Nana Gallagher Had an Affair

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2011, 48 min.

Synopsis Lip overhears Monica and Roberta plotting in the bathroom....DNA results are coming back soon to prove Liam is not Frank's kid and they'll be able to take him no matter what.Fiona and Steve are in the new house with a baby monitor to communicate back to the house with all the other kids.Next morning, Monica is trying to fill in as Fiona. She can't seem to handle the struggle of all the motherly details. Roberta is just barking orders from the table. Fiona is listening to the racket from the window in the next door house and gets irate about how poor of a mother Monica is/was. Steve gives Fiona a cell phone and money for her to go out and buy them a couch.Roberta tells the kids she and Monica won't be there when they get home from school. Lip stays behind to confront Monica and Roberta about the DNA test. He says there is no way that they're taking Liam and starts to get into it with Roberta. He storms out after Monica stops the confrontation and she runs after him, begging forgiveness. He doesn't fall for her tears (thankfully).Karen has agreed to go to the Purity Ball so her dad will give her the car. Frank and Shiela argue about Monica. She's jealous and he's....well, he's Frank. He leaves and there's a car following him down the street.Roberta and Monica are talking in the kitchen between themselves about leaving the next day. Monica is saying how she wants to stay though and finally be a mom. Roberta talks "sense" into her and convinces her that leaving after the DNA results come back is the right thing to do. Frank comes in....Roberta tells him he gets no money unless he convinces the kids to get on board with them taking Liam. They threaten him with claiming spousal support, etc...He goes next door to break into Steve and Fiona's house.V and Fi move a couch into the house and find Frank having broken in, drinking in her kitchen. He screams at her telling her the kids are none of her business - basically he's just interested in the money. He leaves; goes down to Alibi (the bar).Fiona and V are looking up attorneys dealing with children's rights or adoption, etc. Lip and Ian are sitting in a car watching movement of Roberta and Monica, chatting. Ian explains to Lip that Mickey is gay and they're fooling around on the DL, Cash's wife found out about Ian and Cash and forced him to knock her up again and Mickey is in juve rather than admit he's gay.DNA results show that Frank is Liam's father....hence, Nana Gallagher had an affair and the genes are actually Frank's to pass on and Monica is still his mother. But Roberta is on a rampage and says they're still gonna get Frank to sign over his parental rights and they leave.Frank starts messing with the guy in the car who's following him and recording him. Its someone from the insurance company and they're trying to catch him from lying and getting more money from them. He's sitting at home when Carl comes in having hurt himself from a bike trick gone wrong. Frank gets an insurance scam idea and finally is interested in Carl's situation.Lip and Ian take DNA swabs of their own, hoping to find they aren't Frank's kids.Frank and Carl stage an accident to make it look like the insurance follower hits Carl on his bike. He actually does and Carl smiles real big knowing he's got another scam going.Karen is home getting ready for the Purity Ball and Shiela invites Karen's dad to stay for dinner before they leave. Frank is at home with his "wife". They take come pictures after and Karen actually looks happy and interested.Ian goes to juve to talk with Mickey through the glass. Steve gets pulled by Tony the cop. Awkward moment....Tony congratulates Steve on the new house. Steve tries to make small talk. Tony sends a message, basically, to take care of Fiona or else.Fiona, Lip and Debs confront Frank at Alibi and tell him not to sign anything from Monica regarding his parental rights. Lip punches him and they leave.At the Purity Ball, girls are confessing their "sins of the flesh" in round robin fashion. Also in round robin fashion, all the kids are sitting back at the family home passing a doobie and contemplating the benefits of not actually being Frank's kids. Back at the Purity Ball, its Karen's turn to share her sins and she goes into so much detail or guy and girl "interaction" that her father stands up and calls her a whore!!Lip and Ian's DNA results come back....and good news for Ian - not Franks. Frank is only a bit concerned that Ian isn't his, but its likely that Ian is the child of one of Frank's brothers. Of course, with Monica. A family argument ensues with a bunch of semantics about who left who versus who drove who out, etc etc. Fiona aptly ends the discussion by telling her to get the heck out of dodge - with Bob, without Liam.Karen comes crying and screaming back home and goes to the cellar to bash in her father's things. Shiela tells him to get out and pushes him outside.....yeah...she goes outside. Where Frank sees her and tells her she's out of the house. She freaks out in a good way and starts waving at the train going by.The kids are all at Steve's place watching the family house. They see Monica and Bob come out to leave and Monica is carrying Liam. She walks over to the kids and starts to cry. She kisses Liam and hands him to Fiona before retreating to leave for one last time with Roberta. Once again, Fiona is back in charge.

Directed by Adam Bernstein  

Starring William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, more...

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