Prince of Hearts

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Drama/Western, 1996

Synopsis While out looking for stray cattle, Duncan ("Hugh Jackman") and Montana ("Gabrielle Fitzpatrick") happen upon two gypsies who have been marooned in a tree when they flee from a (frankly rather amiable-looking) bull. Once 'rescued,' they introduce themselves as Count Carlos Montaya ("Joel Morocco") and Prince Alfredo Perez ("Simon Palomares"), of Spain, and say they are 'entertainers.' They take rooms in the hotel at Paterson's Ridge, and talk Jessie ("Josephine Byrnes") into allowing them to put on a show there. Alfredo makes quite an impression on Hannah Kirov ("Karmen Raspovic"), and the feeling appears to be mutual. The younger man Carlos meanwhile sets his sights on Danni ("Kristie Raymond"), who is easily won over, especially as she is miffed that Duncan is spending a lot of time with Montana.Matt ("Andrew Clarke") receives a warning from a neighbour that there has been a spate of robberies in the area. Based on his experiences abroad, Duncan theorises that the newly-arrived Spaniards are the most likely culprits, especially when he sees an expensive-looking brooch which Carlos has given to Danni.All the McGregors, with the exception of Emily ("Sheryl Munks"), attend the performance at the hotel. The gypsies impress everyone with a display of magic, juggling and fire eating.Jessie confides in Matt about her relationship with Emily, and voices regret for the way things turned out. Emily overhears the conversation and is unconvinced about her mother's ability to change for the better.Alfredo and Hannah become closer, but Hannah is a little shocked when Alfredo proposes, and later, swayed by the weight of public opinion against him and his companion, she turns him down.When the brooch Carlos gave to Danni is recognised as an item stolen in a recent robbery, it fuels the fires of hatred which have been building in the town against the gypsies. However, convinced that the travelling entertainers are innocent, Matt and Colin set out to prove their innocence, and quickly find the real culprits, who it turns out have been deliberately shadowing Alfredo and Carlos in order to ensure that they took the blame for the robberies.With their names cleared, the two men leave town, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind them.

Directed by Chris Langman  

Starring Andrew Clarke, Brett Climo, Guy Pearce, Sheryl Munks, Kristie Raymond, more...

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