The Grand Duke

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Drama/Western, 1996

Synopsis Matt ("Andrew Clarke") spends a small fortune buying a prize bull, known as The Grand Duke from his eccentric neighbour Nell Frampton ("Anne Phelan"), in a bid to make is herd the best in the area.Colin ("Brett Climo") and Emily ("Sheryl Munks") finally move into their new house, but Emily is angered when Jessie ("Josephine Byrnes") turns up with a gift for her, and tells Colin that she can never forgive her mother for abandoning her.Duncan ("Hugh Jackman") is getting restless, and is tempted by the offer of a place on the crew of a ship. He confides in Jessie that he feels left out at Langara, and she advises him to talk to Matt before making a decision. Their talk has to be postponed however when Matt's priorities are altered when The Grand Duke disappears from the barn overnight and is found shortly thereafter dead at the foot of a cliff. As the last person in the barn that night, Duncan blames himself, and this influences his thinking regarding whether or not to return to sea. He tells Montana ("Gabrielle Fitzpatrick") that there are other reasons why he shouldn't stay, and it turns out that he has developed feelings for her. When, in spite of himself, he kisses her, she makes it clear that she returns his affections. Duncan decides to stay after all, and the couple realise that there will be complications ahead when Rob returns from his trip.Montana discovers that the affair of the lost bull might not be as clear cut an accident as first thought. It turns out that the bull found at the bottom of the cliff was not the Grand Duke after all, but an almost identical animal, with its hide painted to fool Matt into thinking it was his prize stud. Suspicion falls on the bull's previous owner, Nell Frampton, and the family, aided by Jessie, hatch a plot to catch the conniving cattlewoman out and teach her a lesson at the same time. A bit of sleuthing leads them to the bull, which Nell is trying to smuggle out of town on the train. In a team effort, the bull is ''stolen' back and returned to Langara.Duncan meanwhile is puzzled by Danni's sudden hostility towards him, unaware that she knows about his feelings for Montana and is jealous.When Matt convinces Duncan that his first love is the sea, the younger man reverses his decision to stay and packs his duffle bag, leaving both Danni Montana and behind. Furious that he hadn't even said goodbye to her, Montana chases after Duncan aiming to leave him in no doubt about how she feels about him.

Directed by Chris Langman  

Starring Andrew Clarke, Brett Climo, Guy Pearce, Sheryl Munks, Kristie Raymond, more...

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