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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Clay and the Sons meet with another club, telling them what the Mayans are up to. They want intel on the heroin operation.They want AKs in return, but the next shipment isn't due for a while. Clay offers something else in return.Luke, an IRA guy, drives up, but he doesn't have as much info as Jax wants about Abel.They get down to guns, KG 9s headed to Oregon.The priest tells Maureen they "did what needed to be done" with Cameron. He's there for Abel. She mentions John, calling him "JT" and saying he should have stayed in Belfast.At Gemma's dad's, Tara tends to Tig and his shoulder wound.Gemma looks for her dad. Nate and the rifle are gone, so is the car. Only one person knows his routine.Cut to his caregiver Amelia, bound to a wheelchair in the basement.Gemma trades her the use of a bed pan for info about her dad. She wants to be cut free in return for helping find him. Instead, Gemma threatens her and gets spit in the face as Tara looks on in horror.Clay visits Henry Lin for MP 5s. They can't pay cash, but he needs girls for his Hong Kong contacts. They trade booty time with Lila's porn friends for guns. Opie isn't thrilled about the idea.Piney visits the barber shop, which immediately clears out when he sits down. He passes his condolences to unser about Hale. The barber explains the town's upset.Outside, Jacob Hale apologizes to Unser for coming on too strong. They make a deal to keep Charming PD.Jax and the boys track Cameron under the Timothy O'Dell name with the help of the bounty hunter Serge. The trail ends in Vancouver. He suggests a mercenary. It costs $10,000.Rosen's partner visits Clay and the boys. Charming city council has asked for a new bail hearing in their assault case. It's Friday. They might have to go back to prison. Piney mentions that the town is pissed.Jax wants to follow Cameron's trail to Vancouver and pick up Gemma on the way. It means they all skip bail.They're in.At Nate's house, Gemma makes calls. She's furious with herself for letting him drive off.Cut to Nate sitting by a stream, putting the rifle to his chin and crying.He doesn't go through with it.Opie tries to break the porn news to Lila. She wants to do it too, to help. She knows he doesn't like it, but she says she wants to cash in while she can.Back in the basement, Tara checks on Amelia. She cleans her wound from Gemma's punch. Amelia says she can't feel her fingers. Tara cuts one hand free. Amelia asks for the bedpan and lifts her blindfold while Tara gets it. While Tara's putting it in place, Amelia grabs a nearby oxygen tank and whacks Tara with it. Gemma's walking down the stairs when Tig shouts at her that Nate is back.He says he got rid of the gun and worries he killed someone. Gemma tells him Tig is Ok. Nate is lucid. He knows his wife is dead and that he'll have to go to a home soon.Clay and the guys visit Oswald to warn him they're going to jump bail -- for which he put up 200 acres. They promise to be back before it's forfeit.In the basement, Amelia gets dressed and takes Tara's shoes.She jumps Gemma upstairs and puts a knife to her throat. She demands Nate's keys. Gemma's stalling when Tara comes up behind her and whacks her over the head with a statue. Gemma fights Amelia off and slams her face first into a wall -- right into the knife Amelia is holding.Amelia falls to the ground, dead.Later, Tig tells them the boys are on the way tomorrow. Gemma and Tara agree the club should never know. Tig knows of a "cleaner."Tara takes a moment to throw up in the sink.At a convenience store, Maureen tells Terri (aka Cherry, Half Sack's old girlfriend) to get back to work. Someone comes in to tell Maureen about Cameron being found dead with an IRA mark on his forehead. Members of the SOA Belfast club come in to ask if Maureen knows about it.Maureen asks Terri to get a cell number for Gemma. She says she'll call Half-Sack, not knowing he's dead -- killed by the man recently found dead in the street.Back in the basement, Tara helps deposit Amelia's body and takes Jax's call. She says everything is fine."The Cleaner" (Stephen King!) arrives. He takes measurements of Amelia and makes notes. He gives Gemma a shopping list. He asks about the drain in the basement and announces he's in the mood for some 80s music.At Henry Lin's club, Ope watches as Lila takes an Asian businessman in the back room. When the door opens he accidentally gets a good view of Lila about to go down on one of them. He breaks up the shoot and a brawl breaks out.After, Lin tells Clay he can't front him the guns. Clay offers him a piece of their trade.Terri visits Maureen. She now knows Half-Sack is dead. Maureen says she didn't know Half-Sack was her guy.She gives her Gemma's number.Maureen calls Gemma's cell, which is in her office drawer.At Nate's, "The Cleaner" announces he's done. Gemma gives him cash and tells him to take anything else he wants. He grabs a statue of hands clasped in prayer and leaves.Back at the club, Opie apologizes to Jax for ruining the porn shoot. Jax tells him about Tara's leave at work. He mentions his dad's manuscript, which says you either have to tell women everything or nothing.After Opie leaves with Lila, a spare porn chick suggestively asks Jax for a ride home.Juice brings over a laptop with a photo of Cameron dead in the street. Cameron's in Ireland. "Then where's Abel?" Juice asks.

Directed by Bill Gierhart  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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