So This Is Africa

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Comedy, USA, 1933, 61 min.

Synopsis Alexander Woolsey and Wilbur Wheeler, an incompetent vaudeville team, perform their act for an indifferent audience at the Savoy Theatre in New York City. When their performing lions fail to execute their tricks properly, the team calls for a doctor, who prescribes a rest cure for the lions. Meanwhile, the president of Ultimate Pictures tells the Board of Directors that Mrs. Johnson Martini, a specialist on the jungles of Africa, has been to that country to film an animal picture, but has returned empty-handed. As she explains to the board that she is afraid of animals, a young office boy named Johnny enters and suggests using Wheeler and Woolsey's trained lions in the picture. Later that afternoon, the president of Ultimate visits Wheeler and Woolsey and offers them the job with Mrs. Martini, which they accept. In Africa, Woolsey takes a walk with Mrs. Martini and they kiss, whereupon she becomes a passionate maniac. While Woolsey is out of the tent, Wheeler begins to sleep walk. When Tarzana, an Amazon woman, sees that he is being followed by some vicious lions, she rescues him and takes him to her tree house, where she kisses him. The next morning, Wheeler arrives at the tree house, where Tarzana's pet gorilla Josephine takes a liking to him and kisses him. Mrs. Martini finds Wheeler at the tree house and becomes jealous of the gorilla. Tarzana grabs a vine and carries Wheeler to another tree. Then Josephine grabs Woolsey and follows. As Mrs. Martini tries to follow them by climbing from branch to branch, the group is spotted by an Amazon, who signals to others on her drum. The couples return to Mrs. Martini's tree, around which the Amazons gather. They chop the tree down, and take Wheeler, Woolsey and Mrs. Martini to their camp. Mrs. Martini explains that at night, the fierce side of an Amazon comes out and she becomes amorous to the point of killing her mate. The three dance with the Amazons, while Mrs. Martini begs Wheeler and Woolsey to attempt an escape. Suddenly, an eclipse blots out the sun and the Amazons become amorous. Woolsey escapes but is captured and brought back to the camp, while Wheeler and Mrs. Martini try to dress themselves like Amazons. The Amazons form a circle around Woolsey, and take turns kissing him. Tarzana brings each Amazon up to Woolsey, who must choose his bride from among them. Seeing through Wheeler's disguise, Woolsey picks him and they are taken to the bridal hut for their honeymoon. Inside, Mrs. Martini helps Wheeler to dress like an Amazon as well, just as the eclipse ends, and the Amazons return to normal. They recognize Wheeler and Woolsey and advance with their spears. Just then, a pack of Tarzans approaches and Mrs. Martini explains that every year the Tarzans come and kidnap the Amazons, making them their wives. Two Tarzans pick up Wheeler and Woolsey and carry them off to a hut. One year later, Wheeler and Woolsey discuss clothes washing detergents as the dutiful wives of two Tarzans.

Directed by Edward F. Cline  

Starring Robert Woolsey, Bert Wheeler, Raquel Torres, Esther Muir, Berton Churchill, more...

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