked for. She tells her she thinks she caught Gemma snooping. She heard Tara was engaged and asks if Jax knows Tara is planning to move. She reminds her two months ago Tara broke down and asked her to help her look for a job. Tara says she has to let Jax lead them out. "It's the only way I can get my whole family out clean," Tara says. When Margaret leaves, Tara checks her papers from Maureen are still there.Jax and the boys return to Vivica's where she insists again she doesn't have their guns. Jax asks if maybe her two grown sons Luther or Vandross know anything about it. They clearly do. She yells at them and one of her guys shoots. A Son knocks the gun away while the other's take cover. Vivica prevents another of her guys from firing and shuts it down. She tells her sons to give the Sons their guns back, then peels a few bills off her bankroll and gives them to Jax for their troubles. She's not worried about the cops coming by after the noise.Their truck drives up and Vivica yells at her sons that it's time for a family meeting.At the hospital, Tara copies her Maureen files and comes back to her office to find Gemma waiting for her.Gemma confronts her about the note Abel found from Maureen. She tells her learning about John Teller would be painful for Jax. She tells Tara about Maureen and her daughter with John and that at that time Gemma had already fallen in love with Clay. When her son Thomas died she didn't try to hide her affair with Clay, which was dangerous for him.She says Jax doesn't know any of that and finding it out could stir things up with Clay. Gemma says John left her alone for months at a time while he went to Belfast. She was 19. Gemma says where ever the note leads is bad for their family. She leaves and Tara exhales.Roosevelt sits down with Juice, telling him he doesn't care about the weed. He asks Juice about his dad, who he never sees. Roosevelt says he can arrange a visit. His dad is Michael Howard Cole. Juice never met him. Roosevelt points out Juice's dad is black and wonders what the club would do if they found out his dad is black. He thinks SAMCRO would kick him out, take his patch and make him scratch out his ink. He gives Juice his weed back, saying he'll be in touch.Piney downs shots of Patron at the garage. He tells Gemma that Clay wants them running drugs for the cartel. "Talk some sense into him, Gemma," he says.Tara puts her files in boxes under boxes in storage.At the garage, Gemma gets in Clay's face about the drugs. He sees Piney and goes to talk to him. "Drugs are not what we do," Gemma says. Clay grabs Gemma, scaring her, and tells her she doesn't tell them what they do.Piney and Bobby watch.Opie asks Jax if he really thinks they can handle the drugs. When Jax says yes, Opie says he seems more like a leader since getting out of prison. Opie tells Jax he has his vote and Miles' and when Clay is gone they'll go back to the way the club should be.Back around the table, Clay takes a vote on getting involved with the cartel. Chibs votes no, along with Juice, Piney, Bobby, Happy. It passes 6-5.After the vote, Clay talks to Piney alone. "You ever try to end-run me through my old lady again, I'll slit your throat," he tells him.Tara comes to the garage and finds Gemma smoking furiously and the men coming out angry and Bobby going his own way.

Directed by Peter Weller  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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