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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2011, 48 min.

Synopsis Gemma hovers over Clay in the morning. She's seen the paper: Four bodies. She's not worried about that...She shows Clay the note from Maureen Ashby. Clay assures her that Maureen can't hurt them, and neither can John Teller (Nicholas Guest). Gemma's worried what he might have confided in her.Jax writes in a notebook at the breakfast table, but puts it away when Tara comes out. The news shows something about the bodies. Tara says she wants to know all of it. Jax starts to tell her it was retaliation for what happened to him in prison with the Russians. They're interrupted when Gemma comes in.Lyla tells Opie she has to get to work. Opie suggests the sooner they get her pregnant the sooner she can stop "acting" in porn. Lyla asks if they were involved with what happened with the Russians. He says no.Gemma says good-bye to Jax, but lays it on thick, asking if things are OK between them and telling him she loves him.Agent Linc and Roosevelt survey the crime scene. Linc acknowledges that his undercover operative was killed, but moves on quickly. He's interested in the politics behind the move and wonders what emboldens the club to wipe out an entire Russian gang.He thinks it's fishy that Hale is both the mayor and Charming's biggest developer. Roosevelt explains there's a time limit on the eminent domain and if Hale loses his investors, the city council can revert back all the land.Hale orders Roosevelt to get after the Sons. Roosevelt asks if it's coming from the mayor or developer.Jax and Clay tow a smashed car to see Alvarez. They meet with new guys, Romeo (Danny Trejo) and Luis (Benito Martinez). Romeo asks about the Russians and has no problem with what went down. He wants nothing to interfere with their new deal.Jax and Clay show off the guns, explaining that the Wahewa press all their bullets. Romeo wants all of what they have, but he also wants more...including RPGs and sniper rifles. Romeo does some quick calculations and gives them $500,000 as a down payment. He promises to have the coke ready for them when they bring the rest of the guns.Jax asks Clay about it later. He's not happy. No one else knows. Jax realizes Clay brokered the whole deal in prison to keep the Russians off their backs. Jax realizes Clay's doing it to cash out and gets his confirmation when Clay tells him he knows he doesn't have long left in the club and he's given it everything and wants something to show for it.He needs Jax to back him when it comes to a vote with the club. Jax says if he does it, he wants out when Clay's out. Clay asks Jax what he'll do after. Jax asks for his word - that he'll let him walk away and keep Gemma in check.Jax suggest the president's patch can go to Opie, and he'll back the drug trafficking. Clay agrees.Later at council, the guys resist. Jax reminds the guys the Mayans kept them safe in prison. Jax says it's worth the risk. He takes out the stacks of cash. They'll vote later.Clay sends Jax to check on the ammo with Opie. He tells Tig he wants the deal, and to tell Happy the guns have to stay at his aunt's house a few more days.Bobby talks to Clay privately, saying he knows why Clay is making the move, but it's a mistake. He says the deal will kill SAMCRO and he can't let it happen.At Jax's house, Gemma digs through all of Jax and Tara's papers. She notices Abel pawing through her purse for papers to scribble on and wonders if he's done it before.In the car, Jax tells Opie that he wants to be a good dad, but doesn't want to live hand to mouth.Opie is impressed by how Tara handled the kids with Jax gone, but doesn't think Lyla would be capable of the same thing. He worries about getting sent away.Roosevelt checks in with Linc, whose team has been scaled down to one. Linc is planning to wait for the next move.Clay visits with Elliot Oswald, who's irked by the bodies. Clay has a request. He wants to rent Oswald's empty barn for storage. It's secure, gated and near the Wahewa. He gives Oswald a stack of cash. Oswald needs Charming Heights to happen for his bottom line. Clay assures him it will.Jax and Opie pull onto the rez and think their contact is asleep in a lawn chair. Then they notice the hole in his chest. They grab guns in time to defend themselves at the guys who come out shooting. Opie gets in the back of the truck and Jax drives. They race off. But they don't get far before they're rammed by an SUV. Opie flies out of the back of the pick-up truck and Jax crashes and rolls over.Jax climbs out of the truck but is quickly confronted by angry Russians. They take them back to the house, where women are tied up inside and there's a man dead on the floor. The Russians demand to know where the guns are. Jax tries to fight back, but is quickly subdued.When they threaten to kill a woman, Jax assures them he can get the guns, he just has to make a call.Gemma sneaks into Tara's office and roots through her purse and her papers. She finds a key and opens the locked drawer. In the back, she finds an accordion file with letters and papers. Gemma is stunned and angry. She starts reading.One of the pieces of paper is the police report from John Teller's fatal accident in 1993. "Oh my god," Gemma says.At the shop, Tig urges Bobby to get behind Clay. Bobby thinks Clay is shutting the club out.Clay pulls up in time to be told Jax is on the phone, but he is focussed on something else and says he'll get back to Jax later.Gemma reads a letter from John, in which he mentions Gemma growing closer to Clay, but says it's his fault. Gemma hears Tara coming and puts the files back. She races to the bathroom and pretends to be coming out when Tara comes in. Tara finds it odd the door was locked.Gemma asks why Tara's not wearing her ring. Tara says they're waiting for the right moment to tell everyone.Clay asks Unser for safe truck routes. Unser starts to chide him for the murders, but Clay points out they've sort of passed that point. Clay wants to know of Tara asked Unser any questions about him and John Teller.Clay's called away to the phone. The Russian tells him they have one hour to bring all the guns.Gemma comes to the garage and tells Unser she thinks Tara knows about John. Gemma catches him up on Maureen and her letters and the accident report. Unser suggests they not tell Clay just yet.Tig reports it's going to take at least two hours to get the guns.They're about to ride out when Roosevelt pulls out. Clay whispers to Gemma that the Russians have Jax and tells her to call the Bastards and wait for him to call.Roosevelt asks Clay where he was last night. Clay points out he knows since they were camped outside the reservation. Firetrucks pull up. Roosevelt pretends to smell smoke.Inside, Tig whispers to Clay that the Bastards are on a run and Gemma couldn't reach them.Roosevelt looks around. He surveys the walls with all their portraits on it. He puts his hand on it and claims it feels hot. He picks up an ax and goes to work on the wall, breaking it down and smashing a window and hacking up the council table. He leaves them a notice of zoning violations.Jax and Opie lie tied up on the floor on the reservation. Opie rues the turn his day took. "I should have just stayed in bed with my wife, the porn star."Jax says the guys will never make it in an hour. They hear a car pull up. The Russians pull Jax to his feet. Romeo is out front with Luis. They show them the few guns they have, but the Russian want more. Romeo waits about half a second, then takes out a gun and starts shooting. They take out half the Russians and disarm the other two right before Clay and the boys pull up.Nobody called the cartel, they heard about it through their contacts. Romeo explains they were protecting their interests. They take a live Russian to hand over to the Wahewa for retribution.Bobby notices that the cartel doesn't realize that they still have to vote on the deal.They return to the garage. The inside of the clubhouse is trashed wall to wall. Tara looks around, digs in her pocket and announces she has good news. She announces they're engaged. Everybody cheers.Then they drink.

Directed by Guy Ferland  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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