Collateral Damage

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Action/Drama/Crime/Thriller, Canada, 2011, 41 min.

Synopsis When a 911 operator gets a call from a young person who is constantly telephoning in false alarms, the operator tries to hang up but she hears a shot so the team is sent to check it out. When they arrive they find a woman shot, and the girl is not there. They also find several ids. When the woman wakes up she reveals that her daughter witnessed a crime a few years ago. So that the authorities can catch the criminals, they went into hiding. She believes her husband and daughter are on the run. When they catch the shooter they learn he's not alone so the girl is still in danger.

Directed by Kelly Makin  

Starring Kristen Thomson, Natalie Alyn Lind, Yannick Bisson, Kate Hewlett, Hugh Dillon, more...

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