Teacher's Pet

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Crime/Drama/Mystery, USA, 2007, 60 min.

Synopsis Serial killer Wayne Callison is still free, so Shark only lets daughter Julie go out, even to the mall, if accompanied by Isaac as trusted body-guard, later by 24 year-old stalking protection specialist Neal Donovan. Billionaire merchant real estate tycoon Brandon Crawford, often investigated but never convicted, is shot at his home, where his 16 year-old son Dylan, left by his mother a 5, still lives, a model student and runner. Dylan's step-mother Sonya, who moved out indefinitely and clearly enjoys spending Crawford money, watched TV alone: no alibi, but says she would have waited to kill him till her 5-year pre-nuptial ran out and get half his fortune. Dylan's art teacher and prep school mentor Ellie Davis says he gave up drawing (with charcoal, as Brandon had under his fingernails), despite talent and drive, because of dad's disdain for artists, a jock mate says Dylan 'joked' about wanting a gun to kill either himself or his eternally nagging dad. A home search allowed by the non-grieving, greedy widow finds blood on Dylan's sketch-book, which has three missing pages, and muddy $500 boots, which fit the tracks in Fryman Canyon, where the murder weapon was dropped, which was robbed from a liquor store and possibly sold to already wealthy Dylan. The shrink William Prosk finds firmly against trying the apparently grief-stricken boy as an adult. Shark now focuses on a possible accomplice, notably Ellie Davis, who also was his somewhat intimate e-mail pen pall. Now Dylan tells a whole other story, which makes Shark go to trial and order expensive electrostatic reconstruction against Devlin's objections, but faces nasty surprises...

Directed by Rod Holcomb  

Starring James Woods, Danielle Panabaker, Sophina Brown, Sarah Carter, Samuel Page, more...

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