Episode #1.3

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Comedy/Drama, 2004, 49 min.

Synopsis A female customer at the Jockey tries to attract the attention of barman Kev, but uninterested he lies and says he's getting married to his long term girlfriend Veronica shortly. Unfortunately for him, a drunken Frank overhears and the news is around the packed pub within seconds. As Jez gets the bubbly out and the jockey goes into celebration mode Kev ends up drunk and staggers home to pop the question to Veronica, but when he wakes in the morning and realizes what he's done he decides to come clean and admit to Veronica that he's already married. Veronica soon accepts they wont be able to get married, but when an excited Carol appears and informs her that her father left her money to pay for her wedding, they decide to fake it and use the money to pay off their home. Meanwhile Ian attracts the attention of female classmate Mandy, but when her advances are rejected she sets her wild brothers on him. The fake wedding plan hits the rocks when Veronica's crazy brother, Marty, escapes from jail. He locks himself into the bathroom and threatens to set Veronica's dress alight after she refuses to let him attend the wedding. Ian decides there's only one way to get Mandy's brother off his back and admits to her that he's gay. Veronica tricks Marty into leaving the bathroom and knocks him out before heading off to get married, but when he appears at the reception and sets the toilets on fire Kev and Veronica are forced to foot the bill and their dreams of owning their home are ruined.

Directed by Jonny Campbell  

Starring Anne-Marie Duff, David Threlfall, James McAvoy, Maxine Peake, Dean Lennox Kelly, more...

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