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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2008, 55 min.

Synopsis All of the episodes in the later series begin with shots from previous episodes and opening clips of the characters waking up. Not so for series one. This episode certainly begins with a bang as club members Jackson (Charlie Human) and Piney (William Lucking) showcase and (after some hard negotiations on price) sell some guns.Meanwhile club president Clay (Ron Perlman) and Gemma (Katey Segal) are having sexual problems. He makes a comment that upsets her but she forgives him later.Cherry (Taryn Manning) a crow eater from Nevada arrives. Neither Clay nor Half Sac (Johnny Lewis) are glad to see her. Gemma picks up on both reactions and deduces quickly that the crow eater had slept with Clay. It is not a good morning for her and she cries.The next scene shows a heist that interrupts a prison transport. The prisoner is freed.Two federal agents arrive investigating the prison transport heist. Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) is introduced to the show. Clay is taken for questioning. The credits roll.It turns out that the guns that were sold earlier that day were used in the prison heist. Piney is angry at himself for not realising what the guns were for.At the police station Agent Stahl and Clay disagree on what he is. Clay thinks he is a mechanic and a motorcycle enthusiast. Stahl thinks he is a criminal and a gun runner. (He is possibly all four but there are not a lot of shots of working on bikes).Luann (Dendire Taylor) comforts Gemma. The club matriarch is angry not because Clay cheated but because what happened away was meant to stay away not slap her in the face. To make things worse, it appears Gemma is going through menopause.Sheriff Vic Trammel (Glenn Plummer) and Jackson have a tense conversation. Trammel is angry some of his friends were killed and wants out. However, once you start doing business with the club there is no out. Meanwhile, thanks to help from Kohn, Stahl is able to get a warrant.Angry after going to get menopause medication, Gemma sees Cherry outside in the street. She hits her with skateboard breaking her nose. Cherry is unaware of who Gemma is and confused at why she broke her nose. Upset at what she has done, Gemma sits down and waits for the police to arrive.Tara (Maggie Siff) is disturbed to see Kohn in the special care unit with Able. Kohn says he is still hurt. He also says if she wants to see Ables future she can be at SAMCRO in forty-five minutes.Jackson takes some time out to read more of his fathers manuscript on the roof (voice by Nicholas Guest). Both in prison, Gemma and Clay hurl insults at each other.The warrant is executed. The Sons are mostly undisturbed. They may have been through this before. Alone in Jackson's room, Kohn becomes enraged and smashes it to pieces (unaware that Tara has actually never been there).Stahl is happy. Thanks to finding several metal drums (which she thinks they use to transport guns) she may be able to put an end to the MC. She might also have a new romance with Hale (Taylor Sheridan).Clay is allowed to go home but he chooses to sit outside Gemma's cell. He is sorry and she tells him about the menopause. He tells her that he will always love her but she sends him home.In hospital, Cherry apologizes to Half-Sac. It is him that she is there for. He tells her it can't work but does let her kiss him.Nate and his group are disposed in terms of a bomb. Piney is sad but agreeable. Trammel, also sad, is paid for his trouble.When Gemma is released from prison two people are waiting for her; Clay and Cherry. Clay apologizes and Cherry makes it clear she is not after Clay. A truce is broken between all three parties (although a threesome is not on the cards. Gemma has made that clear).Tara (afraid of Kohn) asks Jackson for a ride home. The two disappear on a bike together as the final credits roll.

Directed by Seith Mann  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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