Soldier Blue

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Western, USA, 1970, 112 min.

Tagline The most savage film in history!

Synopsis Cresta Marybelle Lee and Pvt. Honus Gant, the sole survivors of a Cheyenne massacre, set out for Fort Reunion. As they travel, the foulmouthed Cresta reveals that during two years of captivity she was the wife of Spotted Wolf, head of the raiding party, and that she now intends to marry Lieut. John McNair, her wealthy fiancé. Although menaced by a Kiowa band, the pair is allowed to proceed when Gant bests the Indian leader in a fight. When they encounter gunrunner Isaac Q. Cumber, however, Gant sets the saleman's store afire, and the infuriated Cumber shoots Gant in retaliation. In a secluded cave Cresta binds the soldier's wounds and the couple make love. Anxious for Gant's recovery, Cresta rushes to Fort Reunion. As she arrives, she learns that the cavalry is bound on a reprisal raid against the Cheyenne. Alarmed, she warns the tribe and discovers Spotted Wolf eager to make peace. Gant reaches the regiment as it, ignoring Spotted Wolf's white flag, massacres, mutilates, rapes, and pillages the Indian encampment. Horrified, he protests and is promptly arrested. Cresta chooses to remain among the survivors.

Directed by Ralph Nelson  

Starring Candice Bergen, Peter Strauss, Donald Pleasence, John Anderson, Jorge Rivero, more...

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