Song of Texas

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Western, USA, 1943, 69 min.

Tagline A Rodeo of Rhythm, Action and Romance!

Synopsis After visiting with sick children in the hospital, rodeo performer Roy Rogers, his horse "Trigger," and pals Bob, Pat and The Sons of the Pioneers, return to the rodeo camp. There Roy learns from his employers, brothers Jim and Fred Calvert, that he will be driving against Sam Bennett in the rodeo's climactic event, which is a chuckwagon race. Sam, a former rodeo great, has fallen upon hard times and desperately needs the five hundred dollars prize money offered by the Calverts. Roy is thrilled to meet his boyhood hero but soon is infuriated when he learns that the Calverts fixed the race by tampering with the wagon they gave Sam to drive. Sam is injured during the resulting wreck, but is more worried about the upcoming arrival of his daughter Sue, whom he has not seen in many years. Sam has led Sue to believe that he is a prosperous ranch owner, and when Roy learns of the situation, he decides to help him. Finally fed up with the Calverts, Roy and the Pioneers quit the rodeo and buy a ranch, which they intend to run while starting their own rodeo. Roy takes Sam along and promises that they will convince Sue that he is the owner of their ranch. Sue, who is a New York City accountant, arrives with her friend Hildegarde and is pleased to see her father apparently doing so well. While Roy and the Pioneers try to convince Sue that they work for Sam, they also contend with the Calverts, who want to take over their ranch and force them to return to the rodeo before they establish their own. After Roy foils the Calverts' attempt to rustle his horses, Sam is forced to tell another lie to Sue, stating that he is Roy's partner and not the sole owner of the ranch, and she demands that they draft a partnership agreement. Roy and Sam agree and have the document prepared, although they intend to tear it up after Sue leaves. Their plan goes awry, however, when Sue, believing that she is helping her father, sells Sam's half of the ranch to Jim Calvert. When Roy and Sam learn of the situation, they try to force Jim to take back his check, but he refuses. He instead offers to hold another chuckwagon race, with the ranch as the prize. Despite the tricks Fred and the other Calvert driver try to pull, Roy wins the race and regains sole ownership of the ranch. Soon after, Roy and the Pioneers receive word that their rodeo has been booked throughout the upcoming season, and Sam happily agrees to act as ranch foreman while they are gone.

Directed by Joseph Kane  

Starring Roy Rogers, Sheila Ryan, Barton MacLane, Harry Shannon, Pat Brady, more...

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