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Directed by
Sherry Locher
Jake Lipman
James Hill

Jake Lipman
Sherry Locher

Produced by
Jake Lipman
Sherry Locher

Original Music by
Sweet Soubrette

David Schulder
James Hill

Jake Lipman Jane Whitman
Sherry Locher Cheryl Walker
Michael Edmund Robert
Brady Adair Union Rep
Sarah Aili Actress Making up
Dennis Brito Lone male actor
Maeghan Donohue Lighting girl
Holly Lynn Ellis Dixie
Joseph Garner Puppet guy
Regina Gibson Make up girl
A.J. Heekin Bobby
Miranda Jonte Preparing actress
Sarah Kauffman Girl PA
Allison Lemel Sweet-faced actress
Cristina Garcia Leon Ad agency woman
Leanne Linsky Eye-rolling actress
Shelley Little Nancy
Julie McKay Wardrobe girl
Lori McNally Actress warming up
Ambien Mitchell Surprised actress
Susanne Nelson Overdressed actress
Geoffrey Payne Clueless guy
Stephanie Pezolano Krista
Brian W. Seibert Photographer
Ricardo Valdez Producer
Jordon Villines Disapproving actress
Kath Williams Ad agency assistant
Lynn Berg Frank
Tara Gadomski Nosy Actress
Gusta Johnson Star Search Actress
George Pappas Casting Director

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