Summer of Love

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Sci-Fi/Adventure/, USA, 1995

Synopsis This Slide take our group to a world where the 60's era culture and counter-culture persists until the present. Oliver North is President and the United States' current atmosphere makes McCarthyism look like a simple difference of opinion. The Sliders apparently slid into different entrances to this world, thus emerging on opposite sides of the town. Quinn and Arturo dodge oppressive authorities and encounter Hippie Communes, while Wade encounters a 2nd commune. Slider Rembrandt finds himself temporarily in the company of his high school crush and his envious brother. Local Remmy was "lost" in the War in Australia, and Slider Remmy finds himself embraced by the crush, whom he finds is Local Remmy's wife. Attempting to settle into Local Remmy's life, Slider Remmy had intended to begin his singing career again. Upon finding out that Local Remmy's wife is a controlling, tyrannical, rifle-toting, bad Mama, Slider Remmy makes a hasty exit when a telegram arrives informing her of Local Remmy's rescue. Wade whiled away her time in this reality by explaining the mysteries of Astrology, passive war protests and other ideals of 60's era hippies. Upon hearing Slider Remmy singing as he was driving around looking for them, Quinn and Arturo hurriedly join him searching for Wade. Upon finding her surrounded by entranced followers, she and the Sliders make a hasty dive into the portal much to the chagrin of Wade's followers and pursuing local authorities.

Directed by Mario Azzopardi  

Starring Jerry O'Connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks, John Rhys-Davies, Obba Babatundé, more...

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